Player Interactions:Loyal to the Maw of Death

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Interaction Information

Date: December 5, 2020
Player(s): THE-LITTLE-VOID, Plandoubter
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • The Hunger and Gorgon curses are applied remotely. When Cole (Void) asks who is here, Unknown Caller makes themselves known: “ASK THE LITTLE DOUBTER. THEY KNOW WHY I AM WATCHING YOU…HE INVITES THE TEST. DO NOT CRY AT ME IF HE FAILS.”
  • The Unknown Caller shares that Plandoubter sacrificed to HUNT-THE-STRONG: “THE HUNTER CAME TO ASK WHY. NO REASON! LOYAL TO THE MAW OF DEATH, IT SEEMS.”
  • Cole rejects the test, trying to mention a possible name for the Unknown Caller and bring up SEED-THE-GRUDGE. Plandoubter is eventually suppressed by the Shape. Cole revives Plandoubter from suppression: “FINE SPORT. THE BEAST ENJOYED THAT. BUT HE IS DONE WITH YOU. SEE YOU SOON”

Video of Interaction


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