Player Interactions:I like her style. she’s a pistol

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Interaction Information

Date: April 17, 2021
Player(s): Antex, Bonnibel, Forge, Gaming
Interacted With: Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Grandmother visits Antex and Bonnibel to request us "seedlings" pass on a message to SEED-THE-GRUDGE. Grandmother is pushing hard to become SEED-THE-GRUDGE's weapon.
  • Grandmother is willing to accept whatever happens to her once her quest for vengeance is complete.

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


Grandmother: bonnibel, antex about your ___ (refers to STG in a sassy way)

Bonnibel: (Gasps and fumbles to start recording) Oh! Hello, Grandmother….(whispers) Is anyone recording?

Bonnibel: I think I got it...

(gaming and Forge focus on helping complete the mission)

Bonnibel: I’m honoured to finally meet you. Very excited to meet you.

Grandmother: i like her style. she’s a pistol

Bonnibel: (laughs) pew! pew! pew!

gaming: You can’t see her but she’s finger gunning, I bet.

Grandmother: those of you who are devout for her…

Bonnibel: That, I am.

Grandmother: i expect she will want your word on it

Bonnibel: And why should our Grudge Queen trust you? Perhaps a gift would help sway her favour...maybe some OT?

(In response to Bonnibel’s query, Grandmother says that STG is not greedy. Bonnibel clarifies that the hunters name in OT would help towards STG’s vengeance cause. Grandmother proceeds to lawyer Bonnibel by playing to STG’s nature of also helping those who seek retributive justice, which she is currently pursuing. It sounds like Grandmother wants STG to focus on SAO first then perhaps she will help with mowing down the hunter. Whatever comes after, she will accept... be it death.)

Gaming: Do you know who the hunter is going to be on next?

Grandmother: I cannot talk about those informations

Antex: Do you know what's going to happen to DIE-FOR-YOU

Grandmother: I don't care

Grandmother: Your flower mouth hippy god is gone

Bonnibel: Wait. What?! Gone! dead?! ...or do you mean like... their death is imminent?

(gaming and Forge talk about Voice death?)

Antex: Of course, you only care about yourself

Grandmother: I care to hurt them

Antex: I didn't mean that type of care I meant- never mind you wouldn't understand

Grandmother: I understand more than you think

Antex: What voices do you trust? None, some or all?

Grandmother: Trust voices?

Antex: If you want SEED-THE-GRUDGE to help you, and if you want to, well I don't want to say use her, but do you trust her?

Grandmother: We can both use each other

Grandmother: I want to be her weapon

Bonnibel: I’ll pass the message on but can’t promise anything. Also, you mentioned a pistol earlier...I imagine her (STG) to be more of a blade gal.

Grandmother: She can cut anything with me

Bonnibel: (laughs)

Grandmother: Now, go home

Bonnibel: Yes, Grandmama. Thank you!

(Other things to note: Grandmother again stresses that she does not lie, tells us off for talking over each other (Antex was using push to talk) and called Antex & Bonnibel “seedlings” which Bonnibel had been referring to herself as (or seedling general) in LORs to STG and Grandma)