Player Interactions:The Other Kind of Laugh

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Interaction Information

Date: April 24, 2021
Player(s): ShadowSwan
Interacted With: The Blackout Club (HQ)
Major details from the Interaction:

  • HQ visits ShadowSwan (Colton) on behalf of LAUGH-LAST, in response to a failed Light of Rebellion (ie, forgot the joke they intended to tell).
  • LAUGH-LAST describes a night in which he starts with minor humor, eliciting nervous laughs in turn. He escalates to say he was trying to picture the crowd as naked, which gives rise to more comfortable laughs--but when pointing out the minute, vulnerable details of the crowd's nakedness and mortality, a single person laughs alone--that one person 'gets him'.
  • Dax, who shares LAUGH-LAST's message, claims that despite literally hearing him talk in his dreams, feels he understands him less with each passing night.

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


HQ: Ok. This’ll take a sec. If you want to write it down or screenshot on your phone… because he’s insane and I’m not sending it twice. He said...

Shadow: Go ahead

HQ: “yOU foRgot yOUR joKE? haTe thAt. BuT soMEtimEs I juSt LeAn InTo it. GeT the OTher KiND of LAuGH. LiKE…”

HQ: “I hoLD THE miC uP to a KiD in ThE CrOWd. MAke thEm juSt saY ‘BuTTs.’ MiNOR lAUGH. NerVouS LauGhs. ThEN..”

HQ: “yOu ARe All mAKinG mE NErVouS i GueSS… fORGOt mY jOKe! But I wANT yOU to KNow…”

HQ: “i wAs pICTURiNG yOu All nAkED bEForE i Got neRVoUS THeN…”

HQ: “PEOple get CoZy. LaUGh a Bit. ThEN I sAY…”

HQ: “yEaH yOUr BiTs Are OUt, nAKed TheRE. And whAt’s ThAT? A Y-InCiSioN! YeP! DeAd. YoU’re AlL dEad.”

HQ: “OnE weIRd gUY laUGhs. AloNE. ThAT Guy. ThAT’s My GUy. He gETs me.”

HQ: Man… the guy literally talks in my dreams and i feel like i know him less every night.

HQ: But like… congrats, I guess? On forgetting your joke? Heh. Hmmm.

Shadow: Thanks for being a carrier pigeon

HQ: Hey, I’m more than that! I’m at least the guy in the audience who he gets to say Butts!

HQ: Anyways. Good luck getting back in one piece, Colton. HQ outttt

Shadow: Bye D