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Disambig.png This article is about updates for Early Access. For the Closed Beta updates, see Category:Closed Beta Updates. For Post-launch updates, see Category:Post-Launch Updates.

Early Access Update #6 is the sixth major update for The Blackout Club (game) in Early Access. It was released on February 9th, 2019.

Hotfix 6.2

  • Fixed Sleepers not walking

Hotfix 6.1

  • Fix to make unfinished areas properly inaccessible (bad gate positions)
  • Fix to make stalker dossier counts more reliable
  • Fix to prevent drone mission placing binders and evidence in inaccessible areas
  • Fix to make new region selection menu more easy to use with mouse/keyboard
  • Fixed a few climb points in the plexus

Early Access Update #6

Gameplay Changes

  • Flashbangs and tranq darts will no longer freeze kids OR stalkers in place.
  • Flashbangs temporarily blind you and rotate you in a random direction (kinda like pin the tail on the donkey, if you ever played that as a kid). Watch out or you might run right into your enemy's arms!
  • Tranq darts now deplete stamina completely and prevent stamina regen briefly. They also inflict a small wound, lowering overall stamina. The intent is for these to no longer be guaranteed wins for either the kids or the stalker, we will be watching how these changes play out!
  • The INDOMITABLE power track now grants infinite sprint in addition to wound invulnerability for its duration. We felt this power was weak compared to the others and needed some buffing. It might be too OP now... let us know!
  • The STUN GUN no longer requires batteries, but will recharge automatically over time. You can see the recharge on the battery meter on the stun gun when holding it. We felt this item needed a buff to feel as useful as the others. This also means that 9V batteries have been removed from the loot tables.
  • New customization category: Accessories. There is a new category of customizations now for customizations we will be adding in the future. There is not much in it yet (one thing), but that will change in future updates.
  • New connections in the maze. We have connected areas in the maze with new routes to give players more options when navigating. We also made some adjustments to Dream Therapy to force players to go deeper inside when passing through.
  • Achievements Implemented! Players can now receive Steam achievements when playing the game. :)
  • Subtitles added for AI VO. Subtitle support got a huge boost this update with subtitles now being properly implemented for most Lucid and Sleeper VO. There is more to come, but for those of you who prefer subtitles you should have most of the game covered now... not just the Prologue anymore.


  • Attempts to make stalker dossier counts more reliable. They were very inconsistent before.
  • Fix to make sure ladder climbing options are properly respected in game
  • Fix to incorrect mission complete screen when a stalker was captured
  • Improved region select UI
  • Collision fixes in the map
  • Various typos and text cleanup to reflect the gameplay changes