Player Interactions:One Final Deadman's Switch

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Interaction Information

Date: November 9, 2019
Player(s): Crateshya, Polar, Nickymumu, The Wilderness
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • The Unknown Caller reaches out to a stranger in all of the Colm Ryan arc to leave a deadman switch for- they are despondent that their paranoia couldn't save them.
  • When prompted, Crateshya heads to the broken symbol room, and UC transfers the file over. The file is THEE-I-DARE, saying 'I will hunt you down for this. Wear your ass like a pelt.'
  • Crateshya wishes UC well, but the deadman's switch continues, stating how it was the final bit of the recording he processed from Colm.
  • "Remember: The Voices don’t care about you. Strangely, right now...I do."

Video of Interaction


UNKNOWN CALLER: Kid. You don’t know me, but I picked one stranger at random to dump this on, in case everything I’ve done ‘til now was tracked. Sorry.

Crateshya: Oh shit. Oh shit, UC!!!

Wilderness: Are you getting messages from them?

Crateshya: (texted) uc????

Crateshya: (spoken) Yeah, what the fuck!

Polar: What’s happening?

Wilderness: Unknown Caller is having a conversation.

Crateshya: (Long string of nervous expletives)

Nickymumu: (muffled/indistinguishable)

Wilderness: (muffled/indistinguishable)

Crateshya: Hold on, I have to go somewhere. We can’t leave, hold on, hold on. Holy shit my heart is beating so hard…

Wilderness: The Unknown Caller is (indistinguishable), skeptical of the voices.

Nickymumu: So...actual person, but not associated with the Voices?

Wilderness: Yes, (indistinguishable)

Nickymumu: Huh.

UNKNOWN CALLER: Irony of it is, if you’re seeing this...that paranoia didn’t do shit to save me. I’m dead, or... worse. I hope you know where to go.

Polar: How do you like get a um...triggered talk things.

Crateshya: Oh boy, ok. (Approaching the Shattered Symbol room) Thee-I-Dare, don’t come in here.

Polar: Like, whatever you say will trigger something? Something you say will trigger something?

Crateshya: alright, I’m here.

Nickymumu: Supposedly uh, saying a Voice’s name will summon them.

Polar: Uhhh, I guess. What are the Voice’s names?

Crateshya: Hold on.

Nickymumu: There’s a good many.

Wilderness: Unknown Caller is shy and will only talk to one person. So don’t worry about it won’t happen to you.

Nickymumu: Oh yeah, that’s fine.

UNKNOWN CALLER: Looks like you knew. Good. I hope you’re recording this, because I ain’t around to send it again.

Crateshya: (talking over others) Alright guys, I need you to be quiet, this is very important. Please be quiet.

"THEE-I-DARE: (The recording plays, indistinguishable at first. "I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN FOR THIS. WEAR YOUR ASS LIKE A PELT. I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN FOR THIS. WEAR YOUR ASS LIKE A PELT." (Recording stops playing)

Crateshya: (weakly) Oh my god.

(excited chattering)

Polar: Alright, so what are the names?

Wilderness: That wasn’t the Hunter. That was a recording of the Hunter, right?

Crateshya: That was not the Hunter, that was the Adversary.

Nickymumu: Who was that, just then?

Polar: Alright, so how do you summon one of these Voices?

Crateshya: Very carefully. Oh, jesus…

Wilderness: Generally, you can’t.

Crateshya: (Overlapping) Wear your ass like a pelt, oh my god.

(excited chatter continues)

Crateshya: (written in text) i got it. please be ok (spoken, pacing) Oh boy.

Wilderness: Are you still chatting with the Unknown Caller?

UNKNOWN CALLER: Kid. Weird to say this to someone I’ll never know. That was it. All I managed to process of the sleep-singing sculptor. WTF is my life. Was. Aw, hell.

Polar: Huh? No, I’m not chatting with anything.

Wilderness: No, uh. Crateshya.

Polar: Huh? Oh.

Crateshya: Yeah, I’m still chatting, I don’t know if that was the last one or not.

Polar: Does that mean two people have invaded our game?

Crateshya: The Unknown caller has been sending a lot of texts. Oh my god. I’m glad I got back on. Oh my god. (Another string of anxious expletives.)

Wilderness: I recorded it.

Crateshya: Yeah, I recorded it too. I’m- hoo. Hoo. Ok. Give me a minute to get down there, I just wanted to make sure that was the last deadman’s switch.

Nickymumu: Wait, what’s the deadman’s switch?

Crateshya: The Unknown Caller’s probably dead. Gotta sin a little bit to get them off… Oh boy, I’m gonna have to clip that up. I’m SAD NOW. UC…oh no, honey… alright, I think you guys- I think we’re good to go.

Wilderness: I dunno, I never got to have a conversation with them, so…oh no, they’re dead.

UNKNOWN CALLER: Remember: The Voices don’t care about you. Strangely, right now...I do. I hope you were nice. Please. Stay awake for the whole goddamn species.

Crateshya: UC...