Player Interactions:Forgetting His Name in Saturation Control

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Interaction Information

Date: May 23, 2020
Player(s): Delta, Mylo_Cordana, Sly, Snowfal7
Interacted With: Isabela Madi-Shaw
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Isabela Madi-Shaw greets the group as an intangible voice, saying that she is trapped. She cannot see, but claims to have broken through to the neighborhood by an unknown means and can sense the players.
  • Isabela asks if the group has Old Tongue. Players begin to share gestures, and the group are taken to Saturation Control. Isabela implores for the players to follow the path, that in doing so, she will be able to send them home safely.
  • The players try to ask questions to verify her identity. When asked if the name THEE-I-DARE upsets her, Isabela says she cannot remember that name or what it is. Three of the players do not follow the path, while one does.

Video of Interaction


Snowfal7: They’re going so fast that we don’t want to spend so much time confirming it’s her that we don’t get to ask her anything.

Delta: Okay well, even if it is her or not, I still say that we need to proceed with caution. It’s so quick it could just be someone impersonating her--

BELLS: Hello?

Sly: Oh, hi!

Delta: What the hell?

Snowal7: Hello!

Sly: Who is this?

BELLS: Hi…it’s Bells.

Delta: Wait, Bells?

Mylo: Is it really you?

Sly: How do we know it’s you?

BELLS: It’s me. I don’t know how to convince you, but it’s me, I swear, I…

BELLS: I know I’ve been gone a long time, but I’m trapped, and I don’t know how to get out.

Delta: We heard you were trapped maybe in like uhh…Satcon? That’s what people were saying.

Sly: Can you tell what’s around you?

BELLS: I’m not sure where I am. I can’t see. I can just hear you. I can’t see!

Sly: How are you speaking to us?

BELLS: I don’t…I don’t know. I’ve managed to break through somehow and…I think I know how you can help.

Delta: Okay how can we help you? Like, is there--what can we do?

BELLS: The Old Tongue. Do you know it?

Delta: Yeah we’ve got gestures about the Old Tongue, ever since the Voices showed it to us we have them.

BELLS: Can you show me?

(Sly begins to make OT gestures)

Sly: Ah—yes? I think so now?

Delta: Like in a particular order? Or whatever we can show you?

BELLS: Just whatever you can show me. Please.

Delta: Okay, okay ahhh--

Sly: I just did prove/thy/name (multiple gestures)

Delta: Here’s mine, claim/cut/blade.

BELLS: Yes! You know them.

(The group is taken to Saturation Control)

(Delta gasps)

Sly: Oh—where did we go?

Delta: We’re in Satcon! We’re in Satcon!

Sly: Oh boy—

Delta: Oh God.

Mylo: What do we do?

Delta: Uhh! Don’t follow that path! Do NOT go on that path. If we do we might separate our Voices from us.

BELLS: No, if you follow the path, it’ll take you home! It’s okay.

Sly: Uhh—that leads to S---

Delta: NO! No—I do not buy it--I’m sketchy about this, Bells. I follow THE-MEASURE-CUTS and THEE-I-DARE and I am NOT losing my connection to them.

Sly: (accusingly) Who do you follow? Who do you host?

Delta: Yeah, who was the Voice that you were hosting? Who woke you up?

BELLS: I don’t…I don’t have the answers to your questions. I-I barely know what’s going on.

BELLS: I just know that I can…I can…send you home if you follow the path. I can sense you.

Sly: Adversary symbol! It’s the Adversary symbol behind us, guys.

Delta: Yeah, but do we really trust it?

Sly: Do you like THEE-I-DARE or does that name upset you?

Delta: She might not remember the name--

BELLS: I don’t know that name….I don’t know what that is.

Delta: It’s the name of a Voice. It’s like the way you’re speaking to us.

Delta: There’s these entities that speak to us. And one of them is named THEE-I-DARE. He’s basically a rebel, he’s the one that woke everyone up from the blackouts…like when everyone was sleepwalking.

(Sly approaches the SAO symbol)

Sly: Nope! Not going that way!

(Sly turns around and walks in reverse of the path)

BELLS: I don’t…It’s hard for me to understand. I’m--there feels like there’s so little of me left. It’s hard to see you.

Sly: Hang in there, Bells.

BELLS: Please just follow the path. I can get you home.

Delta: Oh—wait, is someone getting shaped?

Sly: I--we don’t know if we can still trust you, unfortunately.

Delta: We don’t even know if this is a trap. We don’t even know if this is you.

Delta: Okay, name one thing--is there anything that you can name that would actually prove to us that it’s you? As far as we know, this could be a trap that we’re walking right into.

BELLS: I understand. I wish I could tell you more. But I can barely speak to you now.

Delta: Well, I mean I wish I could trust you, but one of the Voices I follow is about skepticism and honestly I am freaking the hell out right now.

Mylo: There’s a silhouette of a man over here…

Sly: That’s the Shape--

Delta: That’s the SHAPE. Do NOT go near that. Or else you’re done.

Sly: Ah—Adversary symbol is behind us but also in the shape? And it’s off the Path?

BELLS: There’s shutting the whole place down, you’ve got to run! Follow the path!

Sly: I’m getting shaped!

BELLS: It’s shutting down, please! Follow the path!

Snowfal7: I can’t, I was shaped.

Sly: Same.

Delta: I’m running. I’m sorry—I—screw, it I got to take a chance, THEE-I-DARE is all about risk. Oh god the--

Sly: I dropped the first fire here, whatever that means.

BELLS: Please! Hurry!

Delta: To—oh, what if this is a bad move?

BELLS: I’m sorry.

(Mission ends)

Snowfal7: What is happening?

Delta: Oh my god?!

Sly: What the fuh? What the fuh? What the fuuuuh? Whaaat? What?