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Humble Rock
Humble Rock
Assault Item
Stun an enemy
Single-Use Item
Max Quantity

The Humble Rock is a special item earned in place of duplicate Light of Rebellions.



  This used to be something important, but I can't remember what it was. Maybe I can just throw it.  
— Item description

The Humble Rock is a large stone that can be thrown at an enemy in a mission. It is a single-use item. When thrown at an enemy, the Humble Rock will shatter, stunning the enemy. The pieces of the Humble Rock will float in the air for a short time.

Humble Rocks are awarded in large reward crates back in the Hideout at the completion of a mission.

Earning Humble RocksEdit

Humble Rocks are earned in place of receiving a duplicate Light of Rebellion. To earn Humble Rocks, the player must possess a LoR and receive another reward crate containing a LoR. Opening the reward crate with the LoR in your inventory will generate a Humble Rock in place of a second LoR.


The Humble Rock in the player's hand.

Humble Rocks can be used to temporarily stun an enemy. To use the Humble Rock, first select the Humble Rock in your inventory. Next, hold the "Use Right-Hand Item" control. This will show the trajectory of the Humble Rock so it can be aimed. Then, complete the throw to stun the enemy targeted. Once thrown, Humble Rocks cannot be picked up or used again.


  • In one Early Access build, a few players who ventured out of the map boundary discovered a rock like the Humble Rock called the "Throwin' Rock". It was the same size and style as the Humble Rock, except it did not explode on impact and could be reused. It has not appeared in-game since.