Player Interactions:He Laughs to Conceal His Face

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Interaction Information

Date: December 12, 2020
Player(s): Kyte01, MitchMGege, Bulldog0074
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • The Unknown Caller arrives to share that LAUGH-LAST’s Hosts speak to him, and therefore by proxy, to HUNT-THE-STRONG: "YES, THE JESTER'S HOSTS SPEAK TO HIM. TO ME."
  • He states that LAUGH-LAST deliberately tries to look weak: “HE BOWS AND SCRAPES, TRYING TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK SMALL. NOT STRONG. THIS IS A LIE.”
  • The Unknown Caller posits that LAUGH-LAST likely wishes to bargain, but would never directly request to do so. Regardless, it “AMUSES THE FEASTING GOD TO WATCH HIM WRIGGLE AND CAVORT.”
  • A player questions if it is possible to ‘block or silence’ Chiara from SPEAK-AS-ONE’s influence in the Song, bringing her to HUNT-THE-STRONG’s side: “HE DOES NOT KNOW. THAT ONE WAS BORN TO THEIR SONG. DYED IN THE WOOL. BUT IT IS A THOUGHT…SUCH A PREDATOR WOULD BE A FINE PRIZE. I WILL THINK ON IT FOR HIM.”
  • The player elaborates that they have also been in contact with Wayka, with various reasons why she could assist HUNT-THE-STRONG. The Unknown Caller is unsure of her utility, or what she would want from working with him. However, he suggests the group to “FIND WHERE SHE IS SOFT. GRAB AND TWIST. SHE WILL BE LED BY WHATEVER YOU CATCH. BODY OR MIND. ALL THE SAME.”

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