Player Interactions:TDS visits a Local Breakfast Special

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Interaction Information

Date: February 6, 2021
Player(s): TheTacoTyrant, UNH0Li_CANN0Li
Interacted With: Dead Skeptic
Major details from the Interaction:

  • While DP and Luna are back at it again, Dead Skeptic comes in asking DP if Luna can be trusted. DP vouches for his sister and she has to justify why she should be trusted.
  • Eventually, Dead Skeptic finds her trustworthy enough to where she will be getting any info DP gets if she happens to be present. They also vaguely threaten her about if they find out she's lying.
  • They reveal how tight of security SPEAK-AS-ONE has implemented on the town as of recent.

Video of Interaction


[Discussion about someone else’s encounter when the message pops up]

Luna: Oh shit…

"TDS: Dp. Level with us. This other kid. What is her deal? Can she be trusted, or is she carrying a torch for one of Them?"

DP: I think they’re asking if they trust you. Oh fuck. I need help.

[Taco didn’t check if the sender was from TDS so she’s just pestering him on if it was. Alas, he is still in partychat]

DP: [written] HELP

Luna: Uhh..give him a bit. He’s a bit preoccupied.

DP: I just saw my life flash before my eyes. No. She’s good. She’s good.

Luna: Wait. Who’s good? Who? We just can’t play the pronoun game.

DP: Wait a minute. That’s right. Yeah. Well...I inferred.

"TDS: Good? Not good enough. Kid, who are you and what is your agenda? Lie, and we will find out…"

Luna: We don’t know who you’re talking about!

DP: Wait wha-. I can’t-. What are you talking about?

"TDS: And if he lied to us, then the value of his vouch drops to zero."

DP: [Getting picked up by shape] Oh shit. Well, I’m gonna have to give you a call back!

[Luna trickshots a flashbang save]

Luna: Did I make it? OOO! Boom! Best shot in all of Redacre. Move over Basketball team, Lunas come to town!

"TDS: He says you’re good. Why would we believe that? What do you want?"

Luna: Oh...Me? He says I’m good? (unintelligible) What do I want?

DP: Because she just saved my ass. I think that’s good enough right now. She’s good. She’s good.

Luna: Eyo, Whatchu’ want from me? I’m Gucci.

"TDS: No. Kids up to their eyeballs in earworms save each other all the time, here. Doesn’t mean we can trust them."

Luna: Okay. Looks like I’m about to put my public speaking class to use. So basically. I know you guys don’t trust me due to me being a follower of the earworms and that’s alright. But frankly, I don’t like what’s happening to the Unknown caller. He is being tortured against his will and forced to do something he doesn’t want. There is a difference between him and I. I am willing while he is not. He was never willing from the beginning and I don’t like it. That he’s being forced to do it. I’m fine with me because I’m doing it willingly but he’s not. And that’s not Gucci.

DP: I was ‘bout to say, you make those bomb fucking breakfast burritos and that’s enough for me. Like honestly, you make good enough food then I trust you enough.

Luna: And frankly, I’m gonna be honest with you. TDS. I don’t think I’m gonna make it out of Redacre. So I'm just trying to do the best I can to help everyone I can. Before I die.

DP: Jokes on you. I’ll die first!

Luna: No. I’m gonna die first.

"TDS: I’ll just put “fine local burrito” into the file, next to the twentyfive demons we’re worried she shoots hoops with."

[Insert TMC bullying. Poor TMC. Doesn't deserve this slander.]

"TDS: Let’s say there’s a big red button that says “NUKE THEM” on it. No more voices. We ask you to push it. Now what?"

DP: Oh we’re speaking hypothetical.

Luna: Oh...If there were no more voices? Well frankly, Tony and I moved here into Redacre and we were fine without the voices before. I mean, sure, it’s nice having a weird Eldritch being as a friend in your head but it’s not like I need them to live. I’ve been without them before. I can be without them again.

DP: Now, if we press that button, what guarantees you’re gonna help us out too?

Luna: It’s actually more of the fact what will happen afterwards because if killing them kills everyone, i’m not gonna do that. I can live without them but I’m not gonna kill everyone in the process. I’m not a murderer...maybe.

[banter on how Luna is actually pretty violent]

Luna: What are you playing at? Why are you asking me this?

"TDS: Nice? Are you for real? They have done a number on you, breakfast special."

Luna: I am-...DP, I’m BS.

DP: Duuuude! Are we gonna become the brunch gang?!

Luna: The brunch gaaang!

DP: TDS is totes like, hash browns. They give me hashbrown vibes.

"TDS: If we ask him to push that button. You going to stop him?"

Luna: Okay...Okay. Give me a bit to think on that one.

TDS: Tick tock.

DP: *Echoing* Tick tock.

Luna: Okay! Fine! Shit. So..before, my brother used to serve--as you call-- “The big red dog” and I didn’t stop him before. He’s his own person. I can give him as many suggestions I want. Hell, I can tell him to jump off the cliff right now. There’s no guarantee he’s gonna listen to me and if he thinks you guys are really trustworthy then. If you have what’s-...I guess we can-

TDS: Lotta words to say YES or NO. Burrito’s getting colder

Luna: ...Y’all are mean. No. *Dramatically* So close to my birthday too…

DP: Hey. TID does this shit to me. Now you get to feel the end of it.

Luna: Anyways, no. I won’t stop him. I haven’t stopped him before. Why would I stop him now?

[Odd banter]

"TDS: I hope you’re not lying. For your sake. Then we’ll loop you in if you’re around when we share things with him. To wit…"

[Mocking of the “To wit”]

"TDS: At the border. They’re stopping EVERYONE coming in and out. Full vehicle searches."

Luna: It must have to do with sundown. They don’t want anyone they don’t want getting out, to get out. That means us. That also means your guy.

DP: Yeah but the thing is, that’s gotta be a large transport of people though. Like, they can’t get into every single thing.

"TDS: I think they’re worried about someone in particular...maybe someone we know… coming in with extra hands."

DP: Wait a minute...Jazzy hands.

Luna: No! Jazzy Shines! That’s her name. Do you guys know a “Jazzy Shines”? Actually, no. Off topic.

Luna: Who could be on the outside? We don’t know anyone on the outside besides, well, TDS.

DP: Unless...not Cody?

Luna: can’t be Cody.

"TDS: What? No. Someone we know! Whose voice you may have even heard. She may need your help. Be ready. Stay awake."

Luna: ...Bells?…

[Speculation I’m too lazy to type out.]