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Disambig.png This article is about updates for Early Access. For the Closed Beta updates, see Category:Closed Beta Updates. For Post-launch updates, see Category:Post-Launch Updates.

Early Access Update #7 is the seventh major update for The Blackout Club (game) in Early Access. It was released on March 2nd, 2019.

Hotfix 7.1

  • Fix for Client player's hand getting stuck for 4.114 seconds if they rapidly cycle through items
  • Attempt to fix bugs where the Shape permanently grapples you if you use an item at that moment... we couldn't repro this, so it's a blind fix
  • Some typo fixes
  • Posters on houses were in the wall, fixed.
  • AI in barracks getting stuck on metal bars, fixed.

Early Access Update #7

Gameplay Changes

  • New Mission: Hide the Evidence
  • New Maze Areas:
    • The Barracks
    • The Somniloquy(s)
  • UI Changes
  • In the Light of Rebellion ritual, you can now specify which Daimon to send your prayer to
  • Indomitable has been nerfed
  • The ability to turn off and on Stalker Mode availability for matches


  • Changes to replication to reduce the CPU load on the host machine
  • Ragdoll improvements for AI (should be less juddery, react better to crossbow)
  • Many, many UI fixes
  • Fix for AI getting into an unresponsive state
  • Fix for getting stuck in the sleeping bag on load (rare, but very annoying)
  • Fixes to footstep guide to prevent it walking into the sky for no good reason