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The following pages gives answers to some of the common questions surrounding interactions and questions about the interaction namespace on the TBC Wiki.

General Questions About Interactions

"How do I get an interaction?"

Players must be opted into Enhanced Horror in order to participate in interactions. Interactions happen randomly, but sometimes occur in response to a Light of Rebellion sent as a ritual. Engagement with the ritual system may help improve the odds of a Voice visiting in future missions[1], but it is never guaranteed. It is impossible to know when players will have their next interaction, but the interval between interactions, what Voice/character is in the interaction, the topics discussed, and any special experiences will vary with every interaction.

"Do we know what Voice or character is going to be out ahead of time?"

The developers rarely announce what Voice will be active. The TBC Official Discord has an active channel to report Enhanced Horror activity (#eh-activity) where players will report if they have an experience, on what platform, and with whom.
When a vocal Voice (one who speaks rather than communicates via closed-eye messages) will be active, cryptic tweets are often made by the TBC Twitter.

"What happens in an interaction?"

Live interactions

These occur in missions without warning. Most Voices speak to players directly but some communicate through closed eye messages. Some characters communicate with players through text messages via the player's in-game smartphone. Players can talk in real-time with the Voice/character and they can respond to what was said.

Private dream

These are short, one-way communications from the Voice to the individual player. They appear as a glowing sleeping bag in the Hideout ritual space. Most players will experience more live interactions than private dreams, making them more rare to receive. Players can use a Light of Rebellion to send a reply back to the Voice if they desire.

"When do interactions happen?"

Interactions can happen at any time during a mission. The Voices may come to players who submit rituals with the Light of Rebellion to answer questions and talk about what the player has said in the ritual. The Voices also contact random groups of players in missions even if no one has submitted a ritual for that Voice. Both solo players and groups of players can experience interactions. Some periods of EH activity focus on giving new players a chance to experience an interaction.[2]
Interactions can happen throughout the week with the exception of Sundays as those days are used for EH maintenance (plus, the Voices could use a day off during the week from dealing with all the kids of Redacre).

Wiki-Specific Questions About Interactions

"How do I find a specific interaction on the Wiki?"

Use the search bar at the top of any page to search for a term, player involved, or quote from the interaction. Results will include both player interactions and regular articles that contain your search term(s).

"How do I find a player's collection of interactions on the Wiki?"

Search for the player's name on this page (be sure to check for alternate spellings) or view the full list of collections here. If viewing an interaction, the bottom of each interaction will contain a link to each player's category of interactions. Clicking on the player category will open that player's collection of interactions added to the TBC Wiki.

"How do I find interactions used in articles?"

Interactions used to cite content shared in the Wiki's articles will be listed in the References section of the article. References will appear in-text as superscript numbers. The number inside corresponds to the reference source listed in the References section. Clicking on the superscript will bring the reader to the reference in the Reference section.

"Why share my interactions?"

All players benefit vicariously from listening to the results of interactions.[1] A majority of the game's lore and content is delivered through player interactions, including detailed information about characters, the Voices, events in the game, and details about the plot. Sharing interactions on the TBC Wiki allows other players to have a single place to view interactions to learn this information and cite information added to that would otherwise not be known to players. Sharing interactions helps the community gain a better understanding of what is happening in Redacre and why the members of TBC are experiencing these blackouts.

"There is an interaction on the Wiki I want removed."

Please contact MrMusicMan789 (talk) on the Wiki or on the TBC Discord.


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