Player Interactions:The First UC Interaction

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Interaction Information

Date: September 1, 2019
Player(s): MrMusicMan789
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Playing solo, MrMusicMan789 receives a text message mid-objective from "UNKNOWN CALLER" and realizes this is not normal. He reports this anomaly in the TBC Discord and apprehensively continues the mission.
  • Message 1: "He was looking for you"
  • Message 2: "Don't get killed before I find out what he wants"
  • Message 3: "Tell your idiot friends to stop looking for my car. I'll be in touch."
  • It seemed at the time, players could not respond to UC. MMM789 messaged UC back through text-chat several times, but UC did not appear to respond to the messages.

Video of Interaction


MrMusicMan789 is playing solo and exploring Old Growth Classroom A for bonus evidence when he gets the first text message.

UNKNOWN CALLER: He was looking for you.

MrMusicMan789 freaks out a bit and climbs into the attic of Classroom A thinking someone is watching him through the windows. He screenshots the first message.

MMM789 UC1 Msg1.png

MMM789 climbs back down into the main room and heads out to the playground. He begins recording (see video above). While climbing up the playground equipment, he receives a second message

UNKNOWN CALLER: Don't get killed before I find out what he wants.

(the video ends) MMM789 climbs onto the roof of Classroom B / Nursery from the playground equipment and stops to read the message.

MMM789 UC1 Msg2.png

MMM789 decides to do the objective and takes the Harmonizer into the Maze. He circles back onto the Offices in Old Growth where the Harmonizer is located. He grabs it, then decides to start clearing out the area first. He climbs up onto the roof through a window in the center of the Offices when he gets the third and final message.

UNKNOWN CALLER: Tell your idiot friends to stop looking for my car. I'll be in touch.

MMM789 UC1 Msg3.png

Not knowing what UC meant at the time, MrMusicMan789 completes the mission then text-chats back to UC hoping to get an answer after thinking UC wanted him to complete the objectives before talking.

'MMM789: What's going to kill me?

'MMM789: I survived, did you get your answers?

'MMM789: I think you have the wrong number ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

MrMusicMan789 exits the mission through the exit cave behind #1005 Hoadly.