Early Access Update 9

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Disambig.png This article is about updates for Early Access. For the Closed Beta updates, see Category:Closed Beta Updates. For Post-launch updates, see Category:Post-Launch Updates.

Early Access Update #9 is the ninth major update for The Blackout Club (game) in Early Access. It was released on May 31st, 2019.

Hotfix 9.5

  • Fixed some AI crouch issues in the mission map
  • Added subtitle prompt to prologue modal
  • Edited audio assets for missing subtitles in prologue
  • Fixed XP and rewards when finishing a mission with a Stalker still present
  • A number of geo fixes
  • Fixed rare case where dove mission is all in one house
  • Slight door collision adjustment
  • Fix for corpse response resulting in running to the wrong location (Thanks for the video, Kit!)
  • Sleeper stuck bouncing due to bad mantle navlink pathing
  • Fixed Stalker dossiers dropping when exiting normal sessions
  • (intro) fix for objective marker getting reset by irrelevant look triggers if you trigger them late
  • Replacing house icon with nav-search target icon for Investigate Disturbance mission.
  • Fixed HUD toggle input (Alt+V) getting stomped by remapping another action to the V key
  • Less likely to get caught on the edge of something when mounting a climbable from above

Hotfix 9.4

  • Fix for mute settings getting messed up and voice chat randomly not working
  • Fix for doors getting in mismatched states between their animation and logical state
  • Fixes to make the shape path more effectively and pose more of a threat in more locations
  • Lots of random geo and design fixes
  • Various AI pathfinding fixes
  • More optimizations
  • Fixed issue where AI barks were triggering the player’s noise indicator if the AI happened to be barking about that player
  • Fix for exploit during drag where player could farm trash for multiple items
  • Always refund Stalker dossiers upon host disconnect
  • Make it easier to record AIs
  • Fixed mute issue where players could sometimes not hear the host and vice versa
  • Fixed issue where grapple hook despawned due to owner disconnect would leave the rope behind
  • Fixed issue where the freshly entered Stalker would see item weirdness on players while inside the red door
  • More localization
  • Fix for phone hand being positioned incorrectly
  • Make sure PowerUI does not show in Intro HUD
  • Fix choppy animations on visibly outlined characters
  • Another fix to stuck in wall after grapple bug
  • Allow AIs to grab immediately after recovering from grapple hook impact
  • Fix for AIs being in locked off areas
  • Fixed an issue that may cause AIs to get stuck in windows
  • Fixed a case where a mission could end with players outside the exit zone
  • Fixed objective photos being taken of players who had already collected a target item
  • Fixed a rare case where blood evidence would not appear in dove mission
  • Alleviate UI issues that arise when chat history gets too big
  • Fixed issue with alternate player voices during suppression
  • Fix for scroll bar partially obstructing player menu text

Hotfix 9.3

Build 23345

  • Fixed occasional voice settings reset when returning to Hideout
  • Localized Sleeper and Lucid subtitle names
  • No more players spawning in dead if banned because it can block Hideout travel
  • Don’t let Stalker activate trail head
  • Some crash fixes

Hotfix 9.2

Build 23300

  • This build fixes an issue where unintended render optimizations can be seen by closing eyes during gestures or after getting shaped.

Hotfix 9.1


  • Further render optimizations while eyes are closed.
  • Fix for tshirt shader that didn't compile.
  • Adjusted hideout decor slot (was too low) removed default animation from Sound Proof door as blind fix for client seeing door appear kicked in until replication happens.
  • Fix for faucet and toilet not responding to client input (replication optimization got it).
  • Various fixes for bodies getting stuck in geometry.
  • Fix for trap doors not animating properly on clients.
  • Fix for pine tree collision,
  • Fix for loot interior light not affecting visibility, light in backyard that should not have affected visibility, fixed light visuals on bunker behind 919.
  • Fix for bad paths in 922 Hoadly, fixes a possible trail mission.

Early Access Update #9

Gameplay Changes

New Content

  • Missions now grant “Snack Currency” instead of containers in the Hideout, although there is still a rare chance that you might get a container with a rare item inside if you do well enough.
    • Snacks can be used to buy items from a rotating store within the Hideout
    • Snacks can be used during missions to call for supply drops
  • New Mission: Follow the Trail
  • New Mission: Record An Enemy
  • Lots of new clothing customizations
  • New Hideout customizations
  • New accessories
  • New gestures
  • New recordings on TV in the hideout
  • Added Credits
  • Company logo at startup so that people know who made the game


  • Added localized subtitles for Spanish, French, and German


  • Experience to Level curve has been softened to allow you to level up faster
  • Hero items will disappear from the world when a player exits a mission prematurely. Previous builds had the world remember that player and spawn them without a hero item, which caused confusion
  • Mission reward tiers are now independent of team size; solo players can now acquire top tier mission rewards if they put in the time to find enough of the bonuses
  • The Stalker now starts at a Red Door near the players instead of always starting in the locker room
  • Stalker dossiers are refunded under certain conditions to avoid players wasting dossiers
  • Top reward tier now requires more bonus evidence
  • Preparation for DLC support (Coming soon)
  • Polish to the prologue maps
  • Can view steam profile of people you play with on team menu (TAB)
  • Can see people you recently played with on steam overlay


  • Various optimizations
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fix for AIs dragging kids back and fourth like a vacuum cleaner
  • Fix for AIs failing to mantle at certain locations
  • Localization
  • Fix for Drone Strike not discharging on contact
  • Fix for choppy animation on the Shape
  • Fix for getting stuck on a black screen when joining a game
  • Fix for missing Drone Strike items
  • Fix for Steam sessions not working when two or more gamepads are attached
  • Fix choke-to-pin animation looping
  • Lots of polish to the homes in the neighborhood
  • Fix for light pole collision
  • Fixed Binder pages ending up in unreachable locations
  • Fix for pausing movie in hideout with system menu after prologue
  • You can now preview animations on the gesture assignment menu
  • Removed subdued icon over head of captured stalker
  • Stalker no longer increases available bonus evidence until caught
  • Missions that didn’t make sounds for AI now do (Repair Drone, clean blood)
  • Non-Hosts now see gesture radial update immediately when changing it
  • Removed ladder icons from maze entrances - use close eyes
  • New crate model in maze
  • New art for reward tier badges
  • Polished bunker behind 919
  • New conveyor belt in cryptogram library
  • New slide art for cryptograms
  • Fix for floating goals in dove mission
  • Multiple people can clean blood at once for faster completion
  • Made fixes to footsteps to more reliably reach objectives
  • New foam can model