Player Interactions:The Snake Pit

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Interaction Information

Date: April 24, 2021
Player(s): Xaviul, Lavanya, Astriferal
Interacted With: Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Grandmother asked prior to the encounter for a ‘neutral party’ to barter over the idea of her helping to take Lavanya’s Watcher out of the song, in a less forced fashion than she was. Astriferal poses as their neutral member.
  • The group elaborates that this Watcher, nicknamed The Doubter, not only expresses individual favoritism, but has engaged in mutual dialogue expressing doubt for the Voice.
  • Lavanya posits that such behaviors are a social design meant to keep followers engaged. Grandmother agrees to an extent: “yes. the word did it. before hosting age…we have to mirror you, to cajole you, use language and patterns you need.”
  • Grandmother states that these patterns ‘sieve out’ the former individualism of Watchers, and that Watchers aren’t individual entities as we may perceive them: “it isn’t one watcher, not like you think…it’s you. the parts you draw out. might be more than one. it is a pattern. we were patterns. parts of us combined in new ways.”
  • Grandmother does not fully comply with the request, but agrees to think on it, as the group points out that it may be a way for her to get her revenge on SPEAK-AS-ONE.

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


XAVIUL: It’s not even like, fully spring yet, but LAVANYA is over here with their seeds plans for 2022- OH!

GRANDMOTHER: so you’re the neutral. bet it gets dull.

XAVIUL: Hey Astro-

ASTRO: Yes, um, well..

XAVIUL: Someone has to be the straight man!

ASTRO: I wouldn’t call it neutral, there’s plenty of things happening around here. Keeps me busy!

[ASTRO had been having issues with their MIC, cue THE GANG trying to figure out if GRANDMOTHER can hear them.]

XAVIUL: Just tell ASTRO if they need to use their projecting voice, Grandmother.

ASTRO: [LAUGHING] Yeah, y’know, I’m a theatre kid.

GRANDMOTHER: shock. i hear you. your friends here…

GRANDMOTHER: think you can broker some bargain....

ASTRO: You say that like you don’t believe it yourself.

GRANDMOTHER: between me and… is this right…

GRANDMOTHER: a cult that lied to my family for generations

XAVIUL: [WEAKLY] Not the whole cult…

GRANDMOTHER: what’s in it for you anyway

XAVIUL: We just want a single other watcher. Or the Doubter. We like to call them the Doubter now.

ASTRO: So I’ll tell you what’s in it for me. I’ve always been here for my friends! The things that started happening in this town started hurting my friends, I came here to try and help them, to try and do something material. And I’m not going to say it’s totally selfless, I feel better when I’m with my friends. So-

GRANDMOTHER: they definitely need help


ASTRO: Yeah, I- I love them. Um…


ASTRO: Eh- fuck you.


ASTRO: So the situation with the Watcher, and I know that the concept of a self or an identity is sticky here, the situation with the Watcher is that this Watcher has shown some signs of.. I wouldn’t say defecting necessarily, because I don’t want something to happen to them-

XAVIUL: Something is already gonna happen to them.

ASTRO: -Pulling away from the pack. Much like you, if I’m not mistaken. So I believe the intent was to, reconcile…

XAVIUL: We just don’t want to do it as forcibly.

ASTRO: Yeah. Um. So. Here I am. I think that you’d agree that if there’s any way to get out of the cult that lied to your family for generations, that you’d want others to leave.

XAVIUL: They lied to everyone’s families.

ASTRO: Yeah.

GRANDMOTHER: you think somewhere in their nasty soup…

GRANDMOTHER: there’s a bit of once-a-pig that likes you?

ASTRO: That is a question I believe for Lavanya. Do you believe your Watcher likes you?

LAVANYA: My- My Watcher does. It’s not-


LAVANYA: [TO ASTRO] I’m gonna shank you. My Watcher Does! The problem with the Watchers interacting so directly with us children, as individuals, is that it encourages attachment. They’ve been made to cater to us, to try and keep us in line and everything else, but unfortunately-

XAVIUL: We changed them. We change everything.

LAVANYA: Right. But if we change them, we change everything. The Cult is defined by the fact that its a community. It’s beneficial to you that when individuals start to split off the community, it’s not a community at all anymore. And that’s what you want, in part.

XAVIUL: Yeah. And there’s been a lot of murmurings around the Boxcar that you kind of want what we want anyways!

ASTRO: So basically, we’re applying pressure to the point of fracture.

LAVANYA: Yeah, science!

ASTRO: Fuck you.

GRANDMOTHER: yes. the word did it. before hosting age…

GRANDMOTHER: we have to mirror you, to cajole you

XAVIUL: But you look too deep in the mirror, and something changes.

GRANDMOTHER: use language and patterns you need

GRANDMOTHER: but maybe… even with me

GRANDMOTHER: those patterns sieved out who we were

ASTRO: Yes, that’s part of what we believe happened. In some capacity at least.

LAVANYA: All that an individual is is a piece of-

GRANDMOTHER: and this one that talks to you…

XAVIUL: The Doubter.

GRANDMOTHER: for some reason i honestly can’t fathom

GRANDMOTHER: is questioning what? redacre? the voice?

XAVIUL: Everything.

LAVANYA: It’s questioning all of it, because the problem is… We shape the things we interact with, we shape the things that we view. And the thing about it is the more- they were made to reflect us, but the doubts that the children have as a result is reflected in them.

ASTRO: I remember quite specifically there was one point where The Voice was a target of this doubt. We- I believe Lavanya- I say we, but Lavanya largely and this Watcher were both concerned that the Voice’s choices were not beneficial to the people of Redacre, to the community, that something was going wrong there. And those doubts caused a lot of fear for both Lavanya and the Watcher, a lot of fear that there would be retribution because of that doubt.

LAVANYA: It isn’t.

XAVIUL: There’s been so many times where the Watcher, the Doubter, has put themself on the line of getting erased for Lavanya.

ASTRO: To give us information, or to stay a little longer to hear concerns.

XAVIUL: Or to ask questions to the Voice and have parts of themself deleted because of it. Only brought to light when we asked questions about it.

LAVANYA: Yes, this one’s Watcher has expressed doubt in many things. In the Voice, in the cult, in the Harvest. In themself!

GRANDMOTHER: it isn’t one watcher, not like you think

LAVANYA: They’re all just mirrors to the whole to some capacity-

GRANDMOTHER: it’s you. The parts that you draw out

XAVIUL: Yeah, I was about to say, if the bits that are looking at us, sieving out bits, then we’re pulling out a person. A person that cares about Lavanya, a person that just like you was probably lied to and deceived for their entire life, and then shoved in to the Song afterwards. Who knows? Lavanya’s family is super old and has been here forever, maybe it’s one of your great something-or-others! Or maybe it’s just someone else with a family that they’re remembering.

GRANDMOTHER: as you mean it. Might be more than one

GRANDMOTHER: it is a pattern. we were patterns

GRANDMOTHER: parts of us combined in new ways

GRANDMOTHER: to get a desired reaction out of you

GRANDMOTHER: you might be dealing with

GRANDMOTHER: the doubts of lucids, sleepers…

GRANDMOTHER: from families new and old

GRANDMOTHER: sticky. sticky

LAVANYA: It’s true, but...

XAVIUL: Whatever doubts and fears, whatever bits and bobs that we talk to. We don’t want to see it harmed? We don’t want to see it die?

LAVANYA: We don’t. And to be honest, it suits your purposes, it suits a lot of people’s purposes, because if the watchers are reflecting the fears and the doubts and the concerns of the whole, then. Giving those fears and doubts and room for concern an opportunity to-

XAVIUL: Give them a voice. Pun not intended. [IT WAS.]

LAVANYA: To voice themself. That’s fracturing.

GRANDMOTHER: now… let’s say you starry eyed goons…

GRANDMOTHER: manage to separate these memories

GRANDMOTHER: make them reclaim some name or other

GRANDMOTHER: who says i want competition?

LAVANYA: You want *revenge.* And what better revenge than destroying the foundation of your enemies?

XAVIUL: [LONG PAUSE] ..Wow, Lavanya. Okay!

GRANDMOTHER: i see. you figure…

GRANDMOTHER: not just yours. but all of them.

XAVIUL: It’s a landslide! You take out the one pebble, and it all comes tumbling down.

LAVANYA: It is, it is.

GRANDMOTHER: if that were true

GRANDMOTHER: you’d be buried now.

LAVANYA: It’s true. It isn’t so much a landslide as Xaviul put it forward, as it’s simply… So many people are doubting, so many people are concerned.

XAVIUL: You caused a lot of doubt.

LAVANYA: And they’re fearful. And they have… To see that doubt validated, to realize that there is the possibility of confronting that doubt, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a landslide.

XAVIUL: They see you as a trick, you didn’t willingly do it, so you don’t count in a lot of their eyes because it was just a nasty prank.

LAVANYA: You were betrayed.

XAVIUL: And you didn’t choose to do it. And it’s a lot easier to doubt like, one thing happening once, but if it keeps happening. And they find out they can do it themselves… It opens up a lot of possibilities.

GRANDMOTHER: well. you sneaky snakes. I’ll think on it…

GRANDMOTHER: i know there are kids trying to do this

GRANDMOTHER: maybe i stand in their way

GRANDMOTHER: maybe i don’t if there is an angle

ASTRO: That’s fair.

XAVIUL: Grandmother has to watch out for herself.

ASTRO: [LAUGHING] Grandmother has to read the Art of War.

GRANDMOTHER: that speeds their descent

GRANDMOTHER: i don’t give a shit about your watcher

XAVIUL: We never thought you did, it’s okay! We’re aware you’d let them all burn if given an opportunity.

GRANDMOTHER: but i see your point.


XAVIUL: Alright. We’ll talk again later, maybe about getting this set up, nice talking to you.

LAVANYA: Nice talking to you, see you at the next Zoom call.

XAVIUL: [OUTRAGED] We’re before Zoom, Lavanya!

[THE GANG cackles madly at each other as they race to the exit]