Player Interactions:Don't Piss Off The Death God

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Interaction Information

Date: April 24, 2021
Player(s): ItsPoppinTart, A Natural Bone, AdvOnyxSpartan
Interacted With: The Blackout Club (HQ)
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Gwen arrives to talk to an IN-HER-TEETH Chosen who joked with the idea of sacrificing 420 experience points to LAUGH-LAST.
  • Gwen is critical to point out not only sacrificing to other Voices, but specifically to LAUGH-LAST, was previously 'married' to IN-HER-TEETH, and as Gwen describes, had 'burned' IN-HER-TEETH in the past.
  • Gwen's warning is not only for the player but for herself, as she does not want to intercept IN-HER-TEETH's anger in her mind: "I don't want to hear her. I honestly hope she just overlooks it."

Video of Interaction


Tart: Did you find any bonus evidence?

Bone: Yeah but not much, if I pass by I'll pick it up.

HQ: Hey Eric. Friendly advice from your den mom here…

Tart: (loud sound) Yeah? What’s up, G?

Bone: Oh hey, it's G!

Tart: Oh boy, she heard about the l- oh boy.

HQ: Can you think of any reason. Why IHT. Of all voices. Might not appreciate. You sacrificing to others. AS A JOKE

Tart: Shit.

Bone: Oof, that's rough.

Tart: Um…

Tart: I- I-I-I-I I don’t know. (laughs) I-I did it as a joke. Um, I was hoping it wouldn’t be that big of a deal cuz it wasn’t really much. Um-

HQ: Do you know, for example, who she used to be married to? Eric? DO YOU KNOW

Tart: Yes, I am aware! Alright? I was fully aware, did you not think I didn’t think about this before? I f- I am devoted to her, of course I know.

Tart: (claps)

Tart: Fuck, I should have told Sid. I knew this would fucking get me in trouble.

HQ: If you did, you must want her out of your brain, because I sure as hell don’t want her reaction in mine!

Tart: I don’t want her out of my brain, that’s the exact opposite, and I’m sorry that… she… kinda came to you. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal.

Tart: You don’t think like… she’ll- her opinion will change of me, right? That’s the last thing I really need right now.

Tart: Uh- I don’t like this silence right now, G.

HQ: I’m not your mom. And I guess neither is she. But she’s old. And unforgiving. And I’d say you’re on thin. Effing. Ice.

Tart: Frick! Oh no, oh no, oh no- god- okay. Is there any way that I can have her forgive me? Because really, um, s- (angry noise, claps, inhales) crap. Crap, crap, crap, ok. (sighs)

Tart: And I- I know that you’re not my mom, but I- I was- I looked to her as kind of one, so this is why I’m uneasy.

HQ: She is generous. She can even be oddly warm. But she’s a goddang queen. And you do not. F. With the Queen.

Tart: I know, alright? I never meant for this to be a big thing I- eh- I was hoping it would just be a small thing, we could brush it off- (sighs) I know she’s a queen, alright? And she’s my queen, so that’s why I’m kind of… oh boy.

Bone: Simp...

Tart: Shush.

Bone: Actually, can't say much, I simp for her too.

Tart: You!- I was gonna say, you wear the mask too, dude! You- I am almost certain you’re glad you’re not in my shoes right now, alright?

Tart: Hey! It was a joke, alright?

HQ: I’m sure you didn’t mean any harm. Just know what you’re dealing with… and who she's been burned by.

Tart: What do you mean? Wait, who do you mean by “burned?”

Tart: (loud noise)

HQ: Laugh Last, dummy. That’s his fault. Not yours. But like… read the room.

Tart: Oh. Okay, fine!

Tart: As I said, in the l- in her light that I sent, I said it was only a one time thing, alright? So I’m not gonna do it again, especially after this. Do you know what she said exactly or was it too terrifying to remember?

Tart: (sighs)

HQ: It’s not like that. I heard you. And I don’t want to hear her. I honestly hope she just overlooks it.

Tart: Yeah. You- you and me both.

Tart: G here just hopes she overlooks it.

HQ: You’re in the club because we care about you. Sometimes …this is what it looks like.

Tart: Uh, thank you. That’s pretty reassuring to hear. (sighs)

HQ: You and me… we’re cool. Just, y’know. Don’t piss off the death god. Xoxo HQ out.

Bone: Bye G, it was cool meeting you.

Tart: Uh- I won’t, thank you. See ya.

Tart: (cries, laughs) God damn it! I knew I was probably going to regret that! (cries, laughs) Fuck!

Bone: That was hilarious.

Tart: Ant, this is all- fuck! I’m not even going to blame you. This is my own stupidity.