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Disambig.png This article is about updates for Early Access. For the Closed Beta updates, see Category:Closed Beta Updates. For Post-launch updates, see Category:Post-Launch Updates.

Early Access Update #3 is the third major update for The Blackout Club (game) in Early Access. It was released on December 1st, 2018.

Hotfix 3.1

  • Fix for losing batteries when returning from drones or doing an emote
  • Fix for tranq dart duping when exiting drone
  • Fix for AIs not being able to grab you when you are crouched in tight spaces
  • Possible fix for input lock when choosing not to remember a dream

Early Access Update #3

Gameplay Changes

  • NEW MISSION: A New Campaign - The kids decided the posters are not enough, and have branched out to use disguised political yard signs for their recruitment efforts!
  • NEW MISSION: We're Listening - The kids sneak into houses and install cheap sound bugs in fake wall sockets. Who knows, maybe some sleeper will let something slip in a dream - maybe they'll even overhear the real name of a lucid. Any info could be a weapon.
  • The Ritual Room is open in MP sessions now. We consider this an important (if mysterious) part of the game, and locking it behind a single player gate always felt wrong. Now one person at a time can make sacrifices and perform prayers during MP sessions. Fun for the whole club!
  • Players will sometimes dream when returning to the hideout (????????)


  • We made numerous optimizations to attempt to improve CPU performance.
  • A number of bugfixes related to AI, such as getting stuck at the bottom of ladders, getting stuck dragging on some stairways, and bumping off of cliff geometry.
  • Level fixes such as an issue with some light switches in the prologue blocking interaction and a bad path link near the Hoadly East cliff edge.
  • Input tweaks such as allowing for even lower mouse sensitivity settings, separate sliders for mouse and gamepad sensitivity, and separate options for invert Y on gamepad and mouse.