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Missions are the main game mode of The Blackout Club (game).

Description[edit | edit source]

Missions are the excursions members of the Blackout Club embark on at night to accomplish tasks and gather evidence to further their understanding of what's going on in Redacre and to find their missing friend and club member, Isabela ("Bells"). There are currently four mission types that revolve around completing objectives and finding mission-exclusive items. One mission is completed per night with a varying number of objectives. Each mission has its own set of possible objectives that players must complete. These objectives are given one at a time; only after completing the current objective will the Club share your next objective. All objectives must be completed and all awake players must reach the exit cave for the mission to be a success.

List Mission Types[edit | edit source]

Night One[edit | edit source]

Main article: Night One (Mission)

This is the first mission given to new players and players who just sacrificed.

LeftQuote.png Remember, stealth is your friend - adults are not. Parents, teachers - they're brainwashed sleepwalkers, or they're in on it. Either way is... terrible. Don't get caught. They use oldschool radios to track anything we do wrong. We tapped them so you can hear their dispatcher. When in doubt, check your mission goals, and stick together! Do well and we'll send you more. Tonight, sleepwalkers are trying to clean up a crime scene. Why? We need photos before they get it all. Good luck... RightQuote.png
— Mission Briefing

Disrupt[edit | edit source]

Main article: Disrupt (Mission)
LeftQuote.png It's not just the parents, teachers, and cops - it's something way older pulling the strings. The whole dang town, versus, well... us. We need to show Redacre we ain't afraid (so just...fake it). Wake folks up, get them to join, or if things go bad... replace us. RightQuote.png
— Mission Briefing

Search[edit | edit source]

Main article: Search (Mission)
LeftQuote.png It's time to actually solve a mystery together, or... at least snoop around and say "Aha!". We have club members missing, crime scenes CHORUS is trying to scrub away, and sleepers acting out some kind of weird code. Evidence is everywhere, we just gotta find it! RightQuote.png
— Mission Briefing

Steal[edit | edit source]

Main article: Steal (Mission)
LeftQuote.png We don't know why, but the bad guys steal our dreams, mess with our heads. Bells said they also take things from our rooms... like familiar, personal stuff to help them brainwash us with their creepy machines. Anyways tonight - we take something back. RightQuote.png
— Mission Briefing