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Interaction Information

Date: November 7, 2020
Player(s): GalaxiesRemain, NanamiTheFoxx, ResidualAnt0052, EatMyBubbles06
Interacted With: The Blackout Club (HQ), SPEAK-AS-ONE, Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Gwen comes in to talk to Nanami about THE-MEASURE-CUTS, because Nanami has a THE-MEASURE-CUTS mask now. She comes in to ask for help with choosing who to follow and how to figure out what to do.
  • After Gwen leaves, Nanami and Bubbles make a break for TPB. They get in, but neither of them see any messages. We then get sent to Satcon, once again with no messages.
  • Hopping directly into another game, we do the mission while Bubbles looks for The Place Between portal. Unknown to us, SPEAK-AS-ONE asks Galaxies to kill Wayka when Bubbles goes into The Place Between. She agrees.
  • At the same time, Bubbles tells the Isolated watcher her name is Wayka and she agrees but Galaxies takes SPEAK-AS-ONE to The Place Between and she starts saying "nonononono" and things similar. SPEAK-AS-ONE thanks Galaxies.
  • They freak-out in the boxcar for the second time.

Video of Interaction

Perspective 1

Perspective 2


Ant: AAAH, GOOOO!! Uh oh, aaaaah!

TBC: Are you safe?


Bubbles: Oh, hello there!!

Ant: OH?

Other exclamations from the group are had.

Ant: Oh. (laughs)


Ant: Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh.

Ant: I have one- two flashbangs- oh, wait-

Ant: Can I not-? Hello, The Call, question mark?

Ant: What’s going on? Oh-

TBC: Get safe, I’ll be here! I’d die of guilt, gogogo

Ant: (laughs) Uh- GO!

Ant: (strained noises) Go! God, GOOOOO! (laughs)

(Everyone else is struggling over whether or not to leave. Galaxies goes to get herself shaped so that we can leave without her since she is far away from the exit.)

Ant: What do you mean “leave without you”? Get your ass over here, dumbass.

Ant: No! ARRGH!

Ant: Go, go, go, I’m at the exit. Everyone (laughs) get shaped or- either everyone gets shaped or-

Bubbles and Nanami race to get Galaxies back from The Shape

Ant: We’re on a time crunch here!

TBC: Nooooo I am a bad leader

Ant: Uhhh, god, uh oh. God, okay or not. Okay- oH GOD, FUCK, FUCK, HEYYY! Guys I solved the problem, maybe you can get-

Ant: Yeah, not a bad- no, you’re fine! Uhh, this is great.

(That was my response to Gwen saying she’s a bad leader. Everyone else was also supporting her)

Ant: Yes.

Ant: (verbally keysmashes)

Ant: I don’t know what the plan is, guys.

Ant: (verbally keysmashes)

Ant: MMMM, NO! (laughs)

Ant: It’s fine.

(Everyone was debating what we should do at this point- whether it would be a better idea to leave or stay.)

Bubbles: It may be better if we just stay, because- wait, Ant, you good?

Ant: I can- I can suffer through it, don’t worry.

Ant: It's fine- gguhhh.

Ant: No, I’ll just run around. I’ll just run around, it’s fine, it's good. I’ll sit on a roof.

Nanami and Bubbles were trying to direct me to sit somewhere

Ant: NO, NO, NO, NO, I’LL SIT ON A ROOF! It’s fine.

Ant: No, it’s fine, it’s fine.

Ant: Hm.

TBC: Y’all need to go dark, come back? Ok. You sure?

Ant: We’re good, we’re good, we’re good.

Ant: (laughs)

Ant: It’s perfectly fine. See? It’s all fine.

Ant: MMM, well- mmmm, mmmmm, it’s fine. Nonono, it’s fine.

Ant: What?

Ant: Did you say homeslice? (laughs)

Ant: (inhales) Shape, please, for once just-

TBC: Well I wanted to ask Nan about TMC.

Ant: Ohhh.

Bubbles: Nan? I just call her Nana..

Ant: Huhuhuhuhuh.

Bubbles: Oh! Hey, where's the portal again?

Ant: What, what? The portal’s in Crypto.

TBC: Well like… you feel strongly about him now. Mind telling me why? I’m… he’s watching over me.

Bubbles: Ooh…

Ant: Oh.

Nanami: Uhh… that's debatable… umm...

(During the mask event, Nanami went from having TID’s mask to TMC’s. She mentions to Gwen that she isn’t actually too sure about him. She has a couple points that she brings up about TMC but it’s hard to remember because everything was pretty cut up.)

Ant: Mm.

Ant: Hey, does someone wanna get the Shape to them for a hot second? Like not on them, but just in their area.

Galaxies offers to find a camera and sit in it to draw the Shape on her

Ant: Nonono, you don't have to get it on you, just away from me because man’s ganging on me.

Ant: (sighs)

Ant: I’m trying not to. (laughs)

(Nanami starts explaining why she chose TMC. She thinks that he has the most knowledge and a drive to search for it more.)

TBC: Got it. So it’s like… you think he’ll tell us the truth.

(Bubbles and Nanami try to go into more detail about how Nanami is mostly more just into the Lore Hound aspects of TMC's Ideals. HQ struggles to hear as they were both in Instrument supply (and having mic/connection problems).)

Ant: Hey, everyone’s, uh-

TBC: Y’all are a little crackly. I think the phone caught most of it. I want truth too. It’s really… hard to tell him yes, though, because…

(Nanami and Bubbles try to clarify that they just want to learn more about the ever growing mystery of their town.)

Ant: Aw, did the Shape really find me? God fuck.

Ant: Oh god, I can hardly understand what you are saying.

Ant: (laughs) Shut up.

TBC: Hold on. Can you get out of the nightmare basement? Our signal sucks.

Ant: (laughs) “Nightmare basement.”

(Nanami and Bubbles rush to the surface to try and fix things after they realize how bad the audio has been coming through.)

Ant: Oops.

Ant: Ahhhh, hey Shape.

(Bubbles remarks on the nickname “Nanda Bear,” leading to Nanami and I being confused because we hadn’t seen anything. Bubbles was the only one getting messages at the time.)

Ant: Wait, there’s texts right now?

Ant: I’m not getting texts.

Ant: Wait, what?

Ant: Wait, have they been saying things for a while?

Ant: Hold on, what?

Ant: I- there’s nothing on my end either. I’ve been sitting here in complete silence.

Ant: (laughs)

Ant: Wait, I haven’t seen anything since “Nightmare basement”- ohh, there we go.

TBC: I did indeed. Nanda bear

(Nanami and Bubbles wonder aloud about their signal and how their audio is now.)

TBC: Your signal is better now. Trying again. He’s like… his own message is to question your own bias.

Bubbles: Question everything, be skeptical…

Nanami: -Question yourself.. Question your surroundings, make your own path...

TBC: What if HIS bias won’t let him tell me that the daimons are bad for us? Wouldn’t he just stay silent? How can I say sure, here’s… my flesh

(Nanami stutters over her words for a few moments, not sure what to say. Bubbles steps up to put in her own personal opinion. She goes on about how the Voices aren't all inherently good for us but can help us in different ways. One of them (sorry can’t remember who) wasn’t able to catch the contents of the message before it disappeared. )

Ant: Uhhhm, something about flesh, uh, how can I- what was it? How can I like- how can I say that? He can have- he can have- yeah, essentially it’s like how they're bad if he can't- “if he can't tell me how the daimons are bad for us, how can I just like let him have my flesh” or something like that.

(I don’t know what they were talking about in between this and the next gap)

TBC: Only IHT seems to be able to say that they should all end. It’s what separates her message from the rest… so he CAN’T say it and mean it.

TBC: And she’s… the other one who wants me. My brain, I mean! I hope.

(Nanami’s response to this is that she isn’t all too sure about TMC. She was enticed to switch to him because of his mask design)

TBC: Whoa so you’re changing your mind because you left his mask in your fanny pack?????

Ant: (laughs)

Bubbles: Took the shiney and ran.

Ant: (laughs)

(Bubbles and Nanami begin to explain Nanami’s actions more. They both suggest going more towards IHT than TMC because she would do what TMC wouldn’t do- be honest about the Voices and plans. During this, Bubbles name drops IHT. Bubbles immediately cringes.)

TBC: oof. name droop. You know what. I love you goobers, but you’re even more mixed up than I am! I go to the TMC person and get tips on dental hygiene

Bubbles and Nanami drag into how rough of a few weeks they've been having, like how many times they've been in Satcon already.

Ant: (laughs)

(Bubbles and Nanami suggest sending a light to IHT and TMC about their ideals. Bubbles emphasizes on being blunt and straight to the point.)

TBC: Damn it but choosing suuuucks. Okay. Yes. Big girl time. I can do this… tomorrow

Bubbles: (happy squealing and aggressive clapping)

Ant: (laughs)

Ant: (laughs)

Bubbles: You (claps) got (claps) this (claps) wo- (claps) -man! (claps) YOU! (claps) ARE! (claps) A! (claps) QUEEN! (claps)

Bubbles: (more aggressive clapping) Oww… my hands...

TBC: Confusing! Claps! yes.

Ant: (laughs) The claps really add to it.

Bubbles: (laughs, clapping even more loudly and aggressively) Ow...

Ant: (laughs)

Ant: (laughs)

TBC: Okay. Get home safe. Don’t ask how the phones know you clapped. Look away. Look at the endangered Nanda Bear. Goodnight xoxo.

(With that final text and their goodbyes to Gwen being said, Nanami and Bubbles make conformation and rush back down to the portal location.)

Ant: Fun fact, I already went in earlier (laughs). I went in earlier, and I was like “hey what if?” and I was like “nah it’s the end of the mission we’ll be fine”- hey, look, no, I’m wearing the mask so I would just hurt The Watcher anyways.

Bubbles: Wait what?- Oh yeah! That's why I finally took off mine...

(They ask what happened to Galaxies, realizing that she’s been silent this entire time)

Ant: Uhh, game chat broke.

(At this point, they have started to go into TPB with Bubbles hopping in first.)

Bubbles: Hi!... It's me. I have a name, Wayka Wellesley? Does that ring a bell for you?

Bubbles gets no response, steadily growing anxious.

Bubbles: Wayka Wellesley… does it… ring... anything?

Bubbles gets booted out, and is given The Call. She immediately freaks out, thinking SAO was there with them instead. Nanami hops in after her.

Ant: What? What’s happening?

Ant: OH. Oh. Ahaha, I already have The Call.

Ant: That’s good.

Ant: OH, wait, no, wait, did- no, Galaxies already had The Call.

Bubbles: Did you already go in?

Ant: I- yes.

Ant: Shape, get away.

Ant: Sssshape-

Ant: I went in there already, yes. This round, at least.

Ant: Hm?

(Bubbles wondered if her time spent in TPB was less than a minute because it had seemed short.)

Ant: Uh, definitely. I don't think that was a minute, I don't know.

Bubbles asks if I can come down to the portal and whether or not Galaxies could go in

Ant: Sure, I can't go in though, and, uhhhm, I don't know if Galaxies can talk right now.

Ant: (laughs) Oh boy.

(Nanami leaves TPB and also gets The Call. They were still trying to figure out if there was a way for anyone else to go in, but I already had and Galaxies was bugged out of existence. Nanami and Bubbles start heading up towards 919 Hoadly.)

Ant: Four Calls gang, let’s go- what?

Ant: Yeah.

“Everything is fine” pops up in the corner of the mission.

Ant: I can’t go in, but- OHHHHHHH, hey. “Everything is fine.” Uhhhhhh, huh, uh, I don't agree with that- AHHHH, WOAH, OH, OH, WHAT, WHAT? The Call is still going on.

Bubbles: “Everything is”… OoOh?! Um!?

Ant: Wait, what?

(Everything was silent, everyone was taking damage, and no one saw any messages. Nanami and Bubbles quickly find Thee-I-Dare's symbol and get suppressed. Ant gets shaped right in front of the Thee-I-Dare symbol. I’m not sure if Galaxies was able to make it to SAO’s symbol in time.)

Ant: Wait, I don’t see fucking- What? What's going on? What's hurting me? Hello?

Ant: I CAN'T SEE A DAMN THING! Wait, what's going on?

Bubbles: It's Satcon! THEE-I-DARE, HELP!

Ant: I don’t- OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, I see it- aHHH, FUCK!

Ant: AHHHH, no, fuck!

Ant: What the hell?

Bubbles: What just happened?

Ant: What the fuck was that? Were we supposed to be seeing messages? I'm confused. That was like completely silent. That was completely silent.

Ant: Wait, what the hell? What just happened? What the fuck was that?

Ant: I’m very lost.

Ant: That was- I’m confused- wait, Galaxies, can you talk now?

Ant: I found a symbol, but I got shaped before I could get there.

Ant: I don't know if Galaxies’ chat is working.

Ant: Oh, I also got a halo! That’s my first second halo.

(We quickly talk for a moment in the boxcar before hopping into a new game. Galaxies and I don’t expect anything to happen, but Bubbles and Nanami are hopeful. We complete the mission while we talk about what just happened for about 10 minutes. This ends when Bubbles ends up finding the portal and goes in to find that it’s eclipsed. Any lines from SAO were only seen by Galaxies.)

Ant: Yeah.

Ant: He might mention something about it later.

Ant: Yeah, they might not have said anything if they realized that we weren’t… getting stuff.

Bubbles finds the portal in Barracks and hops in, where she finds it eclipsed.

Ant: Ahh, ahhh, ahhhh!

Bubbles: (Screams) GUYS! THEY'RE HERE!



Nanami: I’m coming.

Bubbles(overlapping): (incoherent yelling)

Galaxies: Hold on, I’ll come get you. (laughs)

Bubbles: Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck-

Ant: AHHHHHH wait-- what’s going on?

Nanami(overlapping): What do you mean? What do you mean? Are they actually?

Ant: Are things being said?

Bubbles(overlapping): It’s e- it’s eclipsed! Okay-

Ant: What?

Bubbles: I-I don’t see anything but it’s in the e- it’s eclipsed it’s in the Barracks. Um. Hi! Are you here?

Nanami(overlapping): Oh my gosh. I’m going to cry.

Bubbles: Someone sent- someone send a- someone report. Uh- we have a name. Wayka. Does it trigger anything for you?

Nanami(overlapping): I’m going- I’m...

Galaxies: (laughs) No, I’m going to revive Sid first- oh, fuck.

Nanami(overlapping): I’m gonna...

Watcher: i know that name

(Incoherent panic from everyone, everyone yells pretty much)

Galaxies: Oh fuck! (laughs)

Nanami(overlapping): Oh! Oh my gosh!

Bubbles(overlapping): “I know that name” I can just (incoherent)


Galaxies: Sid, I’m try- (laughs) (Galaxies’ note: Not trying very well. I went the long way around, Nanami got to him first)

Ant: Who is it? Who is it?

Nanami(overlapping, panicked): I’m coming.

Galaxies(overlapping): Ok, Nanami is closer.

Bubbles gets kicked out of TPB.

Ant(overlapping): What’s going on?

Bubbles: It’s- it’s in- it’s in Barracks. It’s in Barracks- it’s in Barracks- everyone to Barracks now!

Ant(overlapping): Was it- was it- was it- The Watcher? OHHHHH--

Bubbles: It’s The Watcher, it’s The Watcher, it’s The Watcher. Everyone, head to the Barracks now.

Nanami: She said she knows that name.

Galaxies(quietly, overlapping): Oh my god. (panicked laughter)

Ant: I saw, I saw, okay.

Bubbles(overlapping): She knows that name.

Nanami(overlapping): Yeah- I’m relaying that message to you.


Galaxies: Uhhh they, wait, they- who- what-?

Ant(overlapping): I saw. I was able to catch it right before it disappeared.

Nanami: Okay, okay- (laughs) I’m panicking now,

Galaxies(overlapping): Wait, they- who? Are about to find out what- What?? (Galaxies’ note: I am not smart.)

Bubbles(overlapping): Guys, (unintelligible)

Ant: Everybody be calm so that Shape doesn’t fucking lose its mind.

Nanami: Calm? Calm?

Bubbles: Sorry! I got- I got jumpscared by th- I got jumpscared by the thing. Someone report to-


Galaxies(nervously, overlapping): Ummmm- umm what are you- what- wait, what- what do you mean?

Bubbles(overlapping): -I’ll report back. C’mon Nanami, let’s go. Me and you.

Nanami: (gasps) I need to calm down. I’m not going to be able to have a coherent conversation like this. (gasps)

Ant(overlapping): Shit, there’s a lucid. Yeah, deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths

Nanami: (heavy breathing)

Bubbles: Nanami, Nanami- deep breaths, deep breaths

Galaxies(quietly, overlapping): I mean, I don’t want it to die- I don’t- I d- (whimpers)


Galaxies: I don't want it to die, but...

Ant(overlapping): What are you talking about? Dying? What’s going on?

Galaxies(IN THE MOST SUSPICIOUS VOICE POSSIBLE): UH nothing, I'm not talking about anything, Sid. (laughs)

(Shape gets on Bubbles.)

Ant(overlapping): Are you--? What’s- are you in there right now? What’s up? -Ohh…

Nanami: Bubbles, run, Bubbles-

Bubbles: I got this. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. You go into the portal, get (unintelligible).

Nanami(overlapping): I’m gonna- take a second to calm down while everyone gets here


Galaxies: Okay. I-tss… I mean...

Nanami: I think that’s a smart decision to take a breather. (more deep breaths)

Bubbles(overlapping): I got so- I got so jumpscared by-

Ant(overlapping): Are you okay, Ali?

Bubbles: -I got jumpscared by the sun. The eclipse, it jumpscared me. I got spooked.

Ant: Is somebody going in? Does someone wanna go in before I go in with my mask?

Galaxies(reluctantly): I- I mean, I-I can do it, okay...


Nanami: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Galaxies, you can go in first.

Galaxies(nervously): O-okay, okay…

Bubbles(overlapping): Be kind to it...

Ant: It’s okay, you can do it.

Bubbles: It’s- is someone recording?

Ant: I’m- I h- yeah, I am.

Galaxies: (exhales) Okay.

Nanami: Okay so, just for reference, uh, While Bubbles was in there The Watcher said “I know that name.”

Galaxies(overlapping): Ooh, my ankles.

Nanami: (exhales) Okay, okay. (laughs nervously) I’m gonna take...

Galaxies(getting smacked around by the shape on the way there): Ow… rude

Ant: Galaxies, how close are you?

Galaxies: I’m right by Barracks.

Ant: Oh, hey, nice to see you-- there is a lucid in here. I’ll take care of them.

Galaxies(pained): Okay. (laughs sadly)

Nanami: (sighs) Ahhh!

Bubbles: I’m in a safe place, I believe. You got this, Nanami!

Nanami: Okay. No, I’m gonna let Galaxies go in there first.

Bubbles(overlapping): Oh!- Ok. Deep breaths, let’s go!

Galaxies(nervously, overlapping): Aw, the way the lucid slumped over- mmmm...

Ant: Okay, okay, okay, it’s fine, you can do it, you can do it. It’s all good.

Nanami: You got this, Galaxies. Wayka W- Wellesley.

Bubbles(overlapping): Let’s go game-ers!

(Galaxies goes into the Portal.)

Galaxies: Oh boy, hi. (laughs) I don't know what I'm doing.

Watcher: are you one of us

Bubbles: Remind it of its name.

Galaxies(hesitantly): Yes.

Nanami: Tell- tell her about the files. And that’s what we found out about her family. (sighs)

Watcher: i think my name is wayka

Galaxies(panicking): Mmmmmm, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do.

Bubbles(overlapping): “I think my-” there we go, we got this!

Nanami(overlapping): (gasps) Yes, yes, yes!

Ant(overlapping): Okay, okay! Okay, okay, okay, that’s good, that’s good!

Nanami: Galaxies, go on!

Galaxies: Mmm, ya know, ya know, you don't have to s- you don’t have to tell me anything. I’d rather you didn't tell me anything, in fact. That's, hmm, how about you don’t. Please don't.

Bubbles: Uh...

Nanami: You don’t want the Watcher-?

Watcher: why does your face look so strange

Ant: Uh-- oop. (laughs)

Nanami: “why does your face look so strange”

Watcher: what are they doing

Galaxies: Uh- (laughs nervously)

Ant: Oh?

Bubbles: “What are they doing?” What?

Galaxies: What-

Watcher: no no no no no no no

Galaxies(distressed): Ohh, nooo! (cries) Oh noooo, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. (cries)

Ant(overlapping): Um, oh? OH SHIT! Wait, what?

Bubbles(overlapping): “No no no no no.” OH? What's happening?..

Ant(overlapping): Woah, wait- I thought it was a good-- wait, why is she having a- woah, woah, woah, woah, when did a bad reaction start becoming a thing?

Nanami(overlapping): What-

Ant: What? Wait, did you just get ejected?

Nanami(overlapping): What- there was a bad reaction to SAO?

Galaxies(distressed, overlapping): I’m sorry, I’m sorry. (cries)

Watcher: why, what did i

Ant: What- “what did I?” What? Huh, uh-

Bubbles(overlapping): Why-

Galaxies: Ohhhh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. (cries)

Nanami(overlapping): You go in, you go in

Ant(overlapping): Guys, I'm going in. I'm going in, I'm going in.

SAO(to Galaxies): THANK YOU

Galaxies: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. (cries)

Bubbles: Ask- ask if it’s-

Ant: Hello?

(Everyone is sent to Satcon.)

Ant: Everything is- AHHHHH!

Nanami(overlapping): No! AH!

Bubbles(overlapping): AHH!

Galaxies: I’m sorry. (cries)


(The gang gets sent to Satcon. Galaxies has a countdown from 10-1, but the rest of us can’t see said countdown.)

Galaxies: Ohhh, fuck.

Ant: Shit, shit, shit!

Bubbles(overlapping): Satcon again! THEE-I-DARE!

Galaxies: (cries)

Nanami: Wait, but you just went in the portal-

Bubbles: Thee-I-Dare! Nanami!

Ant: I can't- yeah, I just went in-

Bubbles finds TID's symbol and stands still to help ground the others.

Bubbles(overlapping): C’mere! Nanami, Nanami, c’mere!

Ant(overlapping): I just went in, and that wasn't allowed, apparently. What's going on? Oh. The Thee-I-Dare symbol! I see- I see the Thee-I-Dare symbol- oh, god.

Bubbles(overlapping): I saw it! I saw the symbol!


Galaxies: Mmmmmmhmmmmm, (cries) oh nooo.

(Mission ends, everyone except Galaxies made it to TID’s symbol. Galaxies followed the path to SAO’s symbol.)