Player Interactions:Signs, Shapes, and Uncertainty

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Interaction Information

Date: June 27, 2020
Player(s): tearrful, Khrin (Greedy Kiwi), Fliss Knockwood, Otackozoy
Interacted With: Isabela Madi-Shaw
Major details from the Interaction:

  • The group talks to Bells, who reveals that an unknown man is teaching her how to talk to club members from wherever she is.
  • They are then sent to Saturation Control, where three members are later grabbed and suppressed by the Shape.
  • LAUGH-LAST's symbol is witnessed in Saturation Control by Tearrful.

Video of Interaction

Perspective 1

Perspective 2


Khrin: (Singing, suddenly stops.) Shit.

Otackozoy: (Whispering) Khrin.

Khrin: (Concerned) Oh shit.

Fliss Knockwood: What?

Otac: What? What happened?

Khrin: Wait a second, Otac.

Bells: Hello?

Khrin: Hi.

Fliss: Oh.

Otac: Hello.

Khrin: Bells?

Bells: (Breathing heavily) Yes, it’s me! You remember me!

Fliss: I mean… We’ve never met, but we’ve heard a lot about you.

Otac: You’re basically the-- the main reason for us to be here.

Bells: I’m sorry, I know I’ve been gone a long time. I’ve been…(Pauses) I’ve been trapped. I-I don’t really know where I am. There’s a…There’s a man in here. There’s…H-He’s been helping me. He taught me how to talk to you.

Fliss: Do you know his name?

Khrin: Can you--

Bells: No, but-- I, uh-- He has a-- He has a kind voice. I think he’s been in here…Wherever here is…for a long time. And he…he told me not to trust anyone I hear. Even him. But I…I can talk to you…now.

Otac: Why would you trust us?

Tearrful: Don’t say that!

Fliss: (Chuckles)

Tearr: (Thinking about it) Okay, actually say that.

Otac: I have to.

Tear: Yeah....

Fliss: He said that to Theodore(TID)--

Bells: I’m hoping I can trust you. I need… I need help

Khrin: (At the same time) What do you need us to do?

Tearr: (At the same time) What can we do?

Bells: Wait… Hold on… Okay, don’t panic. You’re going into a blackout.

Fliss: Oh god. No! Come on!

Bells: I think you’re coming to where I am. Just stay…just stay calm.

Khrin: Uh, I hope not.

(The group is transported to Saturation Control, where their eyes are permanently closed. They can see vague outlines of each other, many Shapes, a single path of footprints, and the Adversary’s symbol in the distance with a Shape right behind it.)

Fliss: Hmmm… Okay. All right, I’m calm.

Khrin: Okay…

Bells: Okay, I can… I can feel you, you’re-you’re closer.

Fliss: (Calming herself) Okay.

Bells: That’s good.

Fliss: Otac, you’ve been here before.

Otac: Mhm...I still don’t like it.

Khrin: I’ve never been here.

Fliss: All right…

Tear: Umm, do you know--

Bells: I think if you…if you follow...if you follow the path, I think you can get out.

Bells: I’m afraid if you don’t that they-- they might punish me.

Fliss: (Looking at the inventory) I’d drop my phone, but I can’t.

(Dropping the phone and leaving it in order to try and track down the physical location of Sat Con. Otac tried the same, it doesn’t work.)

Bells: Please, follow the path.

Fliss: Oh, I hear him! (The Shape).

Otac: I’ve already been grabbed.

Fliss: I hear it...(Referring to Otac being grabbed). You can…Hey, wait a second…

Bells: Oh…he made it. Otaco, you made it.

Otac: I didn’t follow the path.

Tear: Mmmmmm, no.

Khrin No--!

Fliss: He didn’t make it. He was grabbed, right?

Tearr: Hey…

Khrin: Where is Tearr?

Tearr: Can you tell us about the kiss?

Khrin: (In the distance) What is--?

Fliss: Or the haunted armpit?

Tearr: Someone told us to ask you about that.

Fliss: Are you seeing a l-- (Referring to all the Shapes)

Bells: Oh, you’re right, he didn’t make it. You have to get him out, you have to find the right path.

Fliss: Where is the right path? So Otac, where did you follow?

(Khrin runs into a Shape and gets grabbed.)

Otac: I saw a symbol, I followed.

Khrin: No, that’s not it.

Fliss: No, you ran into the Shape.

Otac: Hey, who’s this?

Khrin: Hi. I found Otac, I guess, so now we’re both here, fuck! Okay, that was not good.

Fliss: (Groans in frustration)

Bells: Fliss, do you know where to go? You have to head away from where you started.

Fliss: I…I’ve been…I’ve been running away...

Otac: Khrin, stay where you are, Khrin, please.

Fliss: I don’t trust any of these… (Meaning the symbols and the path)

Khrin: What do you--?

Fliss: I don’t trust any of this! I don’t trust...his old symbol, I don’t trust…

Fliss: (Hears the Shape getting closer) Crap. He’s getting close. Don’t come near me.

Fliss: (Sees the SAO symbol at one end of the path) I don’t want any of this! I don’t want any of these!

Tearr: If we get touched, what happens?

Fliss: I don’t wanna… I don’t know.

Bells: We’re running out of time… there is another path, but they have those things watching it.

Otac: Khrin, can you stand here for a moment?

Khrin: Can you go in between those--

Fliss: Well, you know what, I’m gonna run these…I’m not scared of those things! I’m not scared of them!

Tearr: I see…Fuck! I know that sign! I know that sign!

Fliss: (Sees SAO symbol at the other end of the path) NO! I’m not going there!

Bells: We’re out of time! They’re coming!

Fliss: I don’t like either of these signs!

Bells: They’re coming, I’m sorry! Please, I hope you make it home! Goodbye!

Fliss: No-- (Grunts again in frustration) …I’m gonna make it...

Tearr: No! Nononononononononononononono! I--

Khrin: Did you take a screenshot?

Tearr: I didn’t-- I saw Laugh last’s sign!

Fliss: You saw LL’s sign?

Tearr: I saw LL’s sign!

Fliss: I saw SAO’s!

Tearr: Nonononononononononononono..!

Fliss: Oh god. (End recording)