Player Interactions:LAUGH-LAST pulls a prank on TRICKSTER

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Interaction Information

Date: February 15, 2020
Player(s): I-AM-TRICKSTER, OrpheusOscines
Interacted With: LAUGH-LAST
Major details from the Interaction:

  • LAUGH-LAST joins pretending to be HUNT-THE-STRONG. After a while TRICKSTER calls out LAUGH-LAST.
  • Orpheus compliments LAUGH-LAST and LAUGH-LAST goes back to talking like himself saying "I laugh a lot so my abs are pretty flexed, yknow". That lasts for about 10 seconds before LAUGH-LAST goes back to pretending to be HUNT-THE-STRONG.
  • TRICKSTER tells LAUGH-LAST that HUNT-THE-STRONG does a good movie villain laugh and then asks for any other information which he doesn't get any of. LAUGH-LAST says "we can keep this between us, right?" as if it was a test run.
  • LAUGH-LAST then takes the others to the moon stating "its relatively.. safe up here". When questioned about how scared he sounds LAUGH-LAST states he "isn't" scared. "The pact.. the hunter... they're all in a collision course and i'm just trying to make sure i'm well protected."
  • LAUGH-LAST says that if they meet the hunter to tell him that "LAUGH-LAST isn't any sort of threat to him, i'm not on the battlefield."

Video of Interaction


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