Player Interactions:Dax and DIE-FOR-YOU

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Interaction Information

Date: April 2, 2021
Player(s): Ghosty, rk1191, Kirby
Interacted With: The Blackout Club (HQ)
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Dax visits Ghosty about their prayers to DIE-FOR-YOU. Dax says he heard Ghosty's prayers in his dreams.
  • Whatever DIE-FOR-YOU is doing to the Unknown Caller makes him speak to Dax in imagery more than words, but he thinks DIE-FOR-YOU has taken a liking to him because he feels willing to sacrifice himself to save Bells.
  • Dax likes DIE-FOR-YOU and wishes his phone made what DIE-FOR-YOU says in flowery cursive.
  • He says Plan A is to ride out of Redacre on motorcycles made out of home appliances, but Plan B, he's willing to save Bells, even if it means the Club loses him in exchange.

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


HQ: Hey Ghosty. You pray to DIE-FOR-YOU, last couple of nights? Think I might have heard it in my sleep.

[Ghosty doesn't respond. RK and Kirby try to get their attention]

HQ: Yeah, hi. HQ here. Guess you don't check your texts, Ghosty?

RK: Ghosty, are you there? Hello?

Ghosty: Hi!

Kirby: They're sending you texts, unless you're responding and we don't know.

RK: HQ says hi.

Ghosty: HQ? Where are they saying this?

RK: Do you pray to the DIE-GUY?

HQ: They're texting back to me. There we go. Speech-to-text picked you up with that "Hi".

Ghosty: Oh! Yeah, I see. I sent a few messages to everyone. Interesting. Hello!

[Ghosty starts to get chased by the Shape and asks about the initial message.]

HQ: Well. You prayed to DIE-FOR-YOU. I heard your voice in my dream.

Ghosty: Aah, okay.

RK: ...Who was hearing DIE-GUY dreams.. Hello?

Ghosty: Yeah. I sent a few messages.

HQ: Me. The cool one.

Ghosty: Ah, yes. The cool one.

RK: ...Gwen? [snickers]

Kirby: You're talking about...I thought GWEN was the cool one, right?


RK: [laughs] I thought it was Gwen, yeah.

Kirby: Gwen's the cool one.


Kirby: I think we made him feel bad.

RK: I'm sorry. I'll behave.


[everyone laughs]

HQ: Anyways

Ghosty: You can't win them all. You can't win them all.

HQ: Ghosty, I think whatever he's doing with the "unknown caller" makes him talk to me in imagery more than words, but...

Ghosty: The Unknown Caller? What does that mean?

HQ: Yeah. Ask these nerds.

RK: Unknown Caller is the guy who is, uuh, Hunter's proxy?

Ghosty: Aah, alright. Interesting.

RK: Like, he'll text you, and he'll say your name three times. "Blah blah, the red moon, haha, I'm evil."

HQ: Point is. His name's like a command in psychic sky-writing, saying - find a cause you'd die for

Ghosty: Finding a cause you would die for... huh.

HQ: Yeah. And living to make it happen. Dying only if you have to. Becoming legend. I think...

[RK and Kirby start making noise to get the Shape off Ghosty]

Ghosty: Becoming a legend doesn't sound that bad. You'll never be forgotten, right?

HQ: He started talking to me because he knows... I'm like that sometimes... especially now

HQ: I don't like most of them. I like him. I wish my phone did flowery cursive for his voice, but...

Ghosty: That's the iOS update we need. Flowery cursive.

HQ: I think he knows that if ... we make a run at getting Bells out. And I don't make it back. I'm cool with that.

Ghosty: I mean. That's the whole reason why I'm currently here. I want to get out of this stupid town and get Bells again.

RK: Are you willing to sacrifice yourself to do that?

Ghosty: I honestly don't know. I mean it's trading one life for another, but I guess you would be saving more if we can end this sort of thing, you know?

HQ: Yeah. Plan A is that we all ride out of town on a fleet of motorcycles I've constructed from simple home appliances. But if that fails...

Ghosty: Not gonna lie. That sounds pretty sweet. But, what's going to be Plan B out of curiosity?

HQ: Well. I want her back in the club. Even if it means they lose me.

Ghosty: Honestly. I can feel that. I don't feel like I'm doing the most for the club. They'd definitely get more use out of her than either of us.

HQ: Hey, I'm useful! Cold!

Ghosty: Yes... but, she had the nail in the coffin, you know? She had THE piece of evidence on wherever.

HQ: I do, but still! You don't know me! I have skills!

Ghosty: Yeah, you are correct. I do...I...[pause] I can't speak. Shape's down there.

HQ: That's it. That's what I get about him. He's simple. He's fearless. I like that. But don't like, die right now to that freaking thing. Get home. HQ out.