Player Interactions:Passwords in exchange for the Watcher's name

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Interaction Information

Date: November 1, 2020
Player(s): rk1191, Jay (Journey), Kittyface17, WHITEFACE
Interacted With: Devin Esposito
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Devin (assumedly, as the sender was simply a question mark) reaches out to RK about a password given to her by the Unknown Caller.
  • They have the Caller's files and need a password in order to get in to them. They believe the passwords he gave out to clubmembers are the passwords they need. They hope to trade information about the Isolated Watcher and the Wellesley's in exchange for one.
  • RK shares her password after expressing her desire to help the Unknown Caller. They say the password is IN-HER-TEETH related that goes back to Washington state.
  • They are able to find a "Wayka Wellesley" in the files. They urge the clubmembers not to rat them out to Dead Skeptic, out of fear they will be kicked out, "or worse".
  • After they leave, the players go in to The Place Between to see if the Watcher knows that name, but before they can get confirmation, they are sent to Saturation Control, by SPEAK-AS-ONE.

Video of Interaction


?: damn it. i don’t want to do this. i know you can burn me. but i’m out of time.

RK: [texting] Why would I burn you?

[obligatory “RK are you pooping”. No, I’m not pooping]

?: at least one of you is tight with my new friends, too. and if you tell on me to them, i think i’m out. or worse, idk.

Journey: There’s three of us wearing a funny hat right now.

Kitty: I forgot to change back. Fuck, I knew there was something I was supposed to do.

Journey: Oh, fuck! We forgot to change back to our hats! Ah, dammit.

[Kitty and Journey are not wearing their tinfoil halos because they switched to normal halos to show the new player.]

RK: [texting] If you want to help my weird adult friend, I’m down

?: yeah. we weren’t close, but he gave me a password. all i have left is to try and prove that to you in hopes you’ll do the same

RK: [texting] I don’t super care about the Wellesley file, but if you think you can find something to help the Caller, then yeah. I’ll tell you my password.

RK: [texting] I guess the other kids would flay me alive if they learned I talked to you and didn’t get the Wellesley file though.

?: i don’t know if he had the secret to his own cure on his server, that would be some 4D chess shit and anyone who calls themself a genius usually isn’t.

RK: [texting] Lol, well. I trust you.

RK: [texting] My password was Shikata ga nai.

?: whoa, really? That’s an IHT thing, that adds up. Goes back to WA state. I will try it. Do you want anything from me?

Journey: They know about Toppenish? Ah, fuck, you know about Toppenish! RK. Stop typing! I swear to god!

RK: [texting] Yeah I knew it was Japanese, or something.

RK: [texting] Did you get anything from it? Or will it take you awhile to find out.

?: well our new friends aren’t complete pricks… like if i wanted no answers at all, i could go back to the blackout club.

RK: [texting] lool

Kitty: So they are more forthcoming than HQ?

Journey: Hey. I happen to like HQ.

Kitty: I do too! You can criticize things you like, Jay!

Journey: Hmm.

Kitty: Why are you booing me? I’m right. Also, weren’t you gonna shapebait for the new kid?

White: Don’t worry, I shall become shapebait for myself. Oh, wait.

?: i liked my dog. The club is doing about as well as he is at fighting gods

Kitty: That’s fair.

Journey: Considering the club can’t keep their eyes on the prize for more than five seconds. Of course they’re having trouble. “Ooo, I want a mask!” “Ooo I want to change alliances!” “Ooo let’s go torture a creature in the Inbetween!”

RK: [texting] The club wants the Wellesley files. The name of the eldest daughter, or something, but ultimately, you think there’s anything to help us?

RK: [texting] us, meaning, me. Caller. Etc.

RK: [texting] you

?: eldest daughter… how far back? like the first family here? do you have any age bracket

RK: [texting] 95 years ago, maybe?

Journey: It’s Joel’s grandparent. And Joel was the radio man. Contact 14, I think I remember?

RK: [texting] The grandmother to someone named Joel who lived in 919?

RK: [texting] Yeah, the lady lived in 919.

?: 85+ then, accounting for x years of being dead, hang on this will take a sec, their file is stupid big

RK: [texting] No worries./

Kitty: I’m literally going to the Place Between right now. Or, going to the portal.

Journey: Relax, Kitty.

Kitty: I just wanna be nearby. Just in case!

Journey: Uuuh, let’s not go to SatCon again.

RK: Do you wanna go to SatCon?? That’s how you go to SatCon.

Kitty: I wouldn’t mind going to SatCon.

RK: Nnnn-..We’re not going to SatCon.

Kitty: You know I was obsessed with that place when I first came here.

RK: Noo.

Journey: Uuh, I had fun!.... I’m being fucking sarcastic.

RK: Why do you wanna go back?

Kitty: It was terrible and I hated it, but I wanna go back.

RK: Why??

Kitty: I don’t know. I just figured there was a sort of weird secret to that place. I wanted to know how it worked.

Journey: Uh, let’s fistfight our way to Bells.

RK: To get out, the Voices need to help you, aaaaand….

[Banter about takedown not working on the Shape]

White: The Shape gives you a big old kiss on the lips and you forget who you are.

Journey: I mean, who doesn’t want to kiss the Shape.

?: ok, there’s a wayka wellesley listed? rare name, doesn’t sound wasp-y, but y’know - redacre. she changed her name back after her husband bit the dust

RK: [texting] Wayka Wellesley, huh.

Journey: Wae-kuh?

Kitty: Wae-kuh.

Journey: Wae-kuh Wellington. Wae-kuh Beef Wellington.

Kitty: Wake up, Wellington! You’re late for school!

?: i think so, i just have text. otherwise it’d be why-ka, and now i kinda want that to be my name

Kitty: You wanna be Wayka? You can be Wayka. Nobody is stopping you.

Journey: Yeah! We can call you Wayka from now on!

?: no, someone i care about … gave me this name

Journey: Aaaaaaawwww

Kitty: Oh! I get that.

?: that’s what I got. please don’t tell on me

[RK banters about how much Journey misses Devin soooo much. Journey claps back with “RK you kiss your phone]

?: what

Kitty: Are you doing something? Why would they kick you out for this?

Journey: HEY HEY HEY. Did you know that RK sits in the little dark room and goes “OooOOoooOOoo UC!!” And then kisses her phone?

RK: Uh, n-no?

Kitty: Jay, could we not?!

Journey: [laughs]

RK: They wanted us to get information on the worker bee. You’re just doing extra research. Smiles.

RK: Y’all know what I’m about. My focus is on one thing. So, I’ll do stuff to help with that thing.

Journey: Yeah, RK’s special little friend.

RK: [texting] Thank you

RK: [texting] I hope my password helps

?: weird. wonder what for. seems creepy.

Journey: What is that in response to?

Kitty: I think it’s in response to RK kissing her phone.

?: I meant our friends and their interest, but hey, maybe both

RK: I don’t kiss my phone.

Kitty: I know that.

Journey: You DO kiss your phone.

RK: I do not kiss my phone.

Journey: Look, I even have this drawing of you smooching your phone.

RK: It’s- It’s not like that.

Journey: Why would I ever lie?

White: Where’s the evidence?

Kitty: You’re saying they’d kick you out for this? I’m still confused.

Journey: Uh, yeah? They’re stealing information from the group they’re in. Of course they’d kick them out. We ain’t gonna say shit, and if someone does say shit, I’ll beat them up!

RK: [texting] I’m not a snitch like the club lol

?: ok. i gotta try this on his machine. thank you. please don’t rat me out. you seem okay, phone thing aside. stay awake.

RK: [groans] There’s no phone thing!

Kitty: There’s no phone thing

Journey: [cackles] Everyone knows now! All of China knows your shame!

Kitty: Should I try?

Journey: Kitty! Go in there!

RK: [groans] Fine! You do it. I don’t do anything wrong, so I’m not doing it. If you wanna sin, SIN! [chants]. Sin! Sin! Sin!

[Kitty goes in to TPB]

RK: [heavily sarcastic] Oh no. Where did Kitty go. I’m not responsible for anything they do.

Kitty: Hello?

Watcher: who are you

Kitty: My name is Kitty. Nice to meet you.

Watcher: i… meet… don’t know. who was i

Kitty: I might know who you were. Wayka? W-A-Y-KA, is that you?

Watcher: is this a trick? what--

[Kitty is booted from the Place Between]



Journey: Ah! There we go!

Kitty: Yup. Here we go.

RK: Uuuhh. Oh noooo! I found Kitty!



[Players are sent to Saturation Control]


White: Can’t…. See…

[Countdown begins. Journey gets grabbed by the Shape immediately. RK laughs]