Player Interactions:Reunion between Friends

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Interaction Information

Date: March 12, 2021
Player(s): Dovakin1000, Grimsha, EnisTheMenace, PolyPixiePaladin
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Unknown Caller visits to see if Enis, a new player, is strong.
  • Dovah attempts to use affection and CHASE-THE-SUN's name against HUNT-THE-STRONG, to no visible effect.
  • HUNT-THE-STRONG has outlived the name "CHASE-THE-SUN" according to the Unknown Caller.
  • In a few years we will all be "notches on HUNT-THE-STRONG's belt".

Video of Interaction


The first bit of this encounter was not recorded. The first little bit is from memory.

Additionally: I AM AN IDIOT! And was so panicked, i didnt notice my OBS wasn’t recording my entire screen. All UC messages are from memory, the meaning SHOULD be MOSTLY the same, but the exact wording will be different.

The players are faced with the Dance Fever mission. Dovah recounts how HTS used it to eat DFU

"Unknown Caller: And she dances for him still (?)"

Dovah panics, and tries to open a recording software, while incomprehensibly trying to ask the others if that saw that too.

The others ask if Dovah saw something, Dovah asks if they others did, or if she’s just going insane

"Unknown Caller: Madness is a safety net (?)"

(Recording starts a few seconds after this)

Dovah: Oh a safety net, huh? Well it is nice to, uh, nice to finally see you again chase the sun :)

EnisTheMenace: I am in so much shit right now (Nervous Laughter) Okay

Dovah: Uh, Enis! I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine! Unknown Caller, AKA Chase-The-Sun! Very good friend :)

Dovah: SO uh, theres a very important question, which i don’t think you’ve never actually answered; if you’re lactose intolerant and you drink milk, are you strong?

EnisTheMenace: Uh, no! I don’t actually drink milk, so that answers that question. I am weak. OH! I do eat ice cream, and I just pound the meds, so i guess that’s pretty strong?

(Enis is caught by the shape)

EnisTheMenace: Fuck me!

"Unknown Caller: Not strong, no, but if that’s what you juveniles do for fun? "

(Enis is unshaped)

EnisTheMenace: Was why i was asked that question have anything to do with uh, what just happened? *Laugher* (incomprehsible…) question

Dovah: Ya’ll can see this too, right? I’m not the only one?

Grimsha: I can’t see or hear anything.

Dovah: Little text message in the bottom right hand corner of the screen

Grimsha: Nope, I am… i am not cool enough for visitation.

Dovah: Wait… Oh!... its a priv…?

Grimsha: We might of been missing them.

"Unknown Caller: He can see and hear all, your friends simply do not know where to look"

Grimsha: Oh! Yeah, no, i am getting unknown caller.

EnisTheMenace: “they don’t know where to look” that’s because i’ve never played this game before! :)

(Pixie and Enis commit a murder on a sleeper)

EnisTheMenace: Hello friend… Good job! There she goes!

"Unknown Caller: I wonder if your friend Enis is strong?"

EnisTheMenace: I do as well if that means anything

Grimsha: Time will tell

EnisTheMenace: My hands are sweating, let me just say that

(Enis makes weird laughter pfftttt noises)

Grimsha: These sounds!

EnisTheMenace: (Laughter)…. Pfffttttt, can we fkin not?

Dovah: If you (laughter).. If the reason you came into here was to hurt my friends, I have SEVERAL hands to throw at you

"Unknown Caller: After so long trying to find his name, you now use one he barely remember. How tender."

Dovah: He’ll aways be chase the sun in my heart <3

Grimsha: life is good when you have so many sleep traps you can’t hold another one!

"Unknown Caller: He outlived that name, and will outlive you as well."

Dovah: You really are counting on getting out of this town, aren’t you?

"Unknown Caller: That name is but a notch on his belt now, as will yours in a few years time."

Dovah: awww, notches on his belt <3 how cute that he relies on others to show his strength *gremlin laughter*

"Unknown Caller: Does a hunter rely on rabbits and stew for strength?"

Dovah: There are other ways to feed yourself than taking the lives of others.

"Unknown Caller: You just keep telling yourself that, so tender. He leaves now, See you soon."

Dovah: See you on the flip side, Dearest.


Again, please note that all UC messages was transcribed from memory. While I attempted to be as accurate to the general meaning as possible, the human memory is notoriously bad.

Enis gained a halo after the EH encounter