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Sacrificing is a system in The Blackout Club (game).

Sacrificing Icon.png


The view of the Deck when starting the game for the first time or after sacrificing.

There are gameplay and lore-based meaning to Sacrificing:

Game Progression

Sacrificing provides several perks and drawbacks in the game:

  • Your XP earned is posted to the "XP Sacrificed" leaderboard - you then reset to 0XP and return to Level 1.
  • You keep all wardrobe customizations and gestures earned thus far.
  • If hosting a mission after sacrificing, the gameplay difficulty will be minimal at Level 1 - no Lucids, no Speed Traps or Acoustic Mines, and an easier Shape until these are unlocked again with progression.
  • Any progression in unlocking different section of Redacre restarts. Because regions are tied to the host's level, if you host a mission while sacrificing, only Lower East Hoadly will be playable until progressing further.
  • The Deck selection(s) reset and are given a single Power point - it can only be used on a Major Power since no Minor Power slots are unlocked.
  • For each 20,000XP sacrificed, players will receive 1 Light of Rebellion.[1]


Sacrificing was originally designated as is giving your body permanently to a Voice. When a player would sacrifice they would begin playing as a new character (hence the character creation post-sacrifice), but the community has evolved this definition into sacrifices your mind to the Voice for some amount of time. According to a developer, sacrificing "is largely treated as hours in your mind. You lose some things, but you strengthen the daimon [Voice]. Full sacrifice [when someone gives their body permanently to a Voice] is done at hosting age."[2] Sacrifices are different than blackouts because the player gives that time and consent to the Voice when sacrificing - in a blackout, the Voice steals that time without consent.[3]

Players can sacrifice to any number of Voices while playing the game. Players are not limited to sacrificing to the same Voice each time and can pick which Voice receives the sacrifice.The long-term effects of sacrificing yourself to any of the Voices is not fully understood. Sacrificing to a Voice helps strengthen them.

According to SPEAK-AS-ONE, when you sacrifice to them you gain saturation meaning you hear no other voices as you age.[4]

Completing a Sacrifice

The mirror, where sacrifices and Rituals are performed by members of The Blackout Club.

Players sacrifice themselves for various reasons - to be on the XP Sacrificed leaderboards, to have easier missions, to please a Voice. To sacrifice yourself at any time:

  1. Enter the Ritual Space of the Hideout
  2. Select "Sacrifice Your Body" then "Make Sacrifice"
  3. You will be prompted to select one of the Voices to which your sacrifice will be made.
    • Click on a Voice's icon to read a short quote related to the Voices.
    • The previous amounts of XP sacrificed to each Voice will be shown under each name.
  4. After finalizing your selection, click "Sacrifice to <Voice's Name>" to complete your ritual.
  5. You will then be prompted to create your next character using the customizations you have unlocked in your wardrobe.



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