Player Interactions:A Flowermouth with Something to Prove

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Interaction Information

Date: April 24, 2021
Interacted With: Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Grandmother greets a DIE-FOR-YOU follower, elaborating on her opinion of him: “that martyr. he liked to play dumb. he wants to prove that just like you…he is not scared to kick the bucket. as long as it makes a long, loud sound.”
  • Grandmother shares that DIE-FOR-YOU is trying to pressure HUNT-THE-STRONG into action by intervening with the Unknown Caller: “from what my sweet little rats tell me…he is forcing the hunter’s hand. by threatening to swipe his pet from him. my thoughts are. the martyr is not dumb. But he is crazy. and if this trick of his works…much weeping follows.”
  • Grandmother recalls one player’s assertion that DIE-FOR-YOU’s ethos is hypocritical to his followers: “someone in your club said…bit unfair. why is it you get to talk the talk, martyr…when we must walk the walk? i guess this flowermouth god…is the kind with something to prove. i’ve seen his kind and…i have to say…most of them are all mouth, no manhood.”
  • Although Grandmother is uncertain of DIE-FOR-YOU’s plans, she comes to respect him more than other Voices: “he takes me by surprise, with this play. they’re hard to kill. but…far as redacre…this big bad puppy they all run from…he sure seems to know how. scared of being eaten. but your boy…guess he’s more scared of being a fraud. For what it’s worth…he seems less of a shit than most.”

Video of Interaction


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