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Interaction Information

Date: June 9, 2020
Player(s): SolarSaberstorm, WeightedPlace789, Duckhater115, Apparentbench27
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Unknown Caller comes into the group and tells the club kids that they have prayed to HUNT-THE-STRONG but that they don't know how that is received. Advising that flattery and rage does not work and that HUNT-THE-STRONG hears them and that they will see soon what he (the Unknown Caller) means.

Video of Interaction


(The group is making their way to the exit. The Shape is on Weighted. Everyone suddenly gets a text and Duck stops in his tracks.)


Duck: (very loud gasp) Unknown Caller!!

(We are all confused because we were hoping to talk to TID and none of us knew who UC was. Everyone comes back and Weighted runs across the map to avoid the Shape. Duck asks if everyone got a text. They did. Duck wonders if they need to use the game chat to be heard or if they can just speak aloud.)


(Duck repeats what UC said quietly under his breath as he, Bench, and Solar climb into the treehouse to chill in. Weighted is still running around.)

(Weighted tries to decipher what UC is saying and says something about riddles, possibly saying UC speaks in riddles or something along those lines.)

Unknown Caller: RIDD RIDD Riddles. no. no. i tried flattery. i tried rage. he doesn’t care

(Duck asks who ‘he’ is. Everyone is very confused and Weighted asks UC why he’s here.)

Unknown Caller: you aren’t listening. you will pray, pray, pray again with grand speech. he will laugh at you.

(Weighted says he is listening and Duck thinks ‘he’ either means UC himself or perhaps HTS. Bench agrees and Duck asks UC who he means when he says ‘he’.)

(Duck then tries to explain to the group what he knows about UC, fucks up here and says “I think Hunt-The-Strong is a person, not a Voice” when he meant to say “UC”, rip)

Unknown Caller: you pray. he hears. you want to live through what he will do to you?

(Cue more confusion. Bench and Weighted ramble on to UC, asking who he is and what he wants. At one point Duck is confused and thinks the others are getting texts and he is not, but he is mistaken.)

(After some more talking the group still doesn’t know if UC can hear them through mic so Duck opens his chat and types “hello?”)

(Several minutes pass and the group believes UC finally left. They head towards the exit and Solar places some foam down and jumps. Duck places his grappling hook and Bench and Weighted climb down. Duck is just about to go too until another text pops up.)

Unknown Caller: yes. i read you. look. hear. smell. once mine. now his. you’ll see…

(Everyone scrambles back to the surface. Duck thinks the interaction is still going on until UC sends another text a few moments later. Rip.)

Unknown Caller: see you soon.

(We stuck around for a little while longer because Weighted and Bench wanted to be sure it was done. When we were certain UC was gone we headed back to the exit. Upon reaching the boxcar, Weighted is awarded a halo.)