Light of Rebellion

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Light of Rebellion
Light of Rebellion
Ritual Item
Used to send a 30-second message to a Voice.
Max Quantity

The Light of Rebellion is a special item earned after completing a mission.

Description[edit | edit source]

LeftQuote.png The Light of Rebellion is a flame that doesn't play by the rules. Maybe sacrificing it will please the gods. RightQuote.png
— Item description

The Light of Rebellion, commonly referred to as "LOR" or "LoR" in the community, is a Zippo lighter that can be used to send a short, 30 second message to one of the Voices.

Light of Rebellions are awarded in large reward crates back in the Hideout at the completion of a mission. Players do not know if they have received a Light of Rebellion until entering the main boxcar of the Hideout.

According to THEE-I-DARE, the Lights of Rebellion started as a symbol of superstition, originally meant for him. It was believed that you would die if you held a lighter of a certain color. The lighters would not truly kill you, but one year, someone died while being seen with one and the story spread. Believing the object to be cursed, SPEAK-AS-ONE made them forbidden, and destroys any that are sent to them.[1]

Earning[edit | edit source]

Missions[edit | edit source]

Light of Rebellions are primarily earned earned largely based on RNG as the chance of earning one is probabilistic and based off the badge earned at the end of the mission. Players' odds of earning a Light of Rebellion are independent from the other players in the mission. Every player could earn a Light of Rebellion, some players could earn a Light of Rebellion, or no one can earn a Light of Rebellion. Solo players and co-op groups can both earn Light of Rebellions.

Junior Detective badges offer the best chance at dropping Light of Rebellions, with the Investigator badge offering a lower chance, and Junior Investigator badge offering the lowest chance. It is not possible to earn a Light of Rebellion when earning the Gumshoe badge.

To improve the odds of earning a Light of Rebellion, players should collect the most amount of Bonus Evidence possible in the mission to guarantee their chance at earning a Light of Rebellion. The amount of Bonus Evidence needed to earn a Junior Detective will vary depending on the combination of objectives in the mission. This includes collecting the CHORUS Binder pages in the "Recover the CHORUS Binder" objective, all the blood spots in the "Hide Evidence" and "Bag Up the Dead Bird" objectives, and etc. Extra bonus evidence gathered, like making extra enemies dance in Dance Fever, will help players improve their chance of earning the highest badge type to improve their Light of Rebellion odds.

Players can earn successive Lights of Rebellion quite quickly, sometimes in back-to-back missions, while at other times, it may take several weeks to earn another Light of Rebellion despite earning mostly Junior Detective badges.

Light of Rebellions received on a mission appear in the Hideout in a green supply crate, the same used to deliver Old Tongue gestures and other rewards.

Sacrificing[edit | edit source]

Players can receive Light of Rebellions when sacrificing themselves at the ritual mirror. For each 20,000 XP sacrificed, players will receive 1 Light of Rebellion.[2] If a player were to sacrifice just after reaching Level 20, they would receive 3 Light of Rebellions. If a player reaches the XP cap of 433,900XP, they would receive 21 Light of Rebellions.

Light of Rebellions received from sacrifices appear in the Hideout in red supply crates used in missions to store field items.

Usage[edit | edit source]

A Light of Rebellion on the altar in the Hideout

To use a Light of Rebellion in a ritual:

  1. Enter the ritual space in the Hideout.
  2. Walk up to the altar and select an item to place on the altar.
  3. Select which Voice receives your sacrifice.
  4. Step back a few feet and stand in the white box on the floor and face the altar.
  5. Close your eyes, speak your ritual. Players have 30 seconds to speak their ritual.

Rituals are not guaranteed a response. Players have up to 30 seconds to say whatever they wish and send their ritual to a Voice of their choosing. Players often ask a question to a specific Voice in mind to learn more about a particular topic about the lore. Not all rituals are serious questions, however. Some players tell jokes to get the attention of LAUGH-LAST, other players sent music to DANCE-FOR-US per her request, SPEAK-AS-ONE followers use rituals to destroy Name Fragments.

Players can possess one Light of Rebellion at a time in their inventory. Opening multiple reward crates containing a Light of Rebellion will result in extra Light of Rebellions being converted into Humble Rocks that can be used in missions.

Though players can select the Voice they wish to send the Light of Rebellion at the time of their sending, players can also indicate during the ritual if the Light of Rebellion is directed to a Voice not on the list (for example, Grandmother).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There existed additional ritual items with the Light of Rebellion during the game's Closed Beta. The Light of Rebellion is the only ritual item to remain.
  • During the Closed Beta, players could possess unlimited Light of Rebellions in their inventory.

References[edit | edit source]

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