Player Interactions:School Is In Session

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Interaction Information

Date: April 8, 2020
Player(s): Melvs, hitty
Interacted With: SPEAK-AS-ONE
Major details from the Interaction:

  • SPEAK-AS-ONE responds to a taunting light from hitty.
  • Lesson 1: The Word is a sin.
  • Lesson 2: When in doubt, choose silence.
  • Lesson 3: Death is a waste. They have better uses for flesh.
  • Final Lesson: Stand or fall together.

Video of Interaction


(Me and hitty are just messing around in the daycare, unlocking doors and windows and hitty was possibly speaking in uwu talk for reasons unknown before SAO showed up)

(blinking eye appears on our screens)

Both: (loud gasp)

SAO: LITTLE HITTY PRAYS TO TAUNT US (referring to hitty’s LoR) [recording starts]

Melvs: Oooooh.

hitty: Umm... (nervous laughter)

Melvs: He’s calling you out, hitty- they’re calling you out. [even though I usually prefer to refer to SAO as they, I keep messing up and calling them “he” throughout the game. so, sorry about that (yes, I know it’s okay since they also go by he/him but still)]


Melvs: (reading it out) “hitty is in school. Time to learn.”

(SAO spawns the Shape and sends him after hitty. This was pretty much right at the start of our mission so we were kinda screwed from here on out lol)

hitty: OH no.

Melvs: OH NOO (panic laughing) Welp.

hitty: Oh god.

Melvs: Well, it was nice knowing ya, hitty.

hitty: (panic laughter)

Melvs: Have fun.

hitty: (laughing) Uhh I will.

Melvs: (running back into the daycare) I still don’t know how to get into the fucking Maze.

Melvs: Oh, he’s here. (still kind of in shock) Oh no.

hitty: Oh lord.

Melvs: (referring to the LoR) I told you not to do it, hitty (laughs) [this is a lie. she asked me if she should send that light and I encouraged her LMAO]

hitty: (laughing) I’m toxic, what can I say?

Melvs: Um… Ah, lord. I can’t get in the school.


Melvs: “Lesson one. The Word is a sin” Uhhh. Well-


Melvs: “When in doubt choose silence” Hmmm (laughs). (gets noticed by a Lucid) Oh, shit.

hitty: Or I could bully you some more ‘cause your little Shape’s so dumb he can’t even catch me.

Melvs: (laughs) Uh-oooh. Angel mode incoming.

hitty: Just try it.

Melvs: I don’t- I- (laughs) Do you even have any items?

hitty: Um, yeah, I have… lots of stuff.

Melvs: Hmm. Okay, well, they’re- (eye appears)


Melvs: “Little hitty speaks up in class” (still nervous laughing)

(some silence)

Melvs: Umm. So uhh… How- so how are ya?- (eye appears)


Melvs: “The owls see… they take wing…” Oh no. That’s- that’s not good.

hitty: UM..

Melvs: What? What? You okay?

hitty: No (laughs)

Melvs: Is he on you?

hitty: Yeah (laughs)

Melvs: Uh oh. Well, just letting you know that if- if the Shape catches her I’m not gonna let you take her. Like, I’m gonna go save her, you’re not getting her. So…

hitty: Oh my god, they’re ALL coming after me, dude.

Melvs: WAIT, did he send the whole- (laughs)

hitty: (laughs)

Melvs: Oh no… well.

hitty: Yeah, send your nerd squad after me.

Melvs: (laughs) Get a fucking army after you. Oh wait I found the last sleeper [we were doing the Cancelers mission and we needed to place one more]

(Melvs approaches the sleeper to try to place the Canceler but doesn’t get the prompt to do it and gets grabbed by the sleeper)

Melvs: What? Fuck. (flashbangs the sleeper) Wait, I don’t hAVE THE FUCKING THING, I don’t have the Canceler! hitty!

hitty: Oh gOD.

Melvs: Can you drop it? Do you have time?

hitty: Umm, nO.

Melvs: Oh lord, I have a… sleeper on me. Fuck, go away, go away. No-nononononono (rushing up a ladder trying to get away)

(“The Shape Is Changing” and eye appears)


Melvs: “A student forgets their supplies” (doesn’t get what they meant straight away) Uhh, they talking about you, hitty? Or…

(few seconds of silence)

Melvs: Oh no wait, that’s me ‘cause I don’t have the Canceler (laughing), I’m dumb.

hitty: (laughs)

Melvs: Ahh, goddammit (laughing)

Melvs: Uhhhh. Well, the Shape’s on me, so I think you have a- where-? (looking around for

hitty) Oh there you are.

hitty: Uhhh, he’s not.

Melvs: Alright, I’m coming to you. I need that- (laughs) I need that Canceler.

hitty: (exhale noise)

Melvs: Fuck. This is like the FIRST MISSION.

hitty: Uh I’m gonna die (laughing)

Melvs: Noo, don’t do it, don’t do it.

Melvs: You’re not taking her-

hitty: UHHHH nO

Melvs: You’re not taking her today. Go away. (laughs)

hitty: You’re literally right here, why do you need to beckon mEE?

Melvs: (laughs)

hitty: (laughs) I’m too fat, dude (ran out of stamina and got Shaped)

Melvs: Hmm- (eye appears)


Melvs: “Lesson three, death is a waste” Ooh. (I notice the Shape got hitty and is now on me) Whyy? Okay.

Melvs: Oh noo. (gets noticed by a camera) Fuck.


Melvs: “We have better uses for flesh.” Hmm, well… I’d rather actually die than give you what you want.

Melvs: Alright, I’m- (notices the Shape a little ways ahead of me) Oh fuck. Nonononononono. Is he- (notices there’s a new message from SAO)


Melvs: “The angel will grant your prayer” Uhhh hahaah (worried laughter). Hmm, not todayy.

Melvs: Wait, where are you, hitty? Are you- wait, you’re on the- on top of the school? Goddammit. “The Shape is changing”... Cool.

Melvs: Hmmmhmhm, I’m coming. (as I’m approaching hitty her character goes through the door on the rooftop) Stop going through doors.

hitty: (laughing) No.

Melvs: I got you. (I unshape her)

Melvs: (laughing) I’m gonna go get that Canceler now or maybe you should do it since the Shape’s on me now.

hitty: Oh wait, I dropped it.

Melvs: Uhh, he’s outside, fuck.

Melvs: (laughing) Dude I’m actually shaking, goddammit. [I’ve literally never shaked so hard in my LIFE. If you watch the video you’ll even be able to see my camera shaking at more than one occasion lol.]

hitty: (laughs)

Melvs: Fuck. (Shape is running around near us) Uuhhhh, that’s not good.

hitty: Is that guy underground?

Melvs: Uhhh, who?

hitty: The last sleeper.

Melvs: Oh, yeah. He was in Instrument Supply last time I saw him.

Melvs: UUH (I see the Shape running towards me) Ooh no-nononono.

Melvs: (about to run out of stamina) Fuck. I don’t have an energy bar. (I flashbang the Shape so I have time to stand still and regain my stamina) Okay, time to go.

Melvs: So… what have you been up to when you’re not (eye appears) trying to get children killed?


Melvs: “Final lesson, stand or fall together” Hmmm.

hitty: Probably listening to My Chemical Romance.


Melvs: “We shall have you both”- (Shape comes out of the hatch right behind me as I was reading that) Oh shit, what the fuCK?

Melvs: (running away through some backyards) Oh lord. (A sleeper who somehow knew exactly where I was comes RUNNING out of the house I was outside and grabs me, which scares the living shit outta me)

Melvs: (screams) JESUS.

hitty: (laughs)

Melvs: I think the sleepers are after me too now, goddammit. (Shape comes through the hatch right behind me AGAIN while I’m climbing on the roof of the house) Oh nOO, he’s just coming out of... every hatch next to me, dude. Please don’t jump. Oh no, that’s not good. Goddammit. Fuck. I broke my legs. Oh, that’s a Lucid. (*very tense exhale*)

Melvs: Are you- did you find the- the sleeper?

hitty: (standing on the rafters in Nerve Center) Uh oh, these guys appear to know where I am now. Jokes on them, they don’t know how to climb.

Melvs: Where did- where did the Shape go, is he still he- ooh fuck he is here.

hitty: I’m just gonna go ahead and do that. (she heals up and does a drive-by Canceler placement. Pretty cool play tbh)

Melvs: So uh…

hitty: Ookay…

Melvs: Oh, we still need to fucking detonate it (pained laughing)

hitty: (laughs) Yeah…

Melvs: And then we need to drag the fucking bodies. Okay, I guess uh, well…

hitty: We got this, this is easy mode, dude.

Melvs: (laughs) Maybe we shouldn’t have uh… y’know, messed with uhh… someone. Not gotten the Shape on us so early. But y’know. (a few moments of silence)

Melvs: So uhhh. SAO, how are you doing? I know you’re probably not very happy with us right now but uhh, what have you been up to? [cue me desperately trying to make casual conversation with SAO lmao]

Melvs: Okay, I got the- I KO’d them. The one in the Maze is gonna be a pain.

hitty: Oh yeah.

Melvs: Oh is the Shape near me?

hitty: I’m going down to the Maze.

Melvs: I wonder if- oh shit, he’s still here. (some silence)

Melvs: You just… teaching some lessons at school?

hitty: You’re not very good at it.

Melvs: (laughs) Yeah it seems like it’s not being very effective.

Melvs: You’re a little… (I suddenly realize the Shape’s right in front of me and running) Oh, fuck. Well, it might be effective now! Goddammit.

Melvs: (scrambling to get into the school to hide) Let me out. Let me in. I don’t know.

Melvs: Hmmm, so are they- OPEN IIT (the door to the outside of the school wouldn’t open). Fuck. (panic laughing)

Melvs: Are you still here? (a sleeper notices me) Oh fuck. (the sleeper grabs me and the Shape is very close) Nonononono. Uhh, please flashbang him. Oh god.

hitty: I’m having some problems.


Melvs: “We are always with you”? Okay. Well…

hitty: Woah, that guy can jump.

Melvs: (accidentally steps on a Red Door hatch) W-what?? Oh, oh my f- (laughs) I stepped on a hatch.

hitty: (laughs)

Melvs: Well you know what? Actually… (I wanted to do something but the Shape was in my way) Oh, fuck. Wait, let me try that another time.

hitty: Wait, is the drop-off zone up the cliff?

Melvs: (zoning out) Uhhhh, what?

hitty: Is the drop-off zone for the bodies up the cliff?

Melvs: Yeah, it’s in the- in the school.

hitty: (inhale) Oh boy.

Melvs: Oh, one of them is right here. Oh yeah, I was dragging her.

Melvs: Are you bringing the one from the Maze?

hitty: Mhmm… if this camera doesn’t look at me. (camera looks at her) Oh no.

Melvs: Hmm, okay, got one.

Melvs: Maybe we should just uh, KO all the sleepers in the map to assert dominance. (laughs)

hitty: (laughs) Easy.

Melvs: So… wait, I need to find a… Red Door. I wanna do something. I wanna show you something, SAO.

hitty: (arrives at the school) What up.

Melvs: (looking for a Red Door when the Shape spawns somewhere nearby in the school) Oh. I guess you wanna show me something too, fuck.

hitty: (laughs)

Melvs: Well, found one. Here. (foams a Red Door hatch) There you go.

Melvs: Where’s the last body? (start heading towards it)

Melvs: (I hear the Shape somewhere behind me and look back to see he’s running in my direction) Uhhhh, oh no. (I turn to go into the school but see that the Shape just ran past me without noticing me) Wait, what? He didn’t… see me? Oh, he doesn’t have his- (he suddenly turns around and starts running right towards me) oh fuCK.

hitty: (laughs)

Melvs: He did see me.

Melvs: (my game starts dropping some frames and freezing a little) Oh no, my game’s- [I cut myself off as to try not to break the 4th wall lol] Oh fuck.

Melvs: (throws firecrackers at the Shape) I MISSED? Did I? No, I didn’t.

hitty: (almost runs directly into the Shape) Woah, hello.

hitty: I’ve made a mistake.

Melvs: He’s still coming… he’s really fAST, what tHE FUCK? Why is he so fast?? Is it ‘cause I foamed the hatch?

hitty: (laughs)

Melvs: Oh no. (with increasing desperation) NononononONONONONONO. Please go away. Please. Go- (throws foam grenade and misses) Fu- (runs into a water fountain like a dumbass) NonONO (gets grabbed by the Shape) I-

(hitty throws a flashbang and saves me)

Melvs: (gasp) Oh my god, you- you’re a legend. I love you.

hitty: I foamed him too.

Melvs: Nice.

Melvs: See? That’s real love, not whatever you have going on… up there. (throws grappling hook and can’t reach it) Oh my gOD, I can’t even use my fucking grappling hook, welp.


Melvs: “Two hearts, now they race. We hear”. Yeah-

hitty: I think he’s following you. He’s running.

Melvs: Oh, yeah. (laughing) He’s dad jogging. Oh, he’s REALLY fast.

Melvs: I only have like two more- (panic laughing) I only have like two firecrackers.

hitty: I have some.

Melvs: And the last body, it’s up here. He doesn’t see me. He doesn’t see me. (Shape starts running towards me) He fucking sees me.

hitty: I don’t have anything to save you. Unless a foam grenade helps, I don’t know.

Melvs: I mean, if you hit him, it does, but-

hitty: Mkay, I’ll go get the body.

Melvs: Okay.

hitty: He’s near me.

Melvs: Okay.

Melvs: Do you need… assistance? (laughs)

hitty: I’m fine, I’ll just die (laughs)

Melvs: Okay. (takes a few seconds to actually process what she said) I mean- I mean, no-

hitty: (talking to the Shape) What up, neeerd?

Melvs: Don’t die, that’s not… good.

hitty: (laughs) Dying is very unhealthy.

Melvs: (laughing) Yes, indeed.

Melvs: But… some things are worse- than dying, as we all know--

hitty: Yep.

Melvs: -Wink wink.

Melvs: (we get a new objective) Alright, let’s follow the trail. I guess.

Melvs: (getting confused by the footsteps) Wait, where is it- I think it was going through the- no, nevermind.

(Both walking by the hatch I foamed earlier)

Melvs: (T-bags the hatch for a few seconds) Pff. (both laugh)

Melvs: (I’m running a little too close to the edge of the street cliff and I fall off) Oh- pffff (laughing) Welp.

hitty: (laughs at me) You good?

Melvs: Uhhh, better than ever. I’m great.

hitty: Do you need a bandage? I have one.

Melvs: Oh yes, please. (Shape appears out of a hatch nearby) Oh fuck. I’m not so good now, but- come here.

Melvs: Wait, where am I going? I’m not following the trail. I’m dumb.

hitty: He went through a hatch.

Melvs: Uh, yeah.

Melvs: (I open the fence door to the backyard of a house and there’s a Lucid right in front of me) *sharp inhale* (Lucid grabs me and the Shape is pretty close behind me) oHHH NOO.

hitty: Oh.

Melvs: (running and mumbling to myself) Oh, turn off the flashlight, goddammit.

Melvs: Are you on the trail, hitty?

hitty: Am I? I don’t-

Melvs: (laughs) We’re a fucking disaster.

hitty: I’m on a roof.

Melvs: Does he see me…? Do you, mister Shape?... That might be a yes.

hitty: Oh. I’m bad.

Melvs: So, have you got any more lessons to teach us? ‘Cause I’m- I’m actually very interested to know.

hitty: I’d love to learn all about you and your nerd brigade.

Melvs: (laughs) The snooze brigade, literally.

Melvs: I’m gonna go back to the trail ‘cause this is- (sleeper detects me, I’m out of stamina and the Shape is suddenly right there)

hitty: (getting suddenly detected by a sleeper) OH (laughs)

Melvs: Oh no. Oh shit, I’m- I think I’m dead. (gets shaped) Fuck. Nooo.

Melvs: I didn’t know the Shape was there. Are you okay?

hitty: Probably not, looks like someone’s offended. (eye appears)


Melvs: Oh? I- What’s he saying? I can’t see.

hitty: “And now the other. Together forever.”

Melvs: Hmmm, well--

hitty: Not yet!

Melvs: -I don’t like that. There’s a bunch of lucids near me, I think. No, there’s only one, actually. (my character starts saying a ‘spotted teammate’ voice line) I think… I... saw you?

Melvs: (while getting unshaped) I think- I hear the Shape. No-nonono. OOH no. I have a firecracker. (gets spotted by a lucid) Oh noo. (gets grabbed) Noo, I can’t escape, I’m too wounded. Nonononononononono.

Melvs: (getting dragged) Well this is uh… this is not going well. I need some trash. (laughing) Nono- (I flashbang the sleeper right before getting to a Red Door)

hitty: Oh, I didn’t realize you were getting dragged.

Melvs: Oh no, that’s fine, you just survive, he’s on you.

Melvs: So no more lessons, I take it? Or are you waiting to teach it when we’re in the Song? ‘Cause if so that’s probably just… never gonna happen.

(a few moments of silence)

Melvs: I mean, if you don’t wanna teach anything else maybe you wanna… y’know, tell a story? Anything you wanna talk about?


Melvs: (skeptical) Yeahhh.

(a sleeper suddenly comes running out of the house fully alerted and knowing exactly where I was, when I wasn’t making any noise)

Melvs: (many confused noises) Wh- Wha-? Uhhh? (sleeper starts climbing the fence after me and still knows exactly where I am and grabs me)

Melvs: what tHE F- (I realize these are the “consequences”) Aalriiight, okayy. (laughs)

Melvs: (I start being dragged just out of reach of a trash bag) Nonono, trash :( Goddammit.

hitty: What happened?

Melvs: Uh, a sleeper just came outta nowhere and like, dashed at me. Y’know. (gets an item from a trash pile) Oh, got one. (flashbangs)

hitty: (startled) Oh my god. (panting and laughter at the same time)

Melvs: (laughing) What? Was that loud?

hitty: (laughing) A lucid had his- had his light out and he still didn’t see me.

Melvs: (weird laughing noises)

Melvs: Okay, uhhh (trying to figure out what to do) Oh yeah, the fucking trail, dude. I keep forgetting about it ‘cause (laughing) we’re just so fucked.

hitty: Oh shit. The nerd brigade is after me, dude.

Melvs: (laughs)

hitty: That’s not gonna help anything...

Melvs: What?

hitty: Oh, I’m dead. (she gets Shaped)

Melvs: Oh no. I don’t like that. ‘Cause I don’t- The Shape’s on me... Oh wAIT, the lucid, fuck!

hitty: (laughing at me being chased by the lucid) Oh my god.

Melvs: I’m good. (Shape comes out near me) Nononononononono. Nonononono, go away.

(I lose them and go unshape hitty, who’s standing RIGHT beside the hatch in the middle of the street)

Melvs: Please don’t come out of this.

hitty: He’s gonna come out of that door. (laughing)

Melvs: PleASE don’t do it. Please don’t do it. Please, I’m gonna- (unintelligible screaming noises) LUCID!

hitty: oH GOD.

(As we’re running, my character says “Shape left” for some reason)

Melvs: He left? What?

hitty: Uhh?

Melvs: Okay? No, he’s coming again. Where is he? He’s coming for me? Noo-nononono.

Melvs: I might need to use an energy bar here.

hitty: I have one foam grenade and that’s it.

Melvs: (laughing) Oh god. Oh, he’s right there. We need to follow this fucking trail.

hitty: Okay, I’ll go.

Melvs: I’m gonna kick this in ‘cause I’m already like- pff- in for a penny… (weakly) in for a pound. [at this point my brain is just collapsing in on itself honestly lol]

Melvs: Okay, he’s going into the house.

hitty: Hello, are there any crates in this house? That will give me i-temsss? Aw hell yeah. (finds a flashbang)

Melvs: So… no story time? I mean, maybe that would- (Shape comes out near me) Oh fuck. Maybe that would help us go to sleep. Like you want us to. Hm?

hitty: It’d probably be so boring I’d fall asleep anyway.

Melvs: (laughing) Jesus Christ. No, I wanna hear… stories, I mean-


Melvs: “It ends in silence”? The story?

hitty: That’s not a very entertaining story.

Melvs: (laughs) I mean, you just spoiled the end of it.

hitty: Yeaah, you’re not very good at telling stories.

Melvs: Maybe we can… (trailing off ‘cause I’m trying not to die while I talk) w-write it ourselves and the we can uh- (falls off the roof) Shit, ah, fuck. -change the ending. I’m not very, uh- (looking for the trail) Where- Oh wait, is it going into the Maze? Goddammit, okay.


Melvs: “We prefer songs… sinner.” Hmm, yeah, I- I like songs too. I like music but yours is just uhhh... not- not really my thing, y’know?

hitty: He went through a door.

Melvs: Okay. Oh, he’s by me. Wait, where am I going? Wait, where- where are the footsteps? Oh, lord. Am I… here? Am I where I need to be? I don’t-

hitty: I have no idea… where this trail is. But I made noise, so they came out where I am.

Melvs: It… led me- waiit, did it go into the lockers and I just didn’t see it?-

hitty: (unintelligible whispering, something about the trail going into the house)

Melvs: --It did. I’m dumb. Kick this shit- (kicks door in and a sleeper that was right beside it grabs me) OH no, fuck off. Okay, another energy bar, that’s good.

hitty: (trying to grab onto the ledge of 922) Wh- just- let me up, I’m too short.

Melvs: (Shape comes out of the door in the locker room) Ah, COME ONN DUDE. I need- oh, I need to- I need to leave. It’s in the- uh, whatever it is, is in the locker room. If you can make it down here. Probably not, but.

Melvs: I’m gonna… circle back around. At least the Red Door-

hitty: (accidentally talking over me) Is anyone in the locker room?

Melvs: (misunderstands) Yeah, it’s in- inside the locker room.

hitty: Is anyone else in there?

Melvs: Oh. There was a sleeper, but he chased me out of it.

hitty: Hmm. Yep, I see him.

Melvs: The Shape was there too but, y’know.

hitty: Mhm. He just ran down the hall, coming your direction.

Melvs: (talking at the same time) He- He’s not- He’s not very b- (Red Door opens right in front me) uAGH. Wait, there is a Red Door here, (laughing) I forgot. Goddammit.

Melvs: Wait, I have bandages, I can heal, I’m stupid.

hitty: (laughs)

hitty: That’s an energy bar. Stonks.

Melvs: Alright, bye Shape!

Melvs: I’m here. We probably have a better chance if we... stay together. (laughing) “Forever”. But in our own terms.

(hitty completes the objective)

Melvs: Oooh, hell yeah, let’s go, let’s go.