Player Interactions:Split Paths

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Interaction Information

Date: June 27, 2020
Player(s): Darius, Alexys0706, SunfallenSoul, Echo
Interacted With: Isabela Madi-Shaw
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Isabela Madi-Shaw begs the group to follow the path, telling them they would be "safe" if they did so.
  • Darius and Alexys passed through SPEAK-AS-ONE's symbol, Wraith passed through the Adversary's, and Echo was left too torn between the possibility of putting Bells at risk or submitting themself to SPEAK-AS-ONE to choose.

Video of Interaction


EclecticWraith: Okay, okay, I gotta ask: Darius, who do you follow?

Alexys0706: (laughs)

Darius: one yet!

Bells: Hello?

Darius: ...but I -

Alexys0706: (gasp)

EclecticWraith: Oh my...god…

Alexys0706: (excitedly) Uh.. hi?

Darius: Hi?

EclecticWraith: Hello?


Darius: Yeah? Yes? Hello?

Bells: (relieved sigh) Oh! You can hear me..!

Bellls: Echo? Cam? Can you hear me? Alexys?

EclecticWraith: Yes! Hello?

Alexys0706: Uh...y-yeah! I can hear you, I can hear you!

Bells: (quietly, relieved) Oh, good…

Bells: I don't know if you can.. I don't know if you can remember me, um... Do you remember me? It''s Bells.

EclecticWraith: Yes! Hi!

Alexys0706: Yeah - yeah! Hi!

Darius: Yeah, we remember you!

Bells: Oh, you remember me! Good!…I think I've been gone for a long time.

Alexys0706: (quiet; unintelligible)

Bells: I've been, uh...I've been trapped somewhere.


Darius: Where? Where have you been trapped?

Bells: (shaky exhale) I'm - I'm not sure. I c-can't see anything. I can feel you - all of you - but I can't see anything..!

Darius: Can you hear something?

Alexys0706: Yeah! Like, other than us?

Bells: Wait…Don't panic. (pause) You're blacking out. I think you're coming to where I am. Just...just stay calm.

(The group is transported to Saturation Control)

EclecticWraith: Oh.

Alexys0706: Oh. Oh no.

EclecticWraith: Oh my god.

Alexys0706: Okay.

Darius: Okay.

Alexys0706: I got it.

Bells: Okay. Just...follow the path. If you follow the path, you should be safe.

EclecticWraith: (quietly) Okay.

Alexys0706: Where is this path gonna lead us? Do you know?

Bells: I think it should lead should lead you somewhere safe and then you should... You should be able to go home. You just have to follow the path.

Alexys0706: (abruptly) Nope.

Bells: Please...

EclecticWraith: What about you?

Bells: If you don't follow it, They'll punish me.

Alexys0706: Who's "They"?

EclecticWraith: Who?

Bells: (breathing shakily) You can't say Their name - if you say Their name...they can see you. They're everywhere. Please, you just have to follow the path.

Alexys0706: (unintelligible), okay. Okay. (pause) Which path?

Darius: Do you guys still have a path? 'cause mine's gone.

Alexys0706: I have one.

EclecticWraith: (at SA1's symbol) That's the monolith (*duolith). No.

Alexys0706: I think there are two.

Bells: Darius was able to find it.

EclecticWraith: (reassured) Oh, I found it - cool. Okay, good.

Alexys0706: I…(passing through SA1's symbol)

Bells: Oh good, Alexys...Alexys found it.

EclecticWraith: Echo, Echo -

EclecticWraith: (heading toward the Adversary's symbol, speaking quietly) Up to you.

Darius: (spotting Alexys) Oh, hi!

Alexys0706: (to self) Yeah, yeah.

Darius: Echo, coming?

EclecticWraith: (no path beyond two symbols passed through) Oh shit. Uhh…

Bells: I'm sorry… They're coming. I-I hope you make it to safety, I'm sorry.

EclecticWraith: Please stay safe.

Bells: I'll try to contact you. I'm sorry…

(The mission ends. Back at the boxcar, everyone in the group received a halo.)