Player Interactions:Meeting the Unknown Caller

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Interaction Information

Date: September 19, 2019
Player(s): rk1191
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • UC uses a Drone to boost their reception and text RK down in the Maze.
  • UC asks her if the Voices talk to her.
  • UC warns her not to trust the Voices, her friends, or anyone trying to put a Worm in her ear.
  • "You assume I'm a man."

Video of Interaction


UC: A drone. That helps. Spotty signal down there. Come out.

RK: My mom told me not to talk to strange men who text me.

UC: But you do what they say anyway? Wild. You assume I’m a man.

RK: Sometimes. When they aren’t walking around like sleepwalking creepers. Who are you then?

UC: Depends on if we follow the same … path. Do They talk to you?

RK: You mean the “voices” the other kids talk about? Lol no. Starting to think they’re hearing things.

UC: I want to believe you. This town is saturated as shit. I’ll be watching. But for now. Your friends aren’t lying. They just might not … be your friends anymore.

RK: Like my parents?

UC: Like I said, I’ll be watching. Til then. Parents. Friends. You’re alone now. Anyone who gets close is trying to put a Worm in your ear.