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This interaction does not contain a transcript or video.
Take information presented in this interaction with a form of skepticism. If this is your interaction, please contact MrMusicMan789 to add a transcript or video per the Wiki Rules.

Interaction Information

Date: April 25, 2020
Player(s): Spoderman
Interacted With: LAUGH-LAST
Major details from the Interaction:

  • I was in a discord call with some others talking about the pros and cons of LAUGH-LAST joining the alliance, when LAUGH-LAST joined to ask me why I was talking to myself about him. I say that I was talking to myself about what he could gain from the alliance, and that THEE-I-DARE could be tricking us into taking the place of a body shield.
  • He said he doesn’t quite know what THEE-I-DARE could be plotting, but he still doesn’t trust him.
  • I brought up that THE-MEASURE-CUTS offered protection if he joins the alliance, and LAUGH-LAST seemed very shocked and surprised by the fact that THE-MEASURE-CUTS could and would do that.
  • Some banter about THE-MEASURE-CUTS, and then he wrapped up by kissing me and thanking me for following him.
  • (Unfortunately this seems to be from memory and there is no video or transcript)

Video of Interaction

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