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Interaction Information

Date: January 16, 2021
Player(s): Tearrful, Xaviul, Lavanya
Interacted With: Dead Skeptic
Major details from the Interaction:

  • The Dead Skeptic returns for Tear, having found out that they sent lights to voices, and scolds them about it.
  • It is learned that The Dead Skeptic is a century old, has had different names, as well as schisms. Tear is told to "take deworming pills and to think about what [they've] done".

Video of Interaction


"The Dead Skeptic (TDS): Tear. You know we have other people in your club, right? What are you doing, whispering prayers to mental-ass tapeworms you've already renounced?"

Tearrful: What? What? Hold on hold on hold on. Okay, ay - I was renouncing them more, or, I - listen. Fuck around and find out? (laughing) I'M NOT SMART! I THOUGHT WE ESTABLISHED THIS! IM FUCKING STUPID!

Lavanya: It's fine, tear! You're just supposed to take your deworming pills!

Tearrful: My deworming pills so I don't - so I don't drag my ass on the ground.

Xaviul: Oh god.

Tearrful: But look at what I'm doing! Look at where we are, god dammit.

Xaviul: Mess around and find out indeed.

Tearrful: I thought i was, like - I know you're just supposed to do it once, and then -

"TDS: Going to just go ahead and delete this conversation, starting over. Blegh."


Xaviul: What a mood!

Tearrful: I'm so sorry!

Xaviul: Are you?

Tearrful: I'm so sorry! I don't think! I dont think, I just - I just fucking, talk.

Xaviul: You can take the clown out of the kid, but you can't take...

Tearrful: You can't - ew!

(more laughter.)

Tearrful: I can’t believe I just - I’m actually gonna fucking cry.

Lavanya: It's fine! Chin up! Chin up!

Tearrful: Okay! okay. (zipper noises.) Zipped.

Xaviul: Anyways, moving on, are you just here to scold Tear like a disapproving parent? Cuz, uh, we kind of already got plenty of that going on.

Tearrful: Oh yeah. I'm just trying - I have many reasons to have people just chew me out. So I just need clarification. Maybe? I'm so ti - I'm half asleep. I was screaming at a certain, uh, extra bitey tapeworm, cuz you guys wanted me to try and talk to your guy! And...

Xaviul: It's true, that is the only way to get to the guy.

Tearrful: Yeah. Just instigate the living shit out of him. But I'm tiny! So it's just kinda pathetic. It's okay. I'll bite em like a rat. Not your guy.

"TDS: Listen. We know youre just a kid. But the oldest tin hatters here want to see focus. Spy on one, sure, but…"

(fearful noise, and a pause.)

Tearrful: I can't believe I... I'm so sorry.

Xaviul: No, you're fine.

Lavanya: You're cool!

Xaviul: What does Tear even get for being focused on you, anyway?

Tearrful: I mean, there's so much happening here, it's hard to even, like, just... I. This is important, I don't disagree with that, it's just. There's a lot of important stuff going on? I'm trying not to get my brain eaten, that’s one. You know, slurpee style.

Xaviul: We have grandmas out here now!

Tearrful: Yeah! We have grandmas! And they're just!

"TDS: Trying to desperately splash around prayers to all of them like ??pennies?? at a strip joint. Our people start to go uhhhhhh."



Tearrful: I’m gonna pretend -

Xaviul: Now it's our turn to pretend this conversation didn't happen.

Tearrful: Yeah! Um. You know, I'll just pretend you were talking about the arcade games where you put a coin in and aim it. FAMILY FRIENDLY. Yes.

(overlapping chatter.)

Tearrful: Here in Redacre -

Xaviul: Voice skeeball!

Tearrful: Here in Redacre where we drag our asses we are family friendly!


"TDS: What in the candystriped fuck are you talking about"

(more laughter.)

Xaviul: Anyways, we’re moving on! You guys give a lot of demands but you're not offering much in return, you know.

Tearrful: Yeah, like I can't do much if I don't know how to provoke the guy? Like, if I'm just like, "Hey! Hey! I like the guy you possessed! I wanna be like him!" Or them, sorry. That doesn't do much? It makes me sound like I have a weird thing for getting possessed by random voices.

Xaviul: Nah, it makes you sound like a trap.

Lavanya: Yeah, exactly.

Xaviul: Not even like a real thing.

Lavanya: The dead rat inside the cage.

Xaviul: Like is it not okay?

"TDS: First. You? High priest of the space clown, shut it. Tear, what exactly do you want to see from us?"

Tearrful: I - (sighs) what do I want to see from you? Well. That's a hard question in my mind? Cuz I know a lot of people want a lot of different things, that it's kind of hard to achieve. I just want to know that you're not gonna just dip as soon as I help you. Like... you get what you want and then i'm left in the dust here, and...

Xaviul: that's how we all hear it going around.

Tearrful: Yeah. Its... that's - I'm not calling you guys untrustworthy? That's just the read I'm getting. I don't really have a reason to trust you guys. You talk big about, ‘renounce the voices, they're the real parasites!’ And I'm not calling you parasites, but you're kind of acting like them, coming in and demanding I do - asking I do something. And then... just kind of dipping right after, like ‘good luck! see you... in a few months!’

Xaviul: ‘We got ours!’

Lavanya: So you're looking confirmation for them somehow on that they will assist you?

Tearrful: Yeah! I wanna know youre good.

TDS: If we did that. We would not still exist. We've been around, in one form or another, for a century.

Xaviul: How'd you guys start?

Tearrful: Yeah! I want the...

Xaviul: I guess we won't get an answer on that.

Tearrful: Well. What's the lore - how did you get the name? Well, okay. It sounds self explanatory, pretend I didn't ask that.

Xaviul: I wonder if it's tied to a certain city.

Lavanya: Is there any specific piece of...

Tearrful: Like, I know you want me to try and help your guy. I just don't know how to do that? Cuz I don't know anything about him? To me he's just some dude. There's no real reason I should help him.

Xaviul: I mean, other than human decency.

Tearrful: Other than - okay, listen! (laughing) I'm not a bad person! Um... other than -

Lavanya: Xaviuliul, stop begging!

"TDS: We were not called this when we started. There have been ... schisms. Far as why to help…"

Tearrful: Well. I can't say that that doesn't make sense.

"TDS: He was here on the ground for months. He knows things about the local situation we don't. And listen…"

Tearrful: Listening.

"TDS: You do NOT get to editorialize on Making Sense, Or Otherwise."

Tearrful: … my brain just doesn't comprehend that. I'm so sorry. words are... what? Please help me, friends. I don't know what that means!

Xaviul: They're saying don't judge. Glass houses.

Tearrful: Okay, I wont judge.

Xaviul: Because you did start this out with talking -

"TDS: You're out here talking about dragging your wormy ass to and fro, and just expect US to decode it"

Xaviul: Yeah, that! They were talking about that!


Tearrful: Okay! Okay okay okay okay! (realization.) No! Oh my god! I don't want to be known as the wormy-ass kid! Please dont - please!

Lavanya and Xaviul: I think it's too late for that!

Tearrful: Noo! Nooooooooo! That's why I can't help you. I’m the wormy ass ki - FUCK! Okay. Okay. Yeah, that makes sense though. If I'm acting like a dumbass... It's just!

Xaviul: Glass houses. Stones.

"TDS: Well stop praying to every last thing that says Boo, Worship Me - and infecting yourself six ways from Sunday."

Xaviul: How are they supposed to get in contact with you?

Tearrful: I'm like - ! Yeah...

Lavanya: Ooh, yeah! You had a question last time about the drone, right, Tear?

Tearrful: oh... yeah! I was gonna ask! I… MAY have heard rumors that you guys... drones are COOL... and I... I don't know how to get in contact with you otherwise. So I was thinking. no... I dunno! I feel stupid now!

Lavanya: No, dont feel stupid.

Tearrful: Passing notes via drone, but... that's not really reliable, is it? Cuz what if someone sees, and now I’m just... My brains a hamster wheel.

"TDS: We're here, aren't we? We reach out. That's how it works. Now go home, take your de-worming pills, and think about what you've done."

Tearrful: WOW! NO! (flabbergasted noises.)

Xaviul: They just want you to stop talking to people that's not them.

Tearrful: I'll stop talking to people, I just thought that... I only - okay, in my defense, it was only the one that has a hold on your guy. And I really - I thought that would do something, but... Yes - yes, authority figure! I will stop talking.

Xaviul: (in 919) Damn. I was hoping grandma would be around.

Tearrful: Grandma... I just -

Xaviul: Oh, I'm sorry. Grandma is bad.

"TDS: People. They're not people. Pick one you want to work for info, and stick with it. You well-meaning trash fire. Stay awake."