Player Interactions:Purified Halo

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Interaction Information

Date: December 4, 2019
Player(s): Dovakin1000, Nayru-chan, Shinisamu
Interacted With: DIE-FOR-YOU
Major details from the Interaction:

  • DIE-FOR-YOU talks to Dova about The Hunter, and advises Dova to let his friends help him, and not to get too close to the Hunter.
  • DIE-FOR-YOU asks us to recruit more Voices to the The Pact.
  • DIE-FOR-YOU purifies Nayru's Halo.

Video of Interaction


DFY: Hello, friends

Dovah, incredibly shakily: hhiiiiiiiiii~

Nayru-chan, whispering: hi hello, i cannot speak too loudly though, hi, hello, hey! Hi

Shinisamu: hi there!

DFY: Nayu…

Nayru-chan: hi

DFY: Shin……. And Dovah….. It’s been some time

Dovah: it ha- y-yeah… it has been . DFY: Come.. let’s go someplace more safe to talk.

Nayru-chan: no no no no no please, please dont die, please dont die, please dont die

Dovah: Ummmmm….

Shinisamu: Uhhhhh..

Dovah, trying to remember what words are: ss…. Eh….. sss….. I’m not sure if its safe!

DFY confused: You don’t think its safe? Why?

Dovah: The-the-the one i talked to you about, the hunter, the-... they….. Someone…. One of the other gods, the dead one, the dancer…. They tried to go to the moon, but they showed up someplace… different, and... that’s when the hunter got them

Nayru-chan: The bloodmoon. Scorched earth… A black hole where the eye’s supposed to be, everything was red, oh god.

DFY: Then you will stay. I appreciate your warning

Dovah: sigh of releif

DFY: Now Dovah, you spoke to me emphatically about this hunter…. What have you learned? What do you know?

Dovah: They… they represent strength and the desire for strength taken to the most extreme. They um….. Well they’ve alreadyy… (*definitely not starting to cry*)... been responsible been responsible for the death of two gods…. That we know of…….. Maybe even more…….. *sighs*..... No-one knows theirs name. We know that they were the pred- they spawned from one of the dead gods, chase the sun, that.. That silhouette?

DFY: The events that i have scoured also worries me about their intent to perhaps... do the same to the rest of us as they have to these…. Others you speak of. The whole in my heart still warms though I cannot…. Directly recall them.

Dovah: from what i know, they wont stop until they get what they want, and what they want is strength everlasting. They can never get what they want, they will never be satisfied, and they will never stop unless we stop them.

Nayru-chan: Yes, they must be stopped. 8th must be stoppped.

DFY: While i have my own with in her teeth’s idea of what we are and can become, it’s this idea of the hunter’s interest as the lone standing one that disturbs me deeper than anything… I will warn, dovah, not to get too close. Though I know you hate this Hunter as much as I and the others, Obsession can be challenging. Understand that our kind do wish to make more of our own, and we do that through you.

Nayru-chan: What do you mean by that, exactly?

Shinisamu: They’re saying that if we get too obsessed with hunting down the hunter, we’ll create another voice?

Dovah: Well… thats….. Interesting..

DFY: Just be careful… The more knowledge, The more you obsess on this hunter… There’s always a chance that maybe they can use that… to get into you themself.

Dovah: I-

DFY: Much like I wish to inspire the passion in others. And as such... I live on through them. Just know there is a line the word ‘Obsession’ can become… dangerous.

Dovah: I- … I’m aware… of the dangers in it. But- finding out about them isn’t the only thing I want to do. I have people I promised to protect and… if I have to- obsess dangerously over the hunter to protect them, then that’s what I’ll do. The hunter-

DFY: Ah…

Dovah: Threatens everything…

DFY: Now that is something I can deeply understand. Sacrifice. Most noble… shouldn’t come to it… but… as I do care for you as well, Dovah, and it might be hard to hear... but admitting one’s own weakness to such obsession… this … awkwardness... And in itself… might be key to keeping you safe. To be able to let your friends stand up with you. And making it not entirely about your own singular obsession, but be one… that you do together. Then.. perhaps the hunters sway may not find purchase.

Dovah: yeah… so stand not alone but with others… I… I can see that.

Nayru-chan: I’m scared… of this… hunter…

DFY: I know you’re scared, Nayru… BUT, We are not defeated yet… this alliance I have with THEE-I-DARE, I think… Should expand! Others could come to this cause… and united we are much stronger against this “Hunter” than we are… Separate. And for that… we need your help. I don’t see eye to eye with many of my brethren. Nor does my brother, Voiceless as they are as they recover.

Nayru-chan: I will- work with anyone who wishes to stop the 8th…

Dovah: Agreed.

Nayru-chan: who wishes to stop the hunter…

Dovah: I’m willing to cooperate with whoever I have to, to end the threat.

DFY: Thank you, Shin... Thank you, Nayru… And thank you, Dovah. Reach out to those you know who may be a chosen of some of my kin that might join this. Others will be more challenging than some, but I think… this separation is what leaves us vulnerable

Dovah: It is. From what I understand about the hunter, He doesn’t … appreciate strength of the masses… he’s more about individual strength, if we stand together, were less likely to be targeted.

DFY: Good. Then lean on your community…

Nayru-chan: How would I convince… IN-HER-TEETH To… work with you? Because I know that there was some beef between you. How would I convince her? To put aside those differences and work together-

DFY: That… Is indeed a challenge. One that i’ve contemplated myself. However, Nayru. Take heart to knowing that some whispers that I myself have heard… is that IN-HER-TEETH … is curious about this alliance… that’s all I know. but if one could appeal to her curiosity… maybe that could be a way in?

Nayru-chan: Can certainly try! Um-

DFY: That’s all we have…

Nayru-chan: Can I ask you one last question?

DFY: Of course!

Nayru-chan: My halo- that I usually wear- well… I got one, from the 8th and… it’s been marked by him, I’m sure I probably smell like him... Now... is it too late for it to be purified? Somehow? So I can wear it again? Without shame that I have one from him? Please give me a halo… please…

DFY: Let me purify you now…

Nayru-chan: Thank you… Thanks… for everything… and for… this- y’know I always thought you were kinda scary but… I think you’re chill… I think you’re cool.

DFY: (chuckle) I can understand where the fear can come, because to the bravery it takes to give everything for a cause… is scary...

Nayru-chan: I would give everything for the progress of the missions. Without much thought… so I guess that’s my passion? Completing missions?

DFY: Well… You’re on a good path… Thank you, friends. Stay safe, and should anything else come to your attention… in regards to this challenging face, pray to me in the mirror.

Dovah: Alright.

Nayru-chan: We will. No worries.

Shinisamu: Thank you, DIE-FOR-YOU

Dovah: You have my promises. And you need to stay safe as well.

DFY: Thank you.

Nayru-chan: Thank you too.