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Personal Information
Gwenna Rosas (real name)

Gwenna Rosas[1], better known by her nickname, Gwen, is a character in The Blackout Club (game).

Description[edit | edit source]

From what is known about Gwen, she is a rather strong-willed individual, having seemingly taken charge of The Blackout Club after Bells' disappearance. She is the one who began organizing missions, coordinating their efforts and briefing members going out onto the field. While clearly upset over Bells' disappearance, she expresses her determination to follow through with what Bells had wanted them to do — gather evidence to expose the secrets of Redacre. She's desperate to hold on to whatever shred of hope she can, including her "shitty friendships" with Dax, Bells, and the rest of TBC. Despite her frustration, she tries to keep a playful attitude, as she teases the New Kid, making a quip about how they "eat like a monster."

Gwen has tan skin and dark, curly hair. In the Prologue, Gwen can be seen wearing a red flannel and blue shirt, as well as dark-colored pants.[2] On the game's logo, she's seen wearing a turtleneck with rolled-up sleeves and jeans.

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Game[edit | edit source]

According to a journal entry, her parents moved to Redacre.[3]

Gwen and Bells became friends when they were younger, and at some point shared what Gwen refers to as their "first kiss," where they both kissed the backs of their colliding hands. Bells was two years older than Gwen, and the two had just been friends.[4][5]

Sometime before the start of the game, Gwen started experiencing strange blackouts and begun bonding with other kids going through the same ordeal which eventually became The Blackout Club. During this time, she became close to Bells and Dax.

At some point, she also spoke to Dead Skeptic and asked them if her parents were evil or possessed. She comments that she finds them annoying, but despite this, loves them, and tries to find out if there is a way to exorcize them.[3]

THE-MEASURE-CUTS saved her before she could be taken by HUNT-THE-STRONG before the broken symbol arc[6]. THE-MEASURE-CUTS relocated her due to her witnessing Colm Ryan the night before he broke the symbol[7], in order to protect her from HUNT-THE-STRONG eliminating any witness to what happened in 922 Hoadly that night.[citation needed]

In-Game[edit | edit source]

In the Hideout during The Prologue, she and Dax can be seen discussing Bells' disappearance where Dax assures her they will find Bells. She prompts the New Kid to start looking for a mission while they go out to get Snacks. Gwen playfully comments that if they all died, it would be on the New Kid.

Since the events of the Prologue, Gwen has taken charge of The Blackout Club. Gwen coordinates mission objectives, communicates with members through text as TBC HQ, and helps keep the group organized on finding Bells.

In a player interaction, THE-MEASURE-CUTS explains that Gwenna (nicknamed Gwen) is one of his favored students and that he had to relocate her.[7] The reason for this relocation is because she saw Colm Ryan acting strangely the day before the 922 Hoadly structure was broken as described in the RPD Police Report entry.[7][8] Since then she has been relocated from Redacre by THE-MEASURE-CUTS.[7]

Gwen reports that she has been receiving dreams from both IN-HER-TEETH and THE-MEASURE-CUTS. She believes they are fighting over her because she is reaching hosting age. THE-MEASURE-CUTS would give her dreams of being in a classroom full of people, but in her new dreams, there are no people, just their empty clothes. She remarks that the sun is fading in her new dreams. She wakes up terrified, every night. She says both IN-HER-TEETH and THE-MEASURE-CUTS have good points that she can’t get out of her head.[9] She wants to choose both, but then her dreams get more “ragey”. She spends so much time afraid, mostly when she thinks she’s in mortal danger. IN-HER-TEETH tells her “don’t chase it, but don’t sit there and let it ride you.” That has serious appeal to her, but she doesn’t like the idea of endorsing a Voice that wants to get rid of everyone else’s Voice.[10] Due to Gwen's influence, IN-HER-TEETH may be pursuing her because she is interested in a club leader being an advocate for giving the Voices mortality.[11]

Currently, she claims to be able to hear player's prayers to IN-HER-TEETH in her dreams or upon waking, and is able to relay IN-HER-TEETH's answer to those who made the prayer.[citation needed]

Player Interactions[edit | edit source]

Although Gwen does not directly interact with players - communicating instead as The Blackout Club HQ - players can interact with her and Dax in missions.

Interactions with Gwen as TBC HQ: TBC HQ Interactions.

Interactions discussing Gwen: Discussing Gwen.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gwen appears on the logo of the game alongside Bells and Dax.

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