Player Interactions:Inexpert Deceivers and Cursed Ciphers

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Interaction Information

Date: July 10, 2020
Player(s): facetheraven__, RebelTimeLord, heartoftheTARDIS
Interacted With: THEE-I-DARE
Major details from the Interaction:

  • THEE-I-DARE arrives in response to recent reports of Isabela Madi-Shaw visiting players. THEE-I-DARE shares that “THERE IS A MAN IN THERE”, who, like Isabela, also tried to help others escape Saturation Control.
  • THEE-I-DARE is confused, considering SPEAK-AS-ONE incapable of complex deception. He remarks, however, that it is safe to doubt Isabela’s presence and state of mind.
  • THEE-I-DARE warns that informing the Pact about Isabela would divide them. He considers whether to wait, or tell everyone.
  • Cursed Ciphers are discussed. THEE-I-DARE considers them “LARVAL VOICES. WORMS”; some curses used to be simultaneously inflicted, but no longer occur together due to their effects nullifying one another.
  • THEE-I-DARE wishes he could speak to IN-HER-TEETH about the curses. A player offers to be a bridge. THEE-I-DARE states that “BY ALL MEANS. IF SHE CALLS ON YOU”. The player receives a Chosen Shirt.

Video of Interaction


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