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Disambig.png This article is about updates for Early Access. For the Closed Beta updates, see Category:Closed Beta Updates. For Post-launch updates, see Category:Post-Launch Updates.

Early Access Update #2 is the second major update for The Blackout Club (game) in Early Access. It was released on November 17th, 2018.

Hotfix 2.3

  • Fix for eyes stuck closed in a certain situation over slow internet connections
  • Fix for certain sleeper training objectives not completable upon random dice roll results

Hotfix 2.2

  • Fix for UI saying 0 XP granted for one of the recruitment quests

Hotfix 2.1

  • Accidentally throwing/dropping items while rapidly cycling through them on a laggy client
  • Fix for one cause of AIs getting stuck on ladders
  • Fixes to make sure Drone Strike works as expected

Early Access Update #2

Gameplay Changes

  • New "Sin" reporting system and UI to support it. We noticed players were confused about the various actions they took which qualified as Sins. Better feedback now when an enemy reports a new Sin.
  • New icon for Sins (little Devil icon)
  • Show discovered/not discovered info when looking at kicked-in doors.
  • Red text in UI for actions that count as crimes
  • Radio Dispatch VO will only play when summoning Shape or otherwise escalating the local security.
  • NEW SECURITY CHALLENGES: The Lucids are aware that some meddling kids are sneaking around where they shouldn't be. Since they can't be everywhere at once, they've introduced these new Acoustic Mines. They're in new locations every night, so be on the lookout. Oh, and they also installed a few new Red Doors and Security Cameras. Have fun!
  • NEW MAZE AREAS: The Sleeper Training room has been brought online as well as the Chasm and String Relay connections. The Sleeper Training room features a very unique space below its observation deck which may take some further inspection before you "see" how it works. These are unlocked at level 5 when String Relay B also unlocks.
  • QUEST UPDATE: Cryptogram mission has an extra challenge added for higher level players (for more XP as well). Use the cryptograms with projectors to read their contents and record the evidence you find. The old shorter version of the mission still shows up for low-level players.
  • NEW QUEST CATEGORY: DISRUPT. The club is going to start doing some recruitment of new members, as well as test out a new approach to dealing with the Instrument. We're interested to hear thoughts on these new objectives :)
  • Surplus Lights of Rebellion (you are only supposed to have one at a time) get replaced with "Humble Rock" as our apology for accidentally giving you more than 1. It's just a rock, but you can throw it at stuff, like maybe those new Acoustic Mines.
  • Updated Prank Call card art in the Powers Menu.
  • The Powers Menu also has new presentation for an important choice you need to make when Sacrificing yourself.
  • Icons now being used for waypoints with nice art instead of generic crosshairs.
  • Adjusted crouch stealth settings. Now sleepers should hear you if you're crouch walking nearby on stone or metal, but otherwise you should be safer when crouched but not perfectly safe.
  • "Kick Player" option added to TeamInfo screen for host to kick a toxic or AFK player with a popup to confirm before letting you go. Will also ban that player from your sessions until you close and reopen the game.
  • A sleepwalking player will flee dynamically instead of just waiting at the red door.
  • The major powers previously known as "Unstoppable" have become continuations of the "Cross Country" ladder with minimum sprint drain being 20% instead of infinite.
  • Refinements to stamina rules to prevent stamina preservation exploits from bunny hopping everywhere like some kind of Quake player.


  • Smoothed Framerate is now a video option. For an UNCAPPED FRAMERATE, you can disable this and VSync. (Let us know if you still have issues in the forums or Discord)
  • Hoadly West will now unlock at Level 4. We need to do a better job of explaining that the map expands over time, so this is a step in that direction to help new players out.
  • Tuning pass on friendship stamina benefits.
  • Prevent XP farming exploit that happens when joining a game while the host is lingering on mission success
  • New Session Menu allows players to set their lobby as Public or Friends-Only so players aren't confused about this
  • Added more subtitles to intro
  • More readable subtitles
  • Made voice chat volume louder
  • Network options menu text update - rewording "Private" match to "Friends Only" to be more clear how it works
  • Refinements to footstep loudness (in your ears, not enemy detection of your footsteps)
  • Fixed exploit where you could still do sprinting long jumps even with no stamina
  • Fix for gamepads in tutorial screens where jump input was not suppressed (hilarious but not helpful)
  • Easier to vault on things that touch your toes in midair
  • Made it easier for The Shape to scream at you while standing on a lamp post. ;)
  • Tiny grace period when mounting a ladder before enemies can knock you off them
  • Player Characters will no longer grab immediately after canceling item use.
  • Fixed some issues related to Drone HUD
  • Control Option for "Crouch Toggle" (defaults to true) by popular request
  • Fixed getting stuck when climbing a grapple hook into that one skinny window on the second floor of that one house
  • Improvements to mantle for both kids and adults
  • Adjustments to wording in the handy F8 BugReporter
  • Various fixes to AI grapple and stamina management
  • Accidentally exposed Off the Grid 2 minor power for purchase in the last update. It is not ready, yet. Removed that mistake. Power points will be refunded
  • Attempt to fix a startup crash for some folks by turning off asychronous level loading
  • No more pause in movement when mounting ladders
  • Fixed some pathfinding issues that were resulting in bunny-hopping AIs
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to hang on a black screen when started without an internet connection (thanks to all who reported this!)
  • Allow revive of a suppressed ally even when stamina is empty. That requirement only confused players when they couldn't revive.
  • Hide first person arms during grapple attempt. It's for the best.
  • Revive will now do leap intro if distance is far enough.
  • Suppressed players will now be ultra responsive to vision awareness while maintaining delayed reactions to hearing awareness
  • Fixed issues that might cause players to get stuck inside walls after grapple (we saw this on streams, yikes)
  • Hero drones will now be disabled if they come in contact with hostile bodies.
  • Fixed an issue where witnessed crimes were getting double-reported by every witness, which brought the Shape out much sooner than intended!
  • Made sure AIs do not see through closet doors
  • Fixed issue that caused suppressed players to have no name to the ally who joins mid-session
  • Fixed various issues that resulted in stalemate when getting dragged on stairs
  • Additional failsafe to open trap door above when mantling into it from a ladder climb
  • Fix for stuck-on black screen when re-entering the same session as a suppressed or dead ally
  • Fix for an issue that may have caused the Shape to spin around you instead of picking you up from drag (thanks to submitter of "this is the bug where the shape spins around you")
  • Fixed a player's drone audio lingering after its owner leaves the game, like a ghost
  • Eliminate that weird long backwards slide in some situations when an enemy subdues player against a wall
  • Attempt at fixing an issue that may result perma-grapple with an AI
  • Reduced (by an amount we won't say) the chance of random search causing AIs to head right for inside the closet that the player is hiding in.
  • Fixes to eliminate other players looking like they are vibrating in place
  • Fixed issue that can make it look like players are jump-sliding when running along narrow fences
  • First person crouch/un-crouch should feel snappier now
  • Choking an AI while your stamina is empty will still be slower, but not nearly as slow as before
  • Fixed an issue that caused pinning players to vibrate wildly when pinning beside a wall
  • Added more trash bag locations in some areas, disabled collision on main trash bag items.
  • Made base phone neutral skinned
  • Update to dropped mission item feedback
  • Fixed up some collision for mantle movement
  • Improvements to ladder and rope climbing animations
  • Changed some fonts in the UI
  • Added auto return timer to mission end screen
  • New 3rd person hand poses/Fixing up third person item hands
  • Fixes to hero drone's remote control
  • fix for KOed ragdoll bodies still trying to animate and looking freaky.