Player Interactions:Not a Threat, a Promise

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Interaction Information

Date: November 13, 2020
Player(s): Astra Ebonwing, Goldluka, Necrofancy
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Unknown Caller is amused at Goldluka’s threats: “LUKA LUKA LUKA. BARE YOUR LITTLE TEETH. THREATEN HIM. HE LOVES IT”.
  • Goldluka replies that it was no threat, but a promise: “HE HOPES SO. GROW STRONG. YOU ALONE CAN END HIM. RIGHT? PROVE IT. THE HUNT IS ON.”
  • The Hunter and Gorgon curses are remotely applied: “RUN NOW, LUKA LUKA LUKA”. The Shape is particularly aggressive, and all Sleepers attack on sight. The other players try to assist Goldluka: “YOU ALONE, LUKA. GLORY”
  • All players are eventually suppressed by the Shape, ending the encounter.

Video of Interaction


No transcript provided.