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Interaction Information

Date: November 8, 2019
Player(s): MrMusicMan789, MarDCaos, Keebie-domo
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Unknown Caller contacts MrMusicMan789 early in the mission, telling him the Deadman's Switch is triggered, it's game over, he has 10 minutes, and needs to stay awake. MMM expresses doubt that Unknown Caller is actually dead and continues on the mission seeing if Unknown Caller will respond, but eventually makes his way out of the Maze and heads to 922 Hoadly.
  • On the surface, MMM gets a message from UC saying he "was the first", hoping MMM was still himself and knew where to go.
  • In the 922 Hoadly bedroom with the broken CHASE-THE-SUN symbol, Unknown Caller confirms it is indeed MMM before playing another piece of the Colm recordings.
  • A Lucid interrupts MMM listening to the recording, but is able to make out "Ryan's the only one that believes in her. But out there in the real world, she's losing."
  • MMM thanks UC, asks to get the recording again (due to that rude Lucid who interrupted), but Unknown Caller states that by getting these deadman's switch messages, "the one that hunts" turned on them. Unknown Caller concludes by asking MMM to "pick a song for me, kid." and hopes MMM will never have to read more of UC's messages again.

Video of Interaction



UC: Deadman’s switch triggered. Aw, kid. That’s game. 10 minutes. Stay awake.

Keebie: Are you serious?

M3: Yeah, deadman’s switch. (Unintelligible.)

Mar: Isn’t he only here when, uhh… When you’re alone?

M3: I just got the deadman’s switch triggered.

Mar: Really?

Keebie: What does that do?

Mar: Shit…

Keebie: What is that? Er- Can you say?

M3: (Typing) Sad to see, but I don’t believe you’re actually dead.

Mar: (Repeating what M3 said) Sad to see, but I don’t believe you’re actually dead? What?

Keebie: I think- I think I know who it is. (Stuttering) Is it- Is it-

M3: (Unintelligible.)

Keebie: (Unintelligible. Maybe about Thee-I-Dare.)

Mar: Ohh, yes, you can text him.

M3: This is how-

Keebie: You sure?

M3: Yeah, I- This is the third time I’ve talked to him-

Mar: Uh… So the- Does it- Does it(?) only way that you- I actually have seen it, but I never actually, like- (Unintelligible)- I never noticed.

Keebie: Uh, (unintelligible)- jealous. It’s okay, Shape, you can go- go stay where you’re at, in your corner, where you belong.

M3: (Typing) UC, I had questions for you! GRrrrrrr

Mar: Kinda having a little bit of hard time-

Keebie: Uhh- He- He gave him, like, a 5 second phrase and then left! He dipped! He dipped hard! (Chuckles)

Mar: Yeah, I- Like, okay, peace.

Keebie: Like, deadman’s switch, bye!

Mar: ‘kay, bye!

Keebie: What’s that sound? Is it the wind? (Unintelligible) wind…

Mar: Oh shit.

(The sounds of M3 breaking some bones.)

Mar: I’m trying to find more evidence.

Keebie: I wanna have these encounters, dangit.

Mar: Oh my gosh...That’s a very shiny pajama.

Keebie: (Stuttering) I need to probably be more active in the Blackout Club discord for crap like that- (Unintelligible), uhh.

Mar: What is going on?

M3: (Unintelligible) Oh, I gotta get to the surface! Uhm, I’m gonna drop all this (Unintelligible)-

Keebie: Yeah, somebody else pick that up cause I’m s- (Stuttering)- currently trying to keep (Unintelligible)

Mar: (Unintelligible)- Your stuff there?

M3: (Unintelligible.)

Keebie: I- Well, I-

Mar: I’m gonna go to pick up the relays- Are you in the maze?

M3: (Unintelligible.)

Keebie: Good sh-

Mar: Oh shit, hold on.

Keebie: Good shape.

(Sounds of M3 being unintelligible.)

Keebie: Why’d you- Why’d you say oh shit? Oh shits never-

Mar: Cause the lucid grabbed me.

Keebie: Okay, I- Okay, that was a- okay, at least it’s a lucid. Whenever I hear oh shit, it’s like, uhh…

Mar: It’s like, oh nooo.

Keebie: You better not say certain- (Unintelligible.)

Mar: Oh no no no no- no no no.

Keebie: The crappy- The crappy anime voice. (I assume referencing SAO.)

(M3 being unintelligible, who could believe it?)

Keebie: What room?

M3: 9- (Unintelligible.)

Mar: Yeah.

Keebie: Mhm. What does it do?

M3: It’s essentially a safe place for the caller(?) (Unintelligible.) So there- (More unintelligible.)

Mar: That makes sense.

M3: I was the first one they talked to, and they told me to go into that room and that’s where they said they felt safe.That’s why they, uh, sent that recording to me.

(Sounds of exhaustion, making anything else said here incoherent.) Mar: Oh…

Keebie: So you’re going back there to deadman switch it?

M3: (Unintelligible)- that activates the- (Unintelligible.)

Keebie: Well, you’re- you’re-

Mar: That’s crazy.

Keebie: You’re, you’re fairly, for that room you’re fairly clear. (Unintelligible.)

M3: (Unintelligible.)

Mar: It should be clear, yeah.

Keebie: So…

M3: (Unintelligible)

Mar: Yeah, cause I- I.

UC: You were the first. Hope you’re still you, and you know where to go.

M3: (Repeating what UC said) You were the first. Hope you’re still you, and (Partially unintelligible, I think just saying the rest of the message.)

Mar: Oh…

Keebie: He messaged you, so.

Mar: (Unintelligible) Oh god, Shape, hi.

Keebie: Like, I’m more scared of what this (Unintelligible.)

Mar: He’s at that house, the Shape is at that house right now.

Keebie: Right now, yeah he is. Hey Shape!

M3: If this does happen, I might need you guys to, like, I might need to leave the call so it’s quiet.

Mar: Okay.

Keebie: Maybe.

M3: (Typing) I am here. (Speaking) Alright, let me just mute this to be safe cause I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Mar: Ye-

(The sounds of muting, unmuting, and then muting again.)

M3: (Typing) Dead man switch, activate! Presto!

UC: Looks like you’re still you. Wish we had time to talk music. Here goes…

M3: (Unintelligible)

Unknown Hunter Voice: Ryan’s the only one that believes in her. But out there in the real world? She's losing. Ryan's the only one that believes in her.

(Unknown Hunter Voice audio repeats.)

M3: (Typing) Thank you, UC. Uhh, could we play that back, things got, busy in here with a Lucid and the Shape….

UC: If you’re getting these… that thing. The one that hunts. Guess it turned on me. Someone told me you spoke to it, that you could hear words.

(Long pause of silence. M3 opens up the chat, considers typing something, but closes out of it.)

UC: Pick a song for me, kid. I won’t be around to hear it, but … I don’t know. Shit, I’m depressing myself. Time to stop writing these. I hope you never read them. Stay awake.