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Interaction Information

Date: January 9, 2020
Player(s): MrMusicMan789, Whinecakes, Kirby, Dicewolf
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Unknown Caller messages the group minutes after starting their mission. The first text tells MrMusicMan789 to play for UC, followed by "NO MORE SHADOWS" as the effect becomes visible to all players.
  • MrMusicMan789 spends time studying the No More Shadows effect finding the veiny look to intensify with time outside light, the effect seems to inhibit motion/stamina use, and has a slight motion blur effect as if someone is choking our minds. No More Shadows reaches its maximum effect after about 30 seconds in shadows. Bandaging up restores health but the effect lasts for the remainder of the mission.
  • Kirby discovers the No More Shadows's health damage effect can be negated temporarily with Unstoppable, but the visual effect remains present unless lit up (by fixtures or from the Smartphone flashlight).
  • Unknown Caller grew impatient, eventually sending the group messages with repeated "TICK TOCK"s in them to push MrMusicMan789 and the group along as the Shape became a threat.
  • On four occasions, UC "health crunched" the group, reducing their health by a small amount each time after a text was sent to the group. The effect was unnoticed once teammates reached minimum health.

Video of Interaction


The interaction starts a few minutes after the mission begins. MrMusicMan789 just grabbed some posters in Old Growth (Region) and is on his way to Dream Therapy passing through the campsite. Whinecakes ("Butthole <3"), Kirby, and Dicewolf are in front of Old Growth Classroom A. In previous missions, the group was explaining what Unknown Caller was to Dicewolf since he was unfamiliar with who they were or what they do, but now Dicewolf got to experience it first-hand.

Text messages sent from Unknown Caller and MrMusicMan789 are displayed like this.


Kirby: Uhhh...

The No More Shadows effect begins. MrMusicMan789's vision begins to get this strained/veiny texture and his health slowly deteriorates when he is not lit up.

MrMusicMan789: (gasps) Oh my god, this is it!

Kirby and Whinecakes: Oh my god...

Dicewolf: "Music. Play for me. We will dance."

Whinecakes: What did it say?

Dicewolf: "Music. Play for me."

Kirby: That there are No More Shadows...?

Dicewolf: No More Shadows?!

Whinecakes: No! NooOOO! NO! NO!

MMM789: I didn't think I'd see you again, Unknown Caller. How've ya been?

Dicewolf: Wow.

Whinecakes: I'm scared.

MMM789: (forgetting UC responds to text-chat at first) I had some questions...

Kirby: We have to do the mission, like...

MMM789: This is great because we literally just started the objectives.

Whinecakes: We can't move? Is that why this works?

Kirby: The-the shadows make you

MMM789: Whine, step into the Shadows, and watch your health.

Whinecakes: Oh my god! That's scary!

MMM789 messages UC: I have questions you never answered UC....

Dicewolf: Ohh! Fuck!

Kirby: Yeah.... this is gonna be... not good.

(MrMusicMan789 remembers the whole text-chat thing for UC and starts typing his message to them)

Whinecakes: So what do we do?

Kirby: Uhhh, uhhh...

Dicewolf: Stay out of the shadows and don't get your brain to melt.

Whinecakes: Okay, guess...

Dicewolf: Oh fuck...

Whinecakes: Why, uhm, is the Unknown Caller talking to you?

Dicewolf: He talked to all of us!

MMM789: I figured one day they'd come back to say hi.

Kirby: Yeah, we all got that text. Unfortunately I don't think it's the Unknown Caller.

MrMusicMan789 heads down into Dream Therapy through the Old Growth (Region) connection.

MMM789: It is the Unknown Caller but not the one we used to know.

Whinecakes: Well, it's... yeah.

Dicewolf: Uhm, so, uh, we gotta go to the Maze, cause I have a poster.

Whinecakes: Yeah...

Kirby: You know the trick don't you Whine?

Whinecakes: I'm gonna get brave. No, I don't. What trick?

Kirby: The Hunter does this.

MMM789: Flashlight.

Whinecakes: What are you talking about?

Kirby: The Hunter does the No Shadows.

Whinecakes: Oh yeah, yeah, I heard about that. Actually-

MMM789: I was telling Whine about that.

Whinecakes: Literally, MusicMan was telling me about that today.

MMM789: (as UC's next message comes in) I was telling her about this effect, she hadn't heard of it before.


Kirby: We should've- "Yes. All may join the dance. No More Shadows"

Dice: There's "No More Shadows No More Shadows No More Shadows No More Shadows"

Kirby: Creepy. That's so creepy!

Whinecakes: I am not about that.

Kirby: This is so creepy. (laughs)

Whinecakes: I'm not about that. I'm not about that.

Kirby: Well going down The Well is the best way right now.

Whinecakes: It's freakin' me out! (laughs)

Dice: We gotta go to the Well?! But that's...

Kirby: It's a little weird, but -

Whinecakes: No I'm actually, I'm so freaked out.

MMM789 messages UC: Well UC, I'll play this game if you answer some questions.

Kirby: The Well - The Well is fastest way into the Maze right now.

Whinecakes: Nah, you go ahead, you go ahead.

Kirby: Why?

Whinecakes: I'm gonna stay right here in the spotlight.

Dice: Just, Butthole, turn on your flashlight and go! Flashlight leaves you illuminated.

Whinecakes: Does that work?

Dice: Yeah. It makes you illuminated.

MMM789: You have to be illuminated.

Whinecakes: HOOH! LOOPHOLE!

MMM789: You have to be illuminated, but the problem is enemies - Lucids - can see you too.

Kirby: I’m not gonna do that. (grunts)

Whinecakes: Well that’s true…

MMM789: If not Kirby… Kirby, Kirby if you don’t you’ll fall to minimum health.

Kirby: I know, but that’s fine.

Whinecakes: “You may all join the dance.”

MMM789: Oh I didn’t get that text.

Whinecakes: You didn’t get that?

MMM789: Was it, I don’t know…

Whinecakes: It was the one that just happened.

MMM789: Oh the one that just happened? Okay.

Kirby: I wanna do this challenge.

MMM789: Oh I do too.

Whinecakes: Alright…

Kirby: Without having to use flashlight.

Whinecakes: Oh, it’s a challenge? You have to do it without?

MMM789: You have to finish.

Kirby: You can. (pause) Oww that hurts.

MMM789: You pretty much, you wanna, you need to finish.

Whinecakes: Oh, well that uhm…

Dicewolf: We need to beat this, cause, uhh… Whinecakes: I actually wanna see, hold on…

MrMusicMan789 buys a bandage from the Contraband Lockers in String Relay B.

Whinecakes: What happens if you, like, stay in it too long?

MMM789: Health goes to min.

Kirby: Yeah. It basically depletes your HP.

Whinecakes: That’s it? That’s all that happens?

Kirby: Do candy bars negate this?

MMM789: That doesn’t affect your health level.

Kirby: No but like it, you’ll keep your stamina, won’t you?

Long pause in the convo for everyone as MrMusicMan789 tests out the effects of No More Shadows in the lowest level of Nerve Center. He stands and lets his health fall to minimum to observe the effects and the progression of the effect.

Whinecakes: Okay, this isn’t as scary as scary as I thought it was.

Kirby: Okay, jumping- jumping is pretty effective, I have to admit.

MMM789: It’s not scary, but it will be if/when Lucids show up, soooo…

Dicewolf: Yeah.

Kirby: Ohhhh nooooo.

Dicewolf: Flashlight at least.

MMM789: That’s something to remember.

Dicewolf: We- we need our flashlights out. That’s all…

Whinecakes: Do you not take fall..? Okay, you do.

MMM789: Oh you take fall damage, but there’s a minimum, so…

Kirby: Aww, this is gonna hurt, okay…

Dicewolf: Hm. So Unknown Caller, would you like to say hello to anybody?

Kirby: Oh I have to get out of this.

MMM789: UC doesn’t respond voice text, or uh, voice, it’s only text.

Dicewolf: Oh.

Whinecakes: Oh he doesn’t?

MMM789: He didn’t last time.

Whinecakes: Do we- are we, are we gonna respond to him?

MMM789: I messaged ‘em. Did you not see my text chat?

MMM789 messages UC: I know you’re there UC. Do you not remember what we last discussed?

MrMusicMan789 heals himself with a bandage back to almost-full health as he sets off an Acoustic Mine.

Dicewolf: How’s your day unknown friend?

Whinecakes: No, I didn’t. I don’t see any text chat, actually. I don’t, I don’t even have any posters, y’all.

Kirby: Oh yeah.

Whinecakes: Oh that’s so SPOOKY.

Dicewolf: Shadows will dance, shadows will dance, shadows will dance!

Whinecakes: Oh, is that what you got just now?

Dicewolf: No

Whinecakes: Oh, okay.

Dicewolf: I’m just telling the chat.

Whinecakes: Alright.

The Shape emerges and targets Dicewolf.

MMM789: Aaand now we’ve gotta hurry.

Kirby: I have the last one. Where’s the other one?

Whinecakes: I’m just, scuuuurred!

Dicewolf: Which means Music and Kirby has to hurry.

MMM789: Well, I would.

Dicewolf: I’m the one with the Shape after.

MMM789: I’m the one with Lucids after me, so…

Dicewolf: One of us…

Kirby: Unstoppable should negate this.

Whinecakes: Does Unstoppable negate it?

Kirby: Well, let’s try it out, I guess.

Whinecakes: Yeah.

Kirby: It does!

Whinecakes: Aww niceee! Okay!

Dicewolf: Because you’re unstoppable.

Kirby: I’ll try to get to you MusicMan.

MMM789: Oh, I’m okay. I have health. (he says as a Lucid chases him across the beams in Instrument Supply), but it’s interesting the Lucids still see me even in the dark.

Whinecakes: Okay, this isn’t so bad. I- I was thinking it was gonna be really bad.

Kirby: It, it gets worse.

MMM789: Well, yeah. Interestingly I’m at low health and, I mean-

Whinecakes: What happens when you (poke?) your eye.

Dicewolf: You guys need to keep your flashlight on.

MMM789: Just to give you an idea, I’m at minimum health and I’ve had the effect on the whole time and it’s… a very interesting effect.

Whinecakes: Yeah, I see, yeah, very vein-y.

MMM789: I like it.

Whinecakes: It’s not bad, not bad at all.

Dicewolf: It’s nice if you have, ya know, a flash- or, bandage.

Whinecakes: And you can, and you can bandage yourself, so.

Kirby: I gotta, get out of the shadows. This whole goddamn house!

Dicewolf: No More Shadows…

Whinecakes: Oh, I s-

MMM789: Alright, now we have Foam Party.

Dicewolf: Foam Party! That one’s easy.

MMM789: Pray it’s not in the Maze because then we’re gonna have to come back down here.

Kirby: No, we would’ve seen a ton of them in the Maze.

MMM789: Maybe, we hope.

Whinecakes: Yeah, I see that, huh.

MMM789: The effect increases.

Kirby: God damn…

Whinecakes: It’s about (unintelligible?).

MMM789: It’s nothing we can’t handle. Again, I’m at minimum health this whole time.

MMM789 messages UC: Your tactics don’t scare me that easily, UC.

Whinecakes: Kay. Not Bad.

Kirby: Are you using the flashlight?

Dicewolf: I am. I’d rather not be, but there’s so many Lucids out right now.

MMM789: That is the issue, is it not… it’s a predicament. Do you chose to stay illuminated or do you succumb to the effect of whatever Unknown Caller is doing to us?

Whinecakes: I’m, I’m actually really curious what happens if you actually succumb to the effect. What if I just…

MMM789: I don’t… I have.

Whinecakes: Wait, wait a minute, I’ve stopped, I’ve stopped taking damage.

Kirby: It just- it just hurts you.

MMM789: Yeah, the effect lasts – don’t forget your speed’s also restricted too it seems.

Whinecakes: Yeah the speed is. But I stopped taking damage so it doesn’t actually, it can’t kill you.

Kirby: No, it can’t.

MMM789: It can’t kill you but it will make your life difficult.

Whinecakes: Ahhhh, okay. I see, I see. Okay. I’m actually, I was a little more scared of this than I should have been.

MMM789: Ehh, we’ll be fine.

Whinecakes: Yeah, okay.

MMM789: This is a whole, this is a test.

Dicewolf: I wonder if uh-

Whinecakes: Yeah, not so scared. Not so bad.

Dicewolf: And this test is REALLY slow because one of you guys – there’s three of you, and you haven’t grabbed a single of the foams.

Whinecakes: Okay, alright.

MMM789: Alright, hold on, hold on.

Unknown Caller: TICK TOCK, MUSIC.

Kirby: “Tick tock, Music?”

Immediately after sending, UC “health crunches” us and we all lose a small amount of our health.

Dicewolf: I’m the one being chased by the Shape, remember?

Kirby: Tick tock?

MMM789: That was the health- (is interrupted)

Dicewolf: Yeah, I think that’s a sign saying hurry the fuck up.


UC Crunches our health again.

Dicewolf: Jesus.

MMM789: You know, do you not see… did you not see I’m getting hit with health? How my health is consistently being chunked down? (It was actually happening to all of us simultaneously, but was hard to know in the moment)

Dicewolf: Clog up the…

Whinecakes: Ohhhh, we gotta hurry up and save MusicMan! (screams at the flashbang that went off) Okay guys, now I’m actually, now I gotta get goin’…

Dicewolf: I’m the one still being chased by this asshole.

Whinecakes: Okay. You keep getting chased.

Dicewolf: Remember, you guys are all wandering around doing…

Whinecakes: I’m just glad that we ain’t got a uhm, Stalker.

Dicewolf: And I’m caught.

Dicewolf is suppressed by the Shape.

Kirby: That’s not good.

Whinecakes: That’s not good. (Whinecakes becomes the Most Wanted) Now THAT’S not good. Oh that, that’s not good, okay…

Kirby: (groans)

Whinecakes: Alright Kirb, I’m comin’, to take care of ‘em.

Dicewolf: (loud groan) this is what I get.

Whinecakes: Get. Slipt.

Dicewolf: Aww Lord, I’m just shakin’ my head.

Whinecakes: Kay, I’m gonna need you to

MMM789: Sorry I’m… I’d be a little more helpful but I’m more trying to understand and study what’s going on.

Whinecakes: I understand, understandable.

Dicewolf: Well he gave you a “tick tock hurry up”.

MMM789: And as it did, my health got chunked down, like a Voice who would damage you.

Whinecakes: Okay, understandable. Just, uh, I can avoid the Shape for now, but uh…

Kirby: We’re here, we’re here.

Whinecakes: I’m getting a bandage. (to the bandage falling down from the sky from the Firework Stations behind 921 Hoadly) Come on! Come on, I want my bandage!

MMM789 messages UC: UC, this isn’t the end.

Simultaneously as MrMusicMan789 sends UC the message from atop the treehouse, the group receives a text from UC.


Dicewolf: (getting louder) “TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK”

Whinecakes: I gotta bunch of them, y’aaaall better hurry up!

UC Crunches our health again, but only Dice and Kirby are affected because Whinecakes and MrMusicMan789 are at minimum health.

Kirby: Ohhh, he hurt me!

Dicewolf: He’s hurting ME.

MMM789: Yeah, because of me. C’mon, exit!

Whinecakes: Phewww! Oh is it exit time? Okay.

MMM789: Exit cave. Yes.

Kirby: I have flashbangs, Whine.

Whinecakes: ‘kay, well… fuck, use them. (giggles)


Whinecakes: Use ‘em! Use ‘em now!

Kirby: No, it’s once he’s over the fence.

Whinecakes: Okay.

Kirby: C’mon, let’s go.

Whinecakes: Oh my goodness… spooky SPOOKY! (soft) Spooky spooky… okay.

The group drops down to the exit cave behind 919 Hoadly.

Dicewolf: Are you happy now, Unknown Caller? Are you happy?

Whinecakes: I’m not.


Whinecakes: (laughs) I’m, not. Hope not!

MMM789 messages UC: Look forward to it.

UC crunches our health again one last time, again, only Dicewolf and Kirby are affected since Whinecakes and MrMusicMan789 are at minimum health.

MMM789 messages UC: Be ready to answer some questions.

Kirby: Ow! (pause) What a bastard.

Dicewolf: See you soon, and then he just sucker-punches us.

Whinecakes: Did he? He didn’t punch you- me at all?

Kirby: You’re at minimum already, he punched me and Dice.

Dicewolf: He punched me.

Whinecakes: Oh, I don’t think I’m at minimum? (she was)

The mission ends.