How To Play: Interacting With The Voices

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Players in The Blackout Club (game) can interact with The Voices through several methods.

Disambig.png This article is about the methods players use to communicate with The Voices. For player accounts of interactions with The Voices, see Player Interactions.

Sending Rituals

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Players can send messages to a Voice directly in the Ritual Space in The Hideout. Players can send a Light of Rebellion, a Ritual item, at the altar. It is recommended to have in mind what you want to say before performing the ritual as there is a chance other players may hear your ritual as a recalled dream.

Remembering Dreams

Main article: Recalled Dreams

Upon returning to the hideout after completing a successful mission, players will appear asleep in the Ritual Space on a sleeping bag. The player will be asked if they want to remember a dream. These dreams can be heard by all players of the game. When recalling a dream, first the ritual is heard followed by a Voice's response. Players will only be able to recall particular dreams once. After hearing a dream, it is not possible to hear the same dream again. Not all rituals are responded to by the Voices. If all the available dreams have been heard, the player will wake up normally without the option to remember a dream until new dreams can be remembered.

Private Dreams

The Voices may opt instead to respond personally to a ritual to the individual player. These are the rarest form of an interaction since they happen so infrequently for players since most experience live interactions. When a player receives a personal dream, a sleeping bag will glow for the player receiving the message. The sleeping bag will only glow for the player receiving the message even in a multiplayer session; others in the party will not see the glowing sleeping bag. Upon interacting with the sleeping bag, the player will hear the message from a Voice. Players can respond to the message by performing a ritual with a ritual item.

Private dreams are kept in the "Responses" tab on the laptop in the Hideout and can be played back after receiving the initial sleeping bag response.


Main article: Missions

It is possible for the Voices to manifest themselves during missions. These are rare kinds of experiences in the game. It is not uncommon for the Voice to refer to players by their names. There is much that can be learned about the Voices and the events in Redacre. Depending on the Voice, players might also receive answers during these interactions to questions they have. Some kinds of Voice interactions are more rare than others.

The Voices THEE-I-DARE and SPEAK-AS-ONE will only communicate with players through text seen only when the player's eyes are closed. When a new message appears, a giant, white eye appears on-screen indicating to players that they should close their eyes.

The other six Voices interact with players through text or speech. Each is distinguishable through their different voices and mannerisms.

Some of the Voices have brought players to the Moon so they can speak more directly. Players who misbehave on the Moon, do something to upset the Voice, or just as a regular part of the interaction may be sent to Saturation Control. Some players have reported being sent to Saturation Control by a Voice without visiting the moon.