Player Interactions:The Search for The Names UC Mentioned

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Interaction Information

Date: March 26, 2021
Player(s): Crateshya
Interacted With: Devin Esposito
Major details from the Interaction:

  •  ? (Devin) hears rumor that Crateshya had something to talk about with them, and so they pay a visit. After Crateshya gathers their bearings, they begin bringing up as much info as they can- starting with Wayka and how she wants revenge on Chiara, as well as SPEAK-AS-ONE.
  • Devin doesn't know what Wayka could even do to their sister, but wishes they were more protective of Chiara- they admit they feel as though they never knew her. Devin seems curious about 'find the names', something Unknown Caller has been repeating to multiple individuals, and states they have a large database they can access, but without an actual name to search for, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  • Crateshya wonders if 'find the names' could be a hint towards passwords he's used, or his cipher, but Devin disagreees, stating he was thorough, and often didn't use names for passwords. Devin also seems unsure if the name The Dead Skeptic was given for the Unknown Caller is fake, but it is likely.
  • Devin also theorizes that since the Unknown Caller was thorough about not repeating information more than once, it is likely something that is a more imminent threat to the club overall, rather than something of the past. It is also likely that the names are not something Voice related- since 'duh, everyone's looking for Old Tongue names, and the voices, don’t we already know their names in words? so…"
  • Devin runs out of time, but promises to return once what 'find the names' means is more figured out. After Crateshya lets Devin know about the Unknown Caller being a host, they wish Devin luck on finding their mother.

Video of Interaction


?: hi. someone told me you might need to talk. any idea why?

Crateshya: (typed) wow, haven’t seen you in a while. Lemme fetch my notes rq (Desperate typing noises/grunts/sighs in the bg)

?: ok. you prefer text? that’s slower but fine. i can tell when it isn’t transcribing, there’s no hilarious mangling of ums and hmms.

Crateshya: yeah, lot of shit been hitting the fans recently.

Crateshya: cx (Audibly as they get caught in camera light) Fuck. Fucking cameras. (typed) alright, now that I am not getting mowed down by literally everything and anything

Crateshya: So let’s see.

?: your call. Not sure how long i can get away with this, i’m supposed to be working for my new friends, but i’m here.

Crateshya: Yeah sure thing. Got news, not sure if you got it. The old biddy wiatcher got free and now wants a lot of power? It’s big yikes tbh

Crateshya: She wants revenge on your sister

Crateshya: And/or the hivemind

Crateshya: UC’s been saying something along the lines of ‘find the names’ recently. That mean anything to you?

?: i’ve heard some, yeah. i don’t know what it can even do to her. i wish i felt… more protective, but she’s. i feel like i have never known her

Crateshya: Yeah. That’s fair. Family is hard as hell. She’s been used as hell by a hivemind.

Crateshya: So like. RK got goods for me but...there’s also been a lot of intel that the name TDS has may be fake. Are yall sure that’s his name? Or...?

Crateshya: like, he couldn’t trust TDS with the passwords. Why could they be trusted with his name

Crateshya: also what does the cipher UC uses even look like? Inquiring minds wish to know btw

?: names? we have a big database here, i’ve used it before. But without anything to search for it’s about as useless as tits on a bull, as my grandpa says

Crateshya: tits on a bull. that’s a good one.

Crateshya: I dunno. He kept saying ‘find the names’ when others used names on him??

Crateshya: I know The Voice ™ was offered up once

?: well it’s the name he used with our people. so like…

Crateshya: (grumbling noise) So possibly like a fake name.

Crateshya: Does “Cody” happen to bring up anything

?: why would he say ‘find the names’, plural, if he meant find his? i don’t get it

Crateshya: I’m wondering if they’re keys to the cipher, or passwords?

Crateshya: I’m thinking if we can find a last name*...maybe we can unlock something. Hard to say.

?: no, his passwords aren’t names generally. this must be something else he thinks you need, i mean…

Crateshya: Yeah, but Jazzy was a name

Crateshya: Names have power etc etc bullshit fair folk garbage applied to voices, but like. God. Find the names???

?: he planned ahead. passwords and so on. but now you’re dealing with stuff that is shitting in all our beds now, past the time he was taken, right?

Crateshya: Yeah. Like he knows and is trying to warn us about something we don’t know about.

?: yeah, if it was old tongue names, it’s like duh. everyone is looking for those already. and the voices, don’t we already know their names in words? so…

Crateshya: So it’s something that doesn’t involve those specific entities, right away. That leaves mostly humans involved.

Crateshya: but...what humans?

?: i don’t know why he’d mention it, if it was stuff everyone already knew to look for, he wasn’t big on redundant info. or like...any info. the dick.

Crateshya: (stifled laugh) Yeah he was kinda an asshole. Didn’t deserve any of this. He had us in mind at the last bit before he…yanno

Crateshya: speaking of

Crateshya: I hate to burst your bubble but

Crateshya: did you know he was a host

Crateshya: I was kinda surprised but not really

?: humans. i don’t know, i hate those. figure it out and i will try to get back atcha. i’m out of time on this network for now…

Crateshya: Yeah. I’ll ask around. Good luck with your mom. Rooting for ya.

?: no. no, i didn’t know that. but it figures. i doubt he even knew it, if true. no one is who they say they are. remember that. stay awake...

Crateshya: good luck

?: and thx, you’re ok for a human

Crateshya: (small laugh) thanks, ur ok for a friend too. (Sighs, spoken) I hope you find what you’re looking for. ...alright, what the fuck was I doing? UUUGH.

  • This was in regards to Cody’s last name, the lost TID host.