Player Interactions:The Luckiest Kid in Redacre

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Interaction Information

Date: October 9, 2019
Player(s): DemonsMuse
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Arabella (Demon's Muse) was contacted by the Unknown Caller at the end of her mission. She was asked if she heard Voices and pretended to not know who the UC was or what they were involved in.
  • UC eventually mentioned needing to find a place to stay. Muse mentioned the boxcar and the pallet fort, and was told to go to the latter.
  • Upon reaching the fort, Muse was told the UC would check it out later and they "had a fix." The UC seems to trust her.

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


Details: Muse was NOT wearing any Voice-based cosmetics, Muse was running solos, Muse was about 1 second from leaving the match, Muse mumbles IC things to herself when she’s bored/doing solos.

Muse, mumbling to herself: I’m never alone… I always have someone right there with me, no matter where I go…

[00:31] Unknown Caller: I can see you muttering to someone. They do that.

[00:32] Ara: Um, hello? S-sorry, I just… talk to myself a lot…

[00:32] Ara: Who are you?

[00:33] Unknown Caller: I have heard that defense before. Come clean. You hear voices?

[00:35] Ara: I hear dreams… but I haven’t heard any of the “voices” the other kids hear---

[00:36] Unknown Caller: Is that so. You must be the luckiest kid in Redacre, mysteriously awake and sneaking around at night.

[00:36] Ara: I guess--- It just means I get to watch everyone else run around and talk about the weird things they hear…

[00:36] Ara: It’s… crazy really.

[00:36] Ara: I prefer my head to be my own, thanks.

[00:37] Unknown Caller: Well, you say the right words. They tell you the right words to say about me?

[00:37] Ara: Define they? The club kids? I’ve heard them mumbling about a weird person texting them out of nowhere, but I have no idea what they talk about--

[00:38] Unknown Caller: They’re talking about that house with the busted symbol in it. I know something about what happened there.

[00:39] Ara: … Well shit. Uh, from how… annoyed some of the others sounded, I’m pretty sure you’re not giving that away just because someone asks nicely, right?

[00:40] Unknown Caller: I have a recording, but what’s on it… I’m not sure I can crack by myself. Right now though, I need a safe place to hide.

[00:42] Ara: A safe place to hide… I can try to think of something… First thing that comes to mind is the boxcar, but I’m not sure how much you’d like it there… lots of voice talk.

[00:42] Ara: There’s a little hut put together in West Hoadly too, but we have fireworks on it, so it might not be good either…

[00:42] Unknown Caller: Go there.

[00:42] Ara: Will do.

[00:45] Ara: It’s right here, if you can still see me

[00:47] Unknown Caller: Okay, I got a fix. I will… check it out later. You’re okay, kid. Until we talk again - stay awake.

[00:47] Ara: Aww, thanks! I’ll do my best. You stay awake too. And safe. As well as you can. :)

[00:47] Ara: Goodnight, I guess--