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Faulty Field Items on display in the Hideout above the Hero Items.

Field items are items found during missions in supply crates throughout the map.

Description[edit | edit source]

LeftQuote.png You can find field items while on missions. They are single-use items, so once you use them, they are gone. Keep an eye out for crates left by other Blackout Club members or contraband storage crates inside the maze. RightQuote.png
— A note on Field Items in the Hideout

Field Items are special items that can only be found during missions in supply crates that randomly spawn in different places in each different mission. Each player can carrying a fixed amount of each item, but are able to pick up each kind of item all at once. Players can learn more about Field items in the Hideout.

Players who have equipped the Lucky Loot minor power may pick up a second item when they pick up items. This may allow the player to carry an extra stack of that item over the max item limit (ex. Carrying 3 Bandages than the usual 2).

The Stalker can utilize all of the the Field Items just like the club members, but the supply crates will be locked unless unlocked by a lockpick or opened earlier by a club member.

List of Field Items[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The 9V Battery icon.
  • The Lockpick is the only Field Item that isn't on display in the Hideout. Likewise, the lockpick is also the only item not to show up in the inventory hot bar in the UI.
  • Prior to Early Access Update #6, the 9V Battery used to be a Field Item as well. The 9V battery functioned as ammo for the Stun Gun and could be found in supply crates throughout missions as a small pile of two batteries. When the Stun Gun was modified so it no longer required the 9V batteries in place for recharging over time, the 9V Batteries were removed from the game.