Player Interactions:Bringing the Truth About Joel

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Interaction Information

Date: October 28, 2020
Player(s): Stormsworder, Stubborn Toaster, Suma, Revenant
Interacted With: Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • A player tells the Isolated Watcher the truth about Joel’s demise, which is then affirmed by a SPEAK-AS-ONE follower.
  • The Isolated Watcher recognizes the name fragment mark in 919 Hoadly.
  • SPEAK-AS-ONE accuses the players of torture and banishes them to Saturation Control.

Video of Interaction


Context: We were doing missions, not really expecting much. Suma and Stubborn Toaster found TPB portal and had the idea to go into it on a whim.

Suma: We just had the same idea. Yes.

Stubborn Toaster: (enters TPB) And off I go.

Watcher: hello

Storm: Can you hear us?

Toaster: Hi! Um… You’re the Kirb’s Watcher. Um. I didn’t expect to see you here.

Watcher: who are you why do you come

Toaster: Um, I don’t know much about this situation, but I have something for you. Uh, I heard a bit about you. You’re from 919 Hoadley, right?

Watcher: yes my … we .. it was mine

Toaster: Well, we’ve been trying to help your memory. I have a magazine from that house. Does this mean anything to you? Something physical? If anything… I don’t know…

Storm: (typing) I’m gonna tell it about Joel.

(Toaster exits TPB)

Storm: I think I’m gonna tell it about Joel in exchange for anything on Madi-Shaw.

Suma: Just-Just do it.

Storm: Yeah. (to self) Let’s do it…

Toaster: (nervous laugh) I didn’t expect that, holy s***.

Storm: (enters TPB) I come to you again, you may recognize me? I’ve come to tell you the story of what happened to Joel in exchange for information on Madi-Shaw.

Watcher: joel … the baby that was never born?

Storm: He was born, but SAO removed the memories of him from you.

Watcher: why what do you mean

Storm: He did it because-- they did it because Joel founded a radio club, but SAO punished them for doing that. A loyal Watch-- a loyal follower of SAO infiltrated the club and basically reported all of Joel’s friends to SAO to get them killed. Joel took his own life in guilt.

Watcher: these are the lies of the eye, the hated eye

Storm: (gets kicked out of TPB) So it doesn’t believe, it thinks that… Suma, do you think you can convince it of the truth? That we know where he died in the house?

Suma: Eh, I can (inaudible). You can go over there to the house, and I will…

Storm: (running down to 919) I’m on it. Use our state to convince it.

Suma: (enters TPB) Eh, hello there. The things about Joel, it-- what Storm said, it’s really true. Joel existed. We even know the spot where Joel died. We can even show you the place in 919. Because in that house…

Watcher: you are like us, like i was… joel lived?

Suma: Yeah, Joel lived. We can show you the spot if you want where Joel died. But it’s even in your house.

Storm: I hope that it can hear us here.

Watcher: why would they lie to me, why would we?

Suma: Probably because to keep those informations about Joel away because Joel was a good person and was against SPEAK-AS-ONE.

Suma: (after a pause) I’m out. (to Revenant) Now it’s your turn. Try it.

Storm: I don’t know if Revenant has the ciphers to get in. Can you hear us here, Watcher?

Revenant: I don’t know anything about this.

Toaster: Are they still here?

Watcher: i am losing you, where did you go

Storm: We’re currently in the house you lived in. Can you hear us here?

Suma: Yeah, we’re in 919 now. In hopes that you can hear us.

Storm: I’m in the place where--

Watcher: yes, i saw nothing but i smell it

Watcher: i know this place

Storm: This is the place where you lived with Joel. Were you elderly?

Suma: Storm right now is in the place where Joel…

Storm: Do you remember him working on radios all the time?

Watcher: no one lived with me, but

Watcher: what is that mark

Storm: This mark… This is what is left of Joel. This is where he took his own life after what SAO did drove him to it. He just made the radio club, he was with a bunch of friends and the loyal follower of SAO manipulated him into giving up all their identities. SAO killed every last one of them and it drove him to take his own life.

Watcher: no no no no my son had a child?

Storm: He did. Joel, he was quiet, really shy, he kinda felt embarrassed about having to live here at the age he was. But he was a good person.

Watcher: i do not … I cannot… remember but

Watcher: i see, i do not wish to see

Storm: (sighs) Grief, loss, it hurts to admit, especially when SAO won’t let you remember it. SAO didn’t want you to remember Joel because Joel acted in opposition to them.


Storm: Oh boy. (group is sent to SatCon) That happened, yep.

(The group has a 10 second timer in SatCon as they sprint their separate ways and the mission ends with Halos received.)