Colm Ryan

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Colm Ryan
Personal Information
The Sculptor, The Witness, The Singer
Siobhan (Sibling)
Baby (Niece/Nephew and Biological child)

Colm Ryan, also known as The Sculptor and The Witness, is a character from The Blackout Club (game).

Description[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Colm except that he is a sculptor. His appearance in Redacre is cause of arguments between the other two residents of 922 Hoadly: his sister Siobhan and her wife Nayeli. Colm was able to sing in "two distinct tones".[1] This unique ability allowed him to be a host to two Voices. Such a talent is valuable because it allows two Voices to meet within one mind in complete secrecy, rather than meeting with two separate hosts. [2]

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Game[edit | edit source]

Colm Ryan was the sole host to CHASE-THE-SUN when he came to Redacre.[citation needed] He was followed by the Unknown Caller, who theorized Colm was carrying a piece of HUNT-THE-STRONG[citation needed]

In-Game[edit | edit source]

His story is recalled in the hideout Journals. He is the IVF donor to Nayeli when her and Colm's sister decided to have a child. He is a sculptor, and one of his sculptures, of religious value, was destroyed in an incident described in the RPD Police Report. In a Dream sent to a player [3], THE-MEASURE-CUTS affirmed that one of his chosen, Gwenna, saw him jogging angrily to the point of exhaustion the day before the incident took place. He then was left face down in a puddle, before coming back up then going his home with a confident stride, not angry or exhausted anymore.

Colm talked in his sleep, and recorded himself when it happened. The Unknown Caller gained possession of the only copy of these recordings[4] and began playing them for Club members, as only kids were able to make sense of them.[1] Through these recordings, the full story behind the symbol incident was uncovered. Colm had discovered something that made him want to take the baby away from Redacre. CHASE-THE-SUN would not help him, so he turned to THEE-I-DARE.[5] In one recording, HUNT-THE-STRONG can be heard telling THEE-I-DARE to smash Colm's sculpture, breaking CHASE-THE-SUN in the process.[6] HUNT-THE-STRONG was born through consuming CHASE-THE-SUN, [7] making Colm a host to both HUNT-THE-STRONG and THEE-I-DARE.[8]

After the broken symbol incident, the Voice came to him in person and took him away. His current location is unknown. His baby is presumed missing, and not with Siobhan or Nayeli.[9] The Watchers did not know why the Voice was interested in Colm, which caused one Watcher to feel afraid.[10]

Colm was confirmed to be The Captive by the Isolated Watcher, and is currently being held in Saturation Control.[citation needed] The Voice would study him day and night, hoping to learn enough Old Tongue from his mind to complete a name. However, they recently stopped visiting him. The Isolated Watcher suspects this means SPEAK-AS-ONE completed the name they were seeking.[11] Colm gave information to the Isolated Watcher in exchange for Old Tongue. He seeks to discover how Saturation Control works, and knows Old Tongue is the key. [8] THEE-I-DARE thinks Colm may wants revenge on him or HUNT-THE-STRONG, or possibly both of them.[12] HUNT-THE-STRONG claims that Colm remembers him, and will one day feel his presence again.[2]

Player Interactions[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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