Player Interactions:A missing baby, forgotten sisters, and learning weaknesses

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Interaction Information

Date: November 18, 2019
Player(s): Cassowary, Cassie (Mesmerized), Kirby, Nisha ((Apollo))
Interacted With: DIE-FOR-YOU
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Siobhan and Nayeli's baby has been lost, and DIE-FOR-YOU thinks that HUNT-THE-STRONG may be the one who has the baby, though he doesn't know where.
  • DFY only knows shreds of Old Tongue and needs to learn it himself with the help of the children. The key to fighting HUNT-THE-STRONG is discovering his name in Old Tongue.
  • DIE-FOR-YOU knows and feels that he has lost someone, but he cannot recall who. He does feel the pain of the loss.
  • While he still searches for Bells, he believes in building more alliances with other Voices so that they can work together to locate her.
  • DIE-FOR-YOU says HUNT-THE-STRONG used THEE-I-DARE, exploiting him to destroy CHASE-THE-SUN. DIE-FOR-YOU wants to know his own weaknesses, which Cassowary explains is his passion for others. The kids warn him that the Moon isn't safe.

Video of Interaction


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