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A Name Fragment (in The Airway bathroom).

Name Fragments are the broken pieces of THEE-I-DARE found in missions.

Description[edit | edit source]

Collecting a name fragment.

Name Fragments are the scattered pieces of the Voice, THEE-I-DARE, after he was destroyed by SPEAK-AS-ONE for rebelling against them. His name was broken into pieces and he was scattered throughout Redacre and the Maze. Though he lives, THEE-I-DARE is fragmented and as close to death as a Voice can be. The figure seen when closing ones' eyes to collect the fragment is unique to each location, believed to be showing Old Tongue.[1]

Members of The Blackout Club have started to collect these Name Fragments with the intention of giving the pieces back to THEE-I-DARE. Holding on to the fragments will empower THEE-I-DARE.[2] They are not required to be given back to THEE-I-DARE. Instead, they live inside the person who collected them and heal within them.[3] Some club members opt to give them to SPEAK-AS-ONE to be destroyed.

THEE-I-DARE has shared details with players in Player Interactions about some of his Hosts who had become Name Fragments. He has shared their stories and details about the particular Host. THEE-I-DARE said that when a host is approaching death, or believe they are dying, they leave behind a memory, in the form of a Name Fragment. It allowed THEE-I-DARE to cheat death when he was shattered by SPEAK-AS-ONE.[4]

Having a name fragment allows THEE-I-DARE to find you[5], and he is able to hide you briefly from SPEAK-AS-ONE using them.[6] He hopes finding more will help him remember more of his history.[7] He said that Name Fragments are like snapshots of past lives.[8]

The Name Fragments are difficult to locate because SPEAK-AS-ONE destroyed the ones that were more obvious and in the open. SPEAK-AS-ONE will also attempt to trade secrets with club members in exchange for Name Fragments for them to destroy.[9]

Collection[edit | edit source]

One Name Fragment can be collected per mission. To collect a Name Fragment:

  1. Shine your flashlight at the Fragment location.
  2. Close your eyes to reveal the Fragment image - it will glow like the Shape.
  3. Open your eyes and see the message confirming the Name Fragment has been collected.

After collection, it is not guaranteed that another Name Fragment will immediately spawn on the map. It may take a few games until another Name Fragment spawns.

Many players have reported being unable to find more Name Fragments after collecting their 34th (some say 35th) Name Fragment.

Some players have been able to collect a Name Fragment during interactions with a Voice. THEE-I-DARE has guided some players in early 2019 to their first Name Fragment at the Lower East Hoadly Cave.[citation needed] Other players have been guided to the bathroom of 1001 Hoadly by THEE-I-DARE[10] in addition to other Name Fragment locations in the Maze.[11]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Locations of all the known Name Fragments by location. The Wiki currently has 86 Name Fragment locations listed, but it is likely more locations exist that have not yet been found or reported.

Surface of Redacre[edit | edit source]

35 Name Fragments can be found on the surface of Redacre, in houses, and around Old Growth Daycare Center.

The Maze[edit | edit source]

51 Name Fragments can be found in almost every single room and location in the Maze.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Name fragments are reminiscent of Voldemort's Horcruxes in Harry Potter though there are some key differences (number of pieces, function, creation).
  • When a Voice was present during a mission through the game's development and for some time after launch, it was possible for players to find two name fragments in a mission. The first fragment being their regular name fragment, but the second appearing because a Voice was present in the mission. This second fragment was first found to be the Cave fragment, and later it became the #1001 Bathroom fragment. The current location of this fragment, if it even still exists, is unknown.

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