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Interaction Information

Date: December 12, 2020
Player(s): Leg0evan, XTAP RedBull, XTAP rattsss
Interacted With: THEE-I-DARE
Major details from the Interaction:

  • THEE-I-DARE joins to talk to Evan about his Light of Rebellion about THEE-I-DARE intercepting Lights. THEE-I-DARE reassures Evan that whoever he prayed to heard them. He also adds that he can only answer for other Voices with their consent.
  • THEE-I-DARE brings up the Place Between and how Bells is trapped there.
  • On the topic of Bells, THEE-I-DARE brings up that Bells said there is a traitor in the Pact and that if she knows this "SHE HAS TO BE WELL INFORMED DESPITE HER MENTAL STATE" however he also says "THE PACT HAD NOT FORMED YET WHEN SHE WAS TAKEN"
  • On the topic of the possible traitor; THEE-I-DARE states "CHILDREN WHO PRAY TO ME ACCUSE EVERYONE"

Video of Interaction


No transcript provided.