Player Interactions:Feen, Trash, Austin and Fox Meet HTS

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Interaction Information

Date: December 22, 2019
Player(s): AustinCGrin, WavingTrash3, Feen, Foxenn
Interacted With: HUNT-THE-STRONG
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Feen, Austin, and two new friends were running from the Shape, about to leave when HUNT-THE-STRONG decides to visit. He takes the group to the Moon.
  • HUNT-THE-STRONG asks the group which children believes that the group is strong, the group answers that they are all strong and HUNT-THE-STRONG grows excited over the prospect.
  • HUNT-THE-STRONG says he is excited to see how the group will handle what is next.
  • Austin names THE-MEASURE-CUTS, asking for HUNT-THE-STRONG to not hurt them. HUNT-THE-STRONG asks why and whether THE-MEASURE-CUTS is strong.
  • HUNT-THE-STRONG states that begging is unbecoming, stating that if Austin was strong enough then he need not worry about THE-MEASURE-CUTS's wellfare.

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


(The interaction starts with the players being transported to the moon)
(Note; this perspective was taken from a console recording and therefore only holds one perspective of the conversation)

Austin / Trash / Feen: "Wow! Whoa! Oh!

Trash: "Oh this is a first.

Hunt-The-Strong: "You all seemed like you were having trouble. I thought I would.. (1)”

(1) Feen: "Little bit, little bit.”

Fox (text chat): "What the?”

HTS: "(1) Clear things up.”

Trash: "Thanks?”

Austin (I forgot what he said here as he ran to DFU’s obelisk): “Sacrifice! SACRIFICE!”

Trash / Feen: " ‘laughs’ " HTS: "Oh, Austin - we’ve just met. ‘Laughs’ ”

Austin: "Doesn’t hurt to try.”

HTS: "I’m curious. Which children thinks that you are strong?”

Austin: "I don’t think.. I know.”

Fox (text chat): "Where are we?”

HTS: "Wooow. Such determination! Such bravado! ‘laughs’”

Austin: "Well, yeah?”

Feen: "I’ve sent you a few Lights in the past, regarding my strength.”

Austin: " ‘clicks tongue’ Giiiiirl, you’ve already talked to a God! We know you’re strong, let us have a turn!”

(context: Austin and I (along with Crash) met IHT together the night all 4 of us met, where I talked to her more back in December)

HTS: ‘Amused laugh’

Feen: "Oh, I’m sorry, you go ahead then. ‘laughs’ “

Trash: "I think we’re all strong.”

Austin: "Yeah! Definitely! We’re all strong here!”

HTS: "Things.. Could be getting interesting. I’m excited to have such strong children.”

Austin: "Happy to be here.”

HTS: " ‘laughing’ Ooh, things will be coming. I assure you. I’m looking forward... To seeing how you deal with what’s next.”

HTS: "Feen?”

Austin: "Please! Let me say one thing!”

Trash: (Can’t make out what he said here)

HTS: "Yes, Austin? Hmmm?”

Austin: "Please, can I just ask you don’t hurt my god, THE-MEASURE-CUTS.”

Feen: "Oh no. ‘laugh’ Ohh no.”

HTS: "Why? Is THE-MEASURE-CUTS... Strong?

Austin: "I don’t... I don’t know that.

Trash: "Oh man.

HTS: ‘More amused laughing’

Austin: ‘Can’t make out, but talking about TMC’

Fox (text chat): " No not really.

Austin (still talking about TMC): "I don’t think he’s strong? He’s smart. But other than that, I …”

HTS: "Then... you would know, that begging, is unbecoming.”

Feen (amused) : "Ooooh.”

Feen (replying to Fox’s early text about where we are): “The moon.”

Austin: "We-well, it’s not begging. A request really?

HTS: " ‘laughs’ If you were strong enough, you wouldn’t worry, would you?”

Austin: "Well, I get, I know... Know that you’re strong. And that could be a potential threat?” (Can’t remember how he worded this)

HTS: "Potential? A potential threat? Isn’t that just... A threat?”

Trash: "How exactly?”

Austin: "Not necessarily?”

HTS: "Oh, Austin. I don’t think you thought this through. ‘Laughs’ "

Austin: "I, uh, I was …”

Trash: "Oh man, put in your place.” (Can’t remember what else he said)

Austin: "I just don’t want anything to happen to my god. I’m gonna die here on the moon!”

Feen: " ‘laughs’ Austin, you dug this hole. You dug this hole.”

Austin / Trash: ‘Incoherent’

Feen: "On the eve of your birthday, you dug this hole.”

HTS: "I’ll be seeing you children soon. And I hope... You have your thoughts together next time."