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Interaction Information

Date: November 5, 2019
Player(s): Dovakin1000, ShatteredSanity, TickleBear
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Dovah receives UC's deadman text, tailored to the "sample b", or the kids who can hear HUNT-THE-STRONG.

Video of Interaction


UC: That's midnight, boys and girls -which means me Deadman's switch just tripped. I didn't check in. That means you probably won't ever see me again. I'd like to think no one will ever see this.

UC: Alone with friends, it doesn't matter now. If you're seeing this set, it means you're part of Sample B, the kids who can hear the Other Thing, and went to the safe room.

UC: If you told that thing about me... well, you'll probably get what you deserve. Once it starts to play with someone, it tends not to let go. Honestly I pity you.

UC: Only comfort I can offer is that these things are like swarms. You weren't the only one to sell me out. You ass. Anyways...

UC: If you were one of the ones who hears It talk, but never told on me, thanks. I know that had to be hard. It dominates. To resist, from inside your own skin... takes strength.

UC: I'm sending everything I had to the kids I contacted - long as they find the room. I'll play you something. Then you sing me a lullaby, ok? Shit I hope this never gets sent. I'm scared now.

Recording is sent.

“Someone told you they are going to raise his baby their way, and his goddess is no help at all. He's ready to let you out to play”

Dovakin1000: Theres only one person who would be reading this now. You owe me.

UC: Thats what I had, for you. I hope the others receive theirs and aren't already saddled up with a Rider. But if you're seeing this... hell. Ain't my problem anymore.

Dovakin1000: If you ever make it out of this, im awake, for now